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Dominating DTC Product Page SEO



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Learn how to optimize all the key elements of your DTC (direct-to-consumer) product pages - from basic content and enhanced content to reviews.

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Dominating DTC Product Page SEO

  2. 2. @TonyVerre Tony Verre VP, eCommerce @ Integer 12+ years of search, SEO & eCommerce experience Husband, father & soccer taxi Improviser, sketch writer & nerd
  3. 3. @TonyVerre RTBs FOR DTC
  4. 4. @TonyVerre eCommerce generated 40% of the sales growth in CPG for 2019 Total US eCommerce sales projected to grow 15% in 2020 In early 2019, 33% of the largest CPG companies didn’t reference “eCommerce” PEAK ECOMMERCE GROWING USE WHITESPACE
  5. 5. @TonyVerre THIS IS THE WAY
  6. 6. @TonyVerre MARKETPLACES vs. DTC
  7. 7. @TonyVerre TALE OF THE SEO TAPE DTCMarketplaces Optimize website architecture and categories? Optimize URL taxonomy and naming conventions? Rework and optimize product detail page layout? Optimize basic and enhanced content? Personalize the consumer experience? Innate ability to rank well in search engines?
  8. 8. @TonyVerre
  10. 10. @TonyVerre DISCOVER SEARCH BEHAVIORS & INTENTS Need States Research & Discovery Awareness Purchase Reviews What need(s) is the consumer trying to solve with the product or service? The primary search terms and phrases consumers start their service or product discovery Start narrowing brands like, “[brand] review” or “[brand] + product,” consumers use long-tail terms “[product/service] near me” “[product/service] + price” “[brand] + coupon” product-specific criteria 90% of consumers say that buying decisions are influenced by online reviews
  12. 12. @TonyVerre DETAIL PAGE LAYOUT
  13. 13. @TonyVerre DEFINE: Structuring information on a webpage for clear wayfinding and calling out important information.
  14. 14. @TonyVerre STEAL THIS DETAIL PAGE Amazon has permanently impacted how we want to see and navigate product detail pages over the last 15 years. Don’t reinvent the wheel – tailor it to your business needs. Images Add to Cart Price Variations Shipping Product Name Product Features & Benefits Additional Product Content & Rich Media Customer Reviews Product Rating Alternatives / Personalization / Also Liked Product Q&A Product Description
  15. 15. @TonyVerre STRUCTURED DATA FOR DETAIL PAGE ELEMENTS - Tells search engines how your site is structured - Provides users with a quick way to move up and down the architecture - Likely to be used in SERPs as markup BREADCRUMBS CONTENT HEADINGS - Provides structure and context of page content to readers and search engines - Product title should be the only H1; Section headers should be H2 or H3 and consistent across pages - Content should do the heavy lifting for SEO
  16. 16. @TonyVerre PRODUCT CONTENT
  17. 17. @TonyVerre 2 TYPES OF PRODUCT CONTENT Basic Content Enhanced Content
  18. 18. @TonyVerre KEY SEO AREAS FOR BASIC PRODUCT CONTENT Images Add to Cart Price Variations Shipping ProductTitle Product Features & Benefits Product Description Product Schema
  19. 19. @TonyVerre BASIC PRODUCT CONTENT SEO – PRODUCT TITLE Images Add to Cart Price Variations Shipping ProductTitle Product Features & Benefits Product Description ProductTitle • Use primary product keyword • Don’t “Title Stuff” • Formulaic - [Brand] + [ProductType] + [Key Descriptor] + [Size]
  20. 20. @TonyVerre BASIC PRODUCT CONTENT SEO – FEATURES & BENEFITS Images Add to Cart Price Variations Shipping ProductTitle Product Features & Benefits Product Description Features & Benefits • Quick, scannable bites of the most impactful or important features • Repeat primary keyword • Use semantic keyword variations • Use product specifications as causality to benefits
  21. 21. @TonyVerre BASIC PRODUCT CONTENT SEO – PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Product Description • Use Features & Benefits as an outline for description • Elaborate on key product specifications and benefits • Incorporate semantic variations, mid-tail, and long-tail keywords Images Add to Cart Price Variations Shipping ProductTitle Product Features & Benefits Product Description
  22. 22. @TonyVerre BASIC PRODUCT CONTENT SEO – PRODUCT IMAGES Product Images • Use targeted image naming conventions: [Brand] + [Product Name]+ [Key Descriptor] + [Model #] • Use targeted, descriptive alt-text • Use lossless compression for page load times Images Add to Cart Price Variations Shipping ProductTitle Product Features & Benefits Product Description
  23. 23. @TonyVerre ADDITIONAL/ENHANCED CONTENT SEO Key SEOTips • Use targeted keyword headings • Apply basic content image fundamentals • Blow out select product features based on search behaviors and intents • Create Q&A about the product to drive long-tail keywords; Answer Box potential • Comparison chart to help drive internal linking to relevant product pages; Answer Box potential H2 H2 H2 H2
  24. 24. @TonyVerre BASIC CONTENT PRODUCT SCHEMAS TO BOOST SEO Markups for Search: • Name • Offer • Price • Availability • GTIN • Description
  25. 25. @TonyVerre Such a large bounty for such a small package
  26. 26. @TonyVerre Reviews
  27. 27. @TonyVerre • 82% of consumers read a product review before purchasing an item online^ • A product with five reviews has a 270% likelihood of purchase^^ • Over 40% of consumers use reviews to judge a product’s quality instead of brand name^^^ Sources:^,^^, Salsify 2019 “5 New Rules to Tackle Shoppers’ Rising Expectations on Your Brand”^^^
  28. 28. @TonyVerre DRIVE CONVERSIONS, TRUST, AND RICH RESULTS Review Markups for Search: • Aggregate Rating – for the product • ReviewValue • Review Count • Review Rating – for individual reviews
  29. 29. @TonyVerre SEE YOU AT THE NEXT SMX! THANK YOU!