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Brand Workshop Outline



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Brand Workshop

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Brand Workshop Outline

  1. 1. Brand Communication Workshop August 2007 science+art=emotion
  2. 2. What is a Brand? The brand is all that is communicated visually and otherwise to portray the personality of the organisation, it’s products and services. And, as such, strong brands are enormously powerful business tools. It is not simply a logo. An organisations logo stands as an emblem for all that their brand encompasses. science+art=emotion 2 © ignite your brand 2008
  3. 3. Brand Building Science + Art = emotion The Strategic Approach (The Science) When we approach branding, we recognise it is a business challenge which requires the implementation of a robust strategy to improve the chances of success. To be successful a company’s brand must fit congruently with its products, services and the markets. Good branding takes all the parts into consideration, from the way the company behaves (Brand Personality) to the way it looks (The Visual Identity). The Visual Identity (The Art) is the visual representation of the brand. This visual language gets represented on all marketing collateral such as sales literature, websites, signage etc. and will effect the way the organisation is perceived. ND RA LB L RA VE TITY DEN LI O UA VIS NAME & LOGO CHARITIES PARTNER SPONSORED PROGRAMMES QUALITY EVENTS PREMISES PERCEPTION DIRECT MAIL PR ADVERTISING ON-LINE SERVICE OFFER SALESMAN’S COPY CARS STYLE SALES IN MEDIA ONLINE THE NAME NEEDS LITERATURE MAIL TO BE DISTINCTIVE IN ITS MARKET, POSITIONING SALESMAN’S IDEALLY UNIQUE SUITS THE LOGO IS A TAG OFFICES SHORTHAND FOR POWERPOINT THE BRAND WEBSITE PRES. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF SHOWROOMS DISPLAY SIGNAGE INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL CORPORATE LITERATURE POLICIES AWARDS PRICE VALUE PERCEPTION PERCEPTION STRATEGIES GREEN POLICIES OTHER COMMUNITY PROGRAMMES science+art=emotion © ignite your brand 2008
  4. 4. Why examine your Brand? their Are mAny reASonS Why orgAniSAtionS reASSeSS their BrAnd • the products and services they offer change • their markets needs and requirements change • their target audiences change • their corporate structures change • their brand is tired and/or has been overtaken in the marketplace • their brand is dissipated through inconsistent use Solution : ASSeSS current BrAnd, creAte , drive And direct neW BrAnd To progress future marketing and communications effectively • research the competition • undertake a brand communications workshop (to develop brand values) • create a new brand identity (only change if deemed necessary from brand workshop) • develop brand identity guidelines (even if logo has not changed) • create a marketing strategy for the coming year science+art=emotion © ignite your brand 2008
  5. 5. Why Brand values? BrAnd vAlueS • brand values define the personality of a company, its products and its services • they are guidelines used to control consistency of the brand message, both internally and externally • once established they are referred to in the creation of all marketing and communication briefs • all marketing and communication solutions can be measured against the values science+art=emotion © ignite your brand 2008
  6. 6. the Brand Workshop
  7. 7. Brand Workshop objectives AimS of the BrAnd WorkShop • to create a consensus amongst all parties responsible for delivering the Client brand message • to define Client core values and strengths • provide an opportunity for the key decision makers to help define the Client brand • use the groups combined knowledge, experience and creativity to generate new marketing / communication ideas • to finalise a set of core brand values that can be carried forward into all Client marketing and communication material The workshop will not only define the Client brand, but will also highlight where guidelines are needed for future communications materials (e.g. website, sales marketing literature). These tools can then be produced with confidence knowing that the content is consistent with the agreed brand guidelines. science+art=emotion 7 © ignite your brand 2008
  8. 8. the Brand Workshop exerciSe 1 - define the neW tArget Audience • who are the Client audience ? • is there more than one target audience ? • categorise into primary and secondary targets • describe their needs, characteristics, demographics g what you what A Audience client want to they project perceive p communicAtion gAp This exercise will outline what Client is marketing, to whom, and what the desired response should be. exercise time 10am: 60 mins - private/corporate - take us till 11am science+art=emotion © ignite your brand 2008
  9. 9. the Brand Workshop exerciSe 2 - BrAnd explorAtion - cAr/AnimAl Through other brand association • look at brands and describe the qualities and values associated with them. • then if Client was a car -what would it be and why (traditional/modern, flexible etc). Through emotive association • explore other non-branded associations this exercise is to aid client in understanding the ideas / values that are behind some major brands, and to examine the ideas / values that lie behind their own. Exercise time 11am: car 30 mins - animal 30 mins - take us till 12pm science+art=emotion © ignite your brand 2008
  10. 10. the Brand Workshop exerciSe 3 - viSuAliSe the client BrAnd - pick An Advert Think about the Client look and feel then using the magazines provided: • pick an advert, an image, a phrase or word which would be right for Client • think about the emotion we want to generate in the mind of the audience • the explanation of why the image/word has been selected is as important as the image itself Look for • a look that fits your image (now and in the future) • an overall message that is similar to your own • aimed at the same audience • from a company/body with similar values this exercise is to create a visual direction for the client brand Exercise time 1pm: 15 mins to find adverts - 30 mins to discuss - take us till 2pm science+art=emotion 10 © ignite your brand 2008
  11. 11. the Brand Workshop exerciSe 4 - ASSeSS Agree the feAtureS And BenefitS 1. What are the benefits that client will offer their core market • the customer gets… • the customer can… 2. What are the images/ideas that Client will project to their core market • the audience sees… • the audience thinks… • the audience believes… 3. Not so important... These benefits and ideas will change depending on who you are talking to… • existing customers • potential customers • the media • your piers / competitors This exercise will define what Client customers gets what the market perception is Exercise time 2pm: 45 mins for features benefits - key 15 mins - take us till 3pm science+art=emotion 11 © ignite your brand 2008
  12. 12. the Brand Workshop exerciSe 5 - develop A Single minded propoSition - elevAtor pitch - Why client - viSion - miSSion The proposition is a single minded thought / statement that helps define the Client and forms the basis for developing future communications. It should be supported by key benefits and differentiators. To express in short statements, definitions of Client brand. They will typically cover • this is the sort of company we are (values and beliefs) • these are the benefits that we offer our customers • these are the sorts of products we sell • the statements will then be streamlined to create a short message that can be used externally. This exercise will outline ideas, that will ultimately create a statement to be used internally to position the key proposition in the minds of the staff directors Exercise time 3pm: 20 mins for quick and dirty SMP - 20 mins Vision - 20 mins Mission - take us till 4.00pm science+art=emotion 12 © ignite your brand 2008
  13. 13. the Brand Workshop exerciSe 6 - determine the BrAnd vAlueS • Core Values - the sort of centre that Client will be • Company Values - how Client will be perceived • Tonal Values - the way that Client will communicate Sample Brand map VALUES L NA TO UCT OD PR ANY MP CO creAtive CORE innovAtive viSionAry intelligence eS tA g B in liS l enAB hed re liA le Bl iB lex e f ho y dl ne en St fri This exercise will define how Client will take itself forward to the market Exercise time 4pm: 20 mins - quick and dirty - take us till 4.20pm science+art=emotion 1 © ignite your brand 2008
  14. 14. Workshop rules 1. Be positive • believe anything is possible 2. Be prepared to participate • everybody’s ideas are of equal worth 3. Be open minded • postpone and withhold any judgement on ideas 4. Be creative • encourage radical, lateral and innovative ideas 5. don’t keep your thoughts to yourself • share them and build on other ideas put forward 6. don’t criticise • your own or anybody else’s ideas 7. Switch off all mobile phones please 8. have fun science+art=emotion 1 © ignite your brand 2008
  15. 15. timing exerciSe 1 - define the neW target audience exercise time 10am: 60 mins - private/corporate - take us till 11am exerciSe 2 - Brand exploration - car/animal/fashion brand (kookia etc) exercise time 11am: car 0 mins - animal 0 mins - - take us till 12am exerciSe 3 - visualise client brand - pick an advert exercise time 1pm: 1 mins to find adverts - 1 mins to discuss/maybe 0mins - take us till 2.00pm exerciSe 4 - Assess Agree the features and benefits exercise time 2pm: mins for features benefits - key 1 mins - take us till .00pm exerciSe 5 - develop a single minded proposition - elevator pitch - why client - vision - mission exercise time 3pm: 20 mins for quick and dirty SMP - 20mins Vision - 20 mins Mission - take us till .00 exerciSe 6 - determine the brand values exercise time 4pm: 20 mins - quick and dirty - take us till .20pm science+art=emotion 1 © ignite your brand 2008
  16. 16. Brand Workshop follow up
  17. 17. Workshop follow up After the WorkShop the folloWing Will Be delivered to client 1. direct findings from the workshop • finalised brand map (see sample attached, created for Actis) • mood boards (see sample attached, created for Kenetic) • key insights • finalised single minded proposition, (sketch vision and mission) 2. competitors analysis • pull together 6 competitors web screen grabs and evaluate 3. marketing strategy • make suggestions about the best way forward for marketing science+art=emotion 17 © ignite your brand 2008
  18. 18. mood Boards science+art=emotion 1 © ignite your brand 2008