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Rethinking Remarketing



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Erin Sagin's PUBCON 2014 Presentation on Advanced Remarketing Strategies

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Rethinking Remarketing

  1. 1. Rethinking Remarketing Erin Sagin, @erinsagin With the help of Mark Irvine, WordStream’s resident Data Scientist
  2. 2. @erinsagin Meet Erin • Customer Success Manager at WordStream in Boston, MA • Has specialized in Paid Search for 3 years • Team consults for over 2,000 accounts • When I’m not working, you’ll find me hula hooping, vacationing in the Caribbean and binging on reality TV
  3. 3. @erinsagin
  4. 4. @erinsagin Tip #1: Be Creepy
  5. 5. @erinsagin
  6. 6. @erinsagin
  7. 7. @erinsagin Users are 76% more likely to click on a remarketing ad!
  8. 8. @erinsagin
  9. 9. Non-Remarketing Ad @erinsagin Remarketing Ads A remarketing ad is more likely to be clicked, even if the user has seen it 6 times before, than a brand new, non-remarketing ad!
  10. 10. Epiphany #1: Set your Impression Caps to Unlimited.
  11. 11. @erinsagin
  12. 12. @erinsagin Daily Impression Cap Average # of Impressions Delivered 2 1.21 3 1.54 4 1.75 5 1.87 6 2.07 7 2.12 8 2.14 Unlimited 3.71 Ads are almost never served to their full impression cap!
  13. 13. @erinsagin
  14. 14. The Display Network is Competitive 5PM: Workday Complete •User packs up and heads home for the day •Google never had the opportunity to serve another ad and the impression cap of 2 is NOT met @erinsagin 12PM: Lunch Break 3PM: Afternoon Break 9:15AM: Coffee Break • User returns online to browse email • Served one remarketing ad • Returns to work • User goes online to read the news • Not served second remarketing ad, as Google assumes she will return online later in the day • User shops online and puts item in cart • Interrupted before completing purchase • Cookied and added to remarketing list with impression cap of 2
  15. 15. @erinsagin 22% at BEST It is safe to set your caps high!
  16. 16. @erinsagin What’s the moral of the story?
  17. 17. @erinsagin Tip #2: Be Everywhere
  18. 18. @erinsagin 14 Ad Formats on Google Display Network Not all ad formats have the same reach:
  19. 19. @erinsagin Different ad formats don’t compete. But the same formats still do!
  20. 20. Epiphany #2: Utilize all ad formats and sizes.
  21. 21. @erinsagin
  22. 22. @erinsagin It’s Easy! • AdWords Ad Gallery, formerly the Display Ad Builder, allows you to create ad of all sizes for free. • Don’t like the AdWords option? Try BannerSnack software or work with a graphic designer!
  23. 23. @erinsagin Tip #3: Be Persistent
  24. 24. @erinsagin But I’ve always been told to set short membership durations to prevent ad fatigue…
  25. 25. @erinsagin
  26. 26. @erinsagin
  27. 27. @erinsagin
  28. 28. Yes, that’s $56…on ice cream. All thanks to remarketing. @erinsagin
  29. 29. Epiphany #3: Set Your Membership Duration to 3x Your Average Sales Cycle.
  30. 30. @erinsagin
  31. 31. @erinsagin Pro-Tip! 1. Head to Google Analytics. 2. View Conversions  Time Lag. 3. Determine the time frame in which 95% of your conversions occur. This should be your new Membership Duration. 30 Day Duration!
  32. 32. @erinsagin Let’s Recap!
  33. 33. 3 Bold Steps to Boost Your Exposure 1. Be Aggressive  Set Impression Caps to Unlimited 2. Be Everywhere  Create Ads in All Formats and Sizes 3. Be Persistent  Extend your Membership Duration to 3x Sales Cycle
  34. 34. @erinsagin
  35. 35. Thank you, Pubcon 2014! Download Slides at: @erinsagin

Editor's Notes

  • Let’s be honest—at this point, most of you probably feel pretty confident with remarketing techniques and strategies. A couple of months ago, I was in the same boat. I was comfortable setting campaigns up for clients and I’d poured over enough blogposts and case studies to master the tricks of the trade. I felt good-that is, until I started working with our in-house data scientist to analyze our accounts’ performance. As we dove into the data, we started to realize that the “best practices” touted by many experts were based on user feedback, rather than hard numbers. So, in the next 15 minutes, I’ll be sharing my findings with you, many of which turn conventional remarketing strategies on their head. You’ll walk away with three powerful new strategies to help you make smart decisions in your account that are truly data driven.
  • With the spike in remarketing usage in the past few years, PPC pundits have recommended
  • Excepts of people getting annoyed
  • On average, users are 76% more likely to click on a remarketing ad than a non-remarketing ad on the GDN! (UPDATE GRAPH, add in arrows)
  • How many of you all out there are staying at the Wynn? Now, how many of you all couldn’t resist staying at the Wynn, despite it’s pricey room rates, because you it’s ads were following you around like white on rice and you just could not get that luxury suite off your mind?
    Look, whomever is running the PPC account for Wynn is doing a top-notch job because I’ve seen their banners onjust about every site I’ve visited in the last few weeks. The fact of the matter is, remarketing keeps your products top of mind for your audience.
    According to our research, a user is still far more likely to engage with a remarketing ad, even having seen it 6 times before, than they are with a brand new, non-remarketing ad. That is wild! Think about it this way—I would not normally spring for a luxury hotel for a business trip. If I saw the Wynn ads only once or twice, I would’ve shrugged them off. But after seeing them six times? Well, now I’m starting to imagine myself lounging at the pool, getting treated at the spa, sampling the restaurants…you get the picture. So, even if an ad for the Cosmopolitan, which is comparable, if not cheaper, comes along, the likelihood of my interacting with it is low. Why? Because I’m already sold on Wynn.
    So hey, if any of you out there are responsible for setting up Wynn’s remarketing, kudos to you—you’re killin it!
  • Ok, without further adieu, let’s dive into tip #1. Set impression caps to unlimited.
  • Ok, hold your horses. I know it sounds crazy and you’re all probably thinking, Google paid this crazy woman off to convince us to spend more money and bombard people with ads….but
    I sound like Google, but believe me, if you want people to see your ads, you need to be aggressive with your impression caps.
  • Nope! what many people don’t realize is that they are very seldom served to their true impression cap.
  • You mad, bro? Yeah, I know. I was pretty upset when I realized this too.
  • My guess is this is because Google doesn’t know how many chances it will have to serve an ad to a given using during a specific period. This about it this way, a user is on a list with an impression cap of 2. They’re served their first ad at noon, then they head off to lunch. They visit their next GDN site during a break at 3PM. Google doesn’t know if this is their last chance to serve an ad, or even it the ad is most likely to get a click, so it doesn’t show anything on that page. If the user then goes offline and leaves for the day before returning online, Google lost the opportunity to serve the ad a second time.
  • Very few people even get served a number CLOSE to what you had in mind, it is safe to set your sights high
  • With the spike in remarketing usage in the past few years, PPC pundits have recommended
  • Yes, I get it, it sounds overwhelming and time consuming.
  • It’s easy to manipulate the same design for different formats (example)
  • With the spike in remarketing usage in the past few years, PPC pundits have recommended
  • Nope, the pundits screwed ya again
    Wrong again (nene being bitchy?) gif?
  • When we compare ad fatigue in remarketing to that in display, the numbers are astounding, fatigued at LESS THAN HALF THE RATE OF NONREM DISPLAY ADS
  • Duh – it makes sense! You’re showing people ads for something they’ve already demonstrated genuine interest in
  • This increase in exposure pays off-- , an uptick in conversions are coming your way…the more exposure one has to an ad, the more likely they are to be “sold” on a product by the time they make it to your site
  • I know the stats sound crazy at first, but we all have first hand experience with this. My most recent example was with my new guilty pleasure, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. I first tried it back in July and I was so enamored with it that I just couldn’t help perusing their new flavors online. Next thing I know, start getting ads….and they’re coming pretty frequently, for weeks. Now God knows, I did not need to spend $12.99 plus shipping on a pint of ice cream, nor did I need to sugar binge mid-beach season, but when you’re bombarded with images of gourmet ice cream for days, it’s tough to resist. If I had seen the ad a few times, just after having eaten a pint, I would have been able to resist the temptation. But ongoing? Well, I couldn’t get the image of ice cream out of my mind—I had to have it. In this case, aggressive remarketing worked like a charm…Yes, I did buy $56 worth of ice cream solely because of remarketing,
  • We know that everyone’s time frames are dependent on what they are selling, but this standard will ensure that you are capturing any lagging leads that could result in conversions
  • For some industries, it’s easy to define an average sales cycle. For others, it can be tricky.
  • Here’s a quick trick that we use to determine our membership durations in-house at WordStream.
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