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Some tips on selling from Ogilvy



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Here are a few tips on selling from David Ogilvy and other experts. Can you sell?
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Some tips on selling from Ogilvy

  1. How to Sell SoMe tipS froM ogilvy
  2. DaviD ogilvy wasn’t just one of the most accomplished advertisers of all time. He was, at heart, the consummate salesman.
  3. “ i started as a salesman, a door to door salesman for kitchen stoves, on commission. if i sold i got a commission. if i did not sell i did not get a commission, and i did not eat, no sale, no commission, no eat. ” See advertising is all about selling, the ability to sell. So i sold kitchen stoves for a few years, in Scotland, and it was damned hard work too.
  4. = “ the more prospects you talk to, the more sales you expose yourself to, the more orders you will get.
  5. QUALITY QUANTITY But never mistake quantity of calls for quality of salesmanship. — David ogilvy ”
  6. quality So what is quality salesmanship?
  7. DaviD HaD SoMe aDvice
  8. you can’t sell anything unless you quite genuinely feel that you want to persuade people, your own family, your own wife, your friends, the people you meet at dinner parties, the world at large, to use that product. and you can’t persuade them to do it unless you genuinely believe it. you can’t do it for a living. you’ve got to believe in the product.
  9. Boil down your strategy into one simple promise— and that promise should be important and unique.
  10. you wouldn’t tell lies to your own wife. Don’t tell them to mine. So tell the truth but make it fascinating.
  11. you can’t bore people into buying your product. you can only interest them in buying it. - David ogilvy
  12. DaviD on tHe value of newS
  13. newS news “ whenever you can, get news into advertising. and tell your news loud and clear.
  14. NEWS ! ” news about a new product, or improvements in an old product. or a new way to use an old product. news is absolutely invaluable. - David ogilvy
  15. aDvice froM otHer great SaleS people
  16. SALESMANSHIP across the board, great sales people say the ability to sell is a “mentality.”
  17. SALES GOOD SALESMANSHIP BAD SALESMANSHIP = CONFIDENCE = NERVES if you don’t think you can sell, if you’re nervous, then you can’t sell.
  18. Don’t try to sell everything at once. every step leads to the next step. for example, if you’re making a cold call, sell them on meeting with you in person; don’t try to sell the product.
  19. the biggest secret is to develop great listening skills. learn what your customers want and tell them how you’re giving it to them.
  20. Don’t ever give your potential customer a reason not to trust you.
  21. a gentle reminder: any sales pitch is merely part of it. Sales begins well before your first contact and continues long after. it’s a relationship business, so be in it for the long-term. Sales people and customers should be creating value together. elegance is a craft.
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  23. we want to know More aBout wHat workS
  24. anyBoDy can Sell after all, you’re doing it all the time, you just don’t know it. you’re trying to get your kids to come home on time, you’re trying to get that promotion at work, etc. But some people are great at it. are you?
  25. at ogilvy, selling is in our Dna. we’re always trying to get better at it. So tell us what we don’t know at our Discussion group on linkedin. Better yet, do you think you have it? are you one of those people who can sell anything to anyone? can you even sell a red brick?
  26. FONTS: TRADE GOTHIC BOLD SCRIPT MT BOLD (MONOTYPE) C0 M100 Y100 K0 Pantone 485 R233 G40 B35 #DF2823 Do you Have wHat it takeS to Be tHe worlD’S greateSt SaleSperSon? enter to win and earn a part-time fellowship at ogilvyone. the top finalists are flown to cannes, france, for the final competition at the cannes lions international advertising festival on June 21, 2010. the winner earns the job, the title, and helps us write the sales guide for the future. Get the brief and the rules at: Follow the contest at