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One To One Marketing
One To One Marketing
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one-2-one marketing



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one-2-one marketing educational presentation

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one-2-one marketing

  2. 2. a CRM strategy emphasizing personalized interactions with customers targeting a product or service to an individual customer
  3. 3. Don Peppers and Martha Rogers ”The One to One Future”  speak of managing customers  differentiating customers  measuring share of customer  developing economies of scope 1) identifying customers 2) determining needs 3) learn about customers 4) customizing products
  4. 4. to get to know the customers of a company • to distinguish the customers by their lifetime value • to know them by their priorities in needs • segment them into more restricted groups
  5. 5. by which communication channel contact with the client is best made to personalize the product or service to the customer individually
  6. 6. ((cc)) VVaassiilliiyy SSttaarroossttiinn
  7. 7. Marketing is advertising Appeals to the masses Interrupting people to get them to pay attention One-way: company-to-consumer Exclusively about selling products Advertising and PR are separate disciplines ((cc)) VVaassiilliiyy SSttaarroossttiinn
  8. 8. Marketing is more than just advertising You are what you publish People want authenticity People want participation, not propaganda PR is not about your boss seeing your company on TV! ((cc)) VVaassiilliiyy SSttaarroossttiinn
  9. 9. 1. Permission Marketing Capturing e-mail addresses Social media logins the information about customers’ friends, interests, and background
  10. 10. 2. Cookie Creators “follows” the customer wherever he or she goes serves your ads to the customer on various websites throughout the web
  11. 11. 3. Recommendation Engines suggestions based on products in which customers have shown an interest in the past
  12. 12. 4. Loyalty Programs customers are asked to sign up for a loyalty card in order to pay lower prices
  13. 13. 5. Big data customers are requested for a phone number or zip code to get one’s mailing address in order to send “special offers”
  14. 14. • Lets the customer know that he or she has noticed • Provides easy access to the types of products the customer has expressed interest in