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Essential Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Races - Vasant Ramachandran



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Vasant Ramachandran discusses essential marketing strategies for nonprofit races in this in-depth presentation. For more information, please visit!

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Essential Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Races - Vasant Ramachandran

  2. 2. Races like competitive 5Ks help raise funds for a charity or nonprofit. Promoting your race to your participants is an important step in fundraising for a race, however, can often drain your budget. INTRO Here is a list of proven steps that will help you sell more registrations and secure more funds for your cause.
  3. 3. RANK HIGHER IN SEARCH RESULTS THE TITLE TAG The text that appears in the browser tab when people Google your event. Make sure this includes your event name, a keyword, and the city. Many people usually use Google to search for local events and 5-10% of people will find, and purchase a ticket this way. To secure their ticket purchase or registration, you have to be strategic about your search engine optimization (SEO) to earn them. Even though your charity’s site may be optimized, your race registration site may not be. Here are few steps to take to optimize your race registration site: H1 Otherwise known as a headline, appears on the page itself. Make sure to use the event name again and possibly another keyword. Needs to include the address of the event on your event pages. LOCATION INFORMATION
  4. 4. SEND MANY TARGETED EMAILS Email marketing is far from dead, despite some claims. Two-thirds of consumers have bought something because of an email. Marketers can improve conversation by 355%, increase revenues by 781% by sending more targeted emails a recent study has found. The use of segmentation to make emails more relevant is necessary when it comes to email marketing. The way to segment your audience is based on geography, interests, demographics, or other facts. For example, send your previous donors an email thanking them for their contribution, while also sending past race participants emails encouraging them to compete again.
  5. 5. If someone lands on your page but fails to register, the easiest way to re-engage them is with a targeted ad. This strategy is known as retargeting and aims to advertise to people who have visited your event page but failed to hit “register” or “donate”. RETARGET PEOPLE WHO WERE INTERESTED BEFORE
  6. 6. Make it as easy and simple as possible for people to register for your race. This helps fine-tune your promotion strategy by streamlining your checkout process. Removing any type of barriers preventing people from going through this process helps a higher percentage of interested visitors become participants. OPTIMIZE YOUR RACE REGISTRATION PROCESS