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Ux team organization
Ux team organization
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Building a ux team



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Presentation based on the Post from MailChimp UX Newsletter. by @aarron

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Building a ux team

  1. 1. Building a UX Team Based on: @bruno2ms Aaron Walter Director of User Experience at MailChimp post by slides by
  3. 3. research development design customer support UX
  4. 4. MailChimp UX team of one generalist professional, who: Designed UIs; Wrote front-end code; Built prototypes; Interviewed customers; Conducted usability tests; Responded to Customer Support; Back in 2008 Aaron Walter Director of User Experience at MailChimp
  5. 5. A Team of Generalists with specific skills: 4 design researches 2 UI designers 1 expert email designer/developer Aaron Walter (Leader) In 2014
  6. 6. When you focus on wireframes and workflows things get lost in translation as ideas are passed to other departments A team filled with specialists but no generalists creates silos. Don`ts
  8. 8. Because it`s easy to hire someone who`s mediocre, but it`s really hard to fire them. Look for passion, curiosity, selflessness, openness, confidence, communication, skills, emotional intelligence, and intrinsic motivation, too. Hiring is hard
  9. 9. These things can`t be taught, most skills can
  10. 10. Can this person say “we" instead of “me”? Can they let someone else have the glory? Can they put in their best work, then leave control to someone else to take it further? Ask Yourself
  11. 11. RESPECT
  12. 12. Great designers need to understand engineering enough to empathize with, listen to, and respond to the people who build what they want.
  13. 13. Respect between design and development is critical. It don`t happens organically. It has to be a core value of the company, demonstrated by leadership daily.
  14. 14. AUTONOMY
  15. 15. If failure is not an option in your organization, then neither is success
  16. 16. Team needs autonomy to follow their gut. When big decisions need to be made, team autonomy has to give way to the perspective of the whole company.
  17. 17. Absolute Autonomy leads to CHAOS Sometimes
  18. 18. "Autonomy sometimes lead to miscommunication. Meeting are often vilify, but there`s great value in short, regularly scheduled check-ins."
  20. 20. 5 weeks release cycle followed by our UI design, front-end dev, and engineering teams. It works for refinement but restricts deeper studies. The cycle for deep research is considerably longer, and happens parallel to the rapid cycles of app development.
  21. 21. Having in-depht research continually tricking into rapid iteration cycles helps ensure that we`re not only moving fast, but that we`re also moving in the right direction.
  23. 23. For a UX team, nothing is more motivating than watching users struggle with your app.
  24. 24. THAT`S SERIOUS
  25. 25. The outcome of these tests is always the same: We`re made so uncomfortable on their behalf that we`re compelled to make things better immediately.
  26. 26. as your customers` experiences become more visible your team will become more empathetic.
  27. 27. TELL STORIES
  28. 28. Research can`t create change in an organization until it has been turned into a compelling story. research is much more influential when it`s made accessible to others
  29. 29. tl;dr;
  30. 30. When smart, capable people with complementary skills are united by a deep desire to help customers, great things happen.
  31. 31. THANK U Reference: