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Keyword Research



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Keyword Research is one of the basic activities that any digital marketing person should conduct religiously. Keyword research is helpful in SEO, Social Media, SEM, Blog writing, Content writing, PR article writing, YouTube SEO, App Marketing etc.

Keyword Research helps marketers to know the trend of keywords that are mostly searched by the end users. These keywords should then be tactically included in the title, description, ad copies or in the long form content to increase the discoverability of the particular content piece.

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Keyword Research

  1. 1. Keyword Research Anandan Pillai
  2. 2. Why is that? Page Title Meta-description Ranking keyword for a page on a website Content Ideas Competition benchmarking SEO Strategy SEM Strategy
  3. 3. Suppose I search “Apple”…
  4. 4. Then I search “Buy Apple Online”
  5. 5. How to Start? What motivates the business? What are business goals? Who the customers are? What the customers care about? How people search? Are there any seasonal trends in the audience behaviour?
  6. 6. You got to build a strong Organization Persona Customer Persona
  7. 7. Keyword Classification Fat Head Long Tail
  8. 8. Keyword Themes Brand Generic Competition ICICI home loans ICICI home loan rate ICICI home loan processing fee Best home loan bank Cheap home loan interest Fast home loan processing bank SBI home loan rate HDFC home loan rate Axis home loan rate
  9. 9. How to conduct Keyword Research • or • Sign in with your Gmail id
  10. 10. Enter upto a maximum of 10 keywords
  11. 11. Enter website address
  12. 12. Thank you