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2016 Digital Marketing Trends: Video In Business



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How Video Marketing Will Change the Game for Marketers in 2016

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2016 Digital Marketing Trends: Video In Business

  2. 2015sawincredible growthintheuse ofvideocontentby marketersinbothB2C andB2Bmarkets. ...It also saw staggering shifts in how marketers are using video and the kinds of results it’s helping them generate.
  3. Top marketers are now using video throughout the funnel to better engage and educate prospects, enhance lead scoring and nurture streams, and boost overall conversion rates. Nolongerjustatoolfor brandawareness....
  4. AYEAR IN REVIEW 2015:
  5. “ “ “ VideowentmainstreamforB2Bmarketersand switchedfromanice-to-havetoanabsolutemust. 75% of senior executives watch work-related videos at least on a weekly basis, and 54% share work-related videos with their colleagues at least weekly. – This past year, 74% of B2B marketers said video converts better than any other medium. – Those who use video are growing revenue 49% faster than those who don’t. –
  6. Now that marketers are getting comfortable with video as a content medium for both Brand and Demand, the real fun begins... Let’stakealookatthetop5 trendspredictedforvideo marketingin2016.
  8. Video’svaluewillcontinuetobe seenthroughoutthefunnel... But most importantly, bottom-of-funnel video content will become a blaring priority for marketing and sales teams.
  9. Themostcommon typesofvideosused byB2Bmarketersare explainerandproduct featurevideos.But... More than half of marketers experiencing success with video marketing believe that product demos and customer testimonials are the most effective types of videos. Didyouknow? More and more sales teams are utilizing video content to connect with prospects, which is exactly why testimonials and demos are becoming so important.
  11. Videoisnolongerjusta lean-backexperience. In 2016, marketers will start leveraging interactivity at scale and will start to use embedded forms, questionnaires, surveys, and choose- your-own-adventure-style videos to boost engagement and conversion with buyers.
  12. “ Interactivevideosengageviewersforlonger,withcompletionrates nearing90%.Forresterreports50%forlinearvideos. Video is more than something we can watch, leaning back in our chairs. It’s also increasingly something we can interact with – leaning forward, and engaged. – ANN HANDLEY, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs & co-author of Content Rules Didyouknow? You can now create interactive videos using ‘drag and drop’ tools that can collect data from viewers and push it directly into marketing automation and CRM records.
  14. Videocontentwillachievethe ultimateinpersonalization. More B2B and B2C marketers will drop video into their marketing automation platform to personalize videos on a mass scale and bring viewers right into their story … literally.
  15. “2016 will be all about highly-personalized content that connects with people on an emotional level. Marketers and sellers will get more specific in messaging to particular audiences at different stages of the buyers’ journey. Personalized video will be one very interesting aspect of this, enabling marketers and sellers to differentiate themselves and strike an emotional chord by reeling customers into their video stories. – ROB HUMPHREY, Sr. Content Producer, LinkedIn Didyouknow? Using a personalized splash screen image can increase click- through-rates by more than 1500%, and adding personalized elements within a video can increase viewer engagement time and conversion rates by more than 40%.
  17. Saleswillstartusing videothroughoutthe sellingprocessand starttopersonalize individualvideosto betterconnectwith potentialbuyers. Plus, in 2016, we’ll see the evolution of marketers’ video strategies to help their sales teams sell.
  18. “Because content is the modern salesperson’s currency (it’s the way you can demonstrate domain expertise), you need to share quality content to establish trust. In terms of content formats, I’m a firm believer that nothing else helps you humanize the buying process more effectively than sharing online video. But most importantly, video analytics can reveal incredible insight and context to your sales team. – JILL ROWLEY, Social Selling Evangelist & Sales Enablement Enthusiast Didyouknow? An increasing number of sales reps are now using personal video recordings to build better relationships with customers and prospects.
  19. “I typically use videos in the sales process early on to make sure the customer has a better understanding of the content we’ll be focusing on prior to a demo. It also gives them homework to check in on and then I can see what they’ve watched and how long they were engaged so that I can tailor my conversation appropriately for the follow-up. I’ve also found that this has shortened the sales cycle, lessened the number of demos that I or my SE has had to do, and I can close deals faster. – SAMANTHA CULLEN, AE SMB, Salesforce
  21. Asamoreintegrated componentof companies’content strategyin2016,more andmorebusinesses willbuildoutvideo expertisein-house. Agencies will still play a critical role as companies scale their video efforts quickly and efficiently.
  22. “In-house video production allows us to tightly integrate ideation, creative development, and execution without fear of canceling a project if it doesn’t meet our standards. Plus, it creates ownership across the team for the quality of our content because the shared goal is meaningful business results, not simply producing videos. –SOURABH KOTHARI, Head of Rich Media Marketing, Cisco In2015,38%ofcompanies wereusingin-houseproduction resourcesexclusively. Didyouknow? A complete video production can now be built out for less than $3,000.
  23. It’samazinghowfar videohascomeinthe pastfewyears,butthe opportunitiesinthe comingyearareexquisite. Massive incentives are awaiting those in marketing and sales who maximize video’s phenomenal capabilities this year.
  24. Wanttodivedeeperinto upcomingvideoanddigital marketingtrends? Join Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce, Sangram Vajre, CMO at Terminus, and Matt Heinz, President at Heinz Marketing for a panel discussion on Digital Marketing Trends in 2016. Solet'sdo it! HERE'S TO A GREAT 2016! Sign Me Up!