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LinkedIn Advertising



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LinkedIn Advertising is one of the best social media advertising strategy for B2B marketing context. LinkedIn can be helpful for B2B organizations, SMB organizations and technology oriented organizations to reach out audience for lead generation or for brand building exercise.

This presentation details out all LinkedIn advertising principles and paid media strategies that one can apply on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Advertising

  1. 1. LinkedIn Advertising Anandan Pillai
  2. 2. Why LinkedIn? • 62 million+ users in India, second in the World • Mostly B2B brand building and lead generation • Can be used for some high value B2C products (automobiles, electronics, real estate, banking etc.) • Sharper targeting in terms of Company Size, Designation, Industry etc. • Very expensive platform – at least 5X to 10X on many key metrics compared to other social media platforms • Communication strategy needs to be formal and my require long duration time to nurture the audience
  3. 3. Text Ads
  4. 4. Sponsored Post – Banner and Video
  5. 5. Sponsored Post (Carousel)
  6. 6. Spotlight Ads
  7. 7. Lead Generation
  8. 8. Lead Generation – Example 2
  9. 9. Message AdConversation Ad
  10. 10. Stories (Not in Advertisement format yet)
  11. 11. Campaign Objective vs Creative Format Brand Awareness Website Visits Engagement Video Views Lead Generation Website Conversions Text Ad Single Image Ad Carousel Image Ad Video Ad Spotlight Ad Follower Ad Conversation Ad Message Ad
  12. 12. Thank you