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Google+ 101 Guide
Google+ 101 Guide
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Everything You Need To Know About Google Plus



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Discover everything important you need to know about getting started with Google Plus, as well as advanced tips and tricks to make you look like a pro. We've created this simple presentation to help you unlock the potential of Google + for your business.

More specifically, you’ll discover:
• Everything you need to know about creating and managing a Google + account
• How to use Google + to market your business and effectively engage with customers
• How to optimize your Google + account for the search engines
• Advanced tips & tricks to make sure your profile stands out and maximize the SEO rewards from using Google +.

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Everything You Need To Know About Google Plus

  1. EverythingWebmastersNeed <br />To KnowAbout<br />+<br />+<br />Powered by:<br />
  2. I’ll help you discover:<br />How to get it<br />How to use Google + to market your business and help with relationship building<br />How to optimize your Google + profile for the search engines<br />Advanced tips & tricks <br />Powered by:<br />
  3. Howdoyoucreatean accountforyourbusiness?<br />Powered by:<br />
  4. Before creating a Google+ account, you need to be aware that:<br />Google has banned unauthorized business profiles for now, instead recommending you use a “real person who is willing to represent your organization on Google+ using a real profile as him-or-herself”. <br />Powered by:<br />
  5. Step 1: Choose who you think can best represent your company on this social network i.e. CEO, Owner, Marketing Spokesman. <br />Powered by:<br />
  6. Step2: You need a Google account…<br /> Go to<br />Powered by:<br />
  7. Note: You can use any email address<br />Powered by:<br />
  8. Step 3:Now go to, click“Sign In”.. <br />Powered by:<br />Powered by:<br />
  9. Step 4: Simply sign in..<br />
  10. Step 5: It’ll prompt you to create a Google Profile<br />Enter the details of the person you chose here.<br />Powered by:<br />
  11. CreateYourProfile<br />Powered by:<br />
  12. You will be directed to the Welcome page. To complete your profile..<br />Click here & then click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button.<br />OR here.<br />Powered by:<br />
  13. Googlehas made it clear that:<br />“Once these pages/profiles arrive they will probably operate in a way that’s pretty similar to Facebook Pages, but with some Google SEO benefits. They will be indexed, “followable” and individual updates or posts can be +1′d — much or all of which will be fed back into search results and rankings.”<br />Powered by:<br />
  14. These sections indicated appear in your search results so take advantage of this!<br />Powered by:<br />
  15. So optimize your profile!!<br />Title = Google Plus Profile name.<br />Description = Introduction field on your profile page.<br />Links = Links field on you profile page<br />Unfortunately you can’t change your URL just yet<br />1.<br />2.<br />3.<br />4.<br />Powered by:<br />
  16. Make sure you select “Anyone on the web” in the ‘Introduction’ section..<br />Powered by:<br />
  17. And the ‘Links’ section..<br />Powered by:<br />
  18. 1. Now click on your name.2. Then ‘Privacy’ and you will see..<br />1.<br />2.<br />This is what it will look like in the search results<br />Powered by:<br />
  19. Tip: When someone hovers their mouse over your profile image, a small pop up will appear showing your profile photo, your name & sometimes a few words about where you work, location &/or school name.<br />But if wouldn’t you want them to see..<br />Powered by:<br />
  20. This when they hover their mouse over your image?<br />Here’s a simple trick to do this for your profile. <br />Powered by:<br />
  21. Go to ‘Edit my profile’.<br />Click on ‘Employment’ or ‘Education’ section.<br />Enter your detailed description in the first field box (This will be either ‘Employer Name’ or ‘School Name’).<br />Now just hover your mouse over your icon!<br />Powered by:<br />
  22. And while you can’t change your permanent Google + URL, you can shortenitso it is easier to use to promote your Google + account to existing & potential customers by..<br />Powered by:<br />
  23. going to to shorten your URL and entering the relevant information.<br />Powered by:<br />
  24. Circles&Streams<br />Circles help you organize people in groups so you can share content relevant to that particular circle only. Streams show the content shared by people in different Circles.<br />Powered by:<br />
  25. When adding people you’ll be able to specify a existing circle to put them or create a new circle. <br />You can separate people into existing and new customers, which of your products/services they’re interested in & so on depending on your company.<br />Powered by:<br />
  26. You can also just select people and drag and dropthem in circles at any time<br />I.e. When a potential lead becomes a customer, you can move them to the ‘customer’ circle.<br />Powered by:<br />
  27. Now you’ll want to add some people..<br />Through Google’s Suggestions. On the right hand side, Google gives suggestions <br /> of people you can easily add.<br />Powered by:<br />
  28. 2. Through Yahoo Mail & Hotmail by going viewing your ‘Circles’ (Add your mailing list!)<br />Powered by:<br />
  29. Now you can see what people in that circle share when you click on that particular circle.<br />Powered by:<br />
  30. Tip: If you expand the ‘Share’ box, you can drag and drop content, photos, links, videos & other users profiles into it.<br />Powered by:<br />
  31. Tip: You can send direct messages to multiple people by using the @ symbol followed by their name (only they can see your message). Then just type your message.<br />Powered by:<br />
  32. But Circles aren’t just for sorting contacts, you can use them as a bookmarking device!<br />Powered by:<br />
  33. For example, I created a ‘social media’ circle. When someone from my normal circle posts a related message or link to an article I want to save for later, I click ‘share’ and share it to my ‘social media’ circle. <br />By default it will share to the ‘Public’ and all your circles, just click on the ‘x’ icon. Then click ‘+Add more people’ and select a specific circle.<br />Powered by:<br />
  34. Now I can view these status updates and articles easily any time, just by clicking on the ‘Social Media’ stream. This is great for saving tips that could help your business!<br />Powered by:<br />
  35. Hangouts<br />Let’s up to 10 users video and voice chat with each other<br />Powered by:<br />
  36. Start a Hangout<br />Click ‘Start a Hangout’, then a window will pop up. Just click ‘Install Plugin’.<br />Powered by:<br />
  37. Now just ‘Add circles or people’ you want to hangout with.<br />Powered by:<br />
  38. You can even select YouTube videos for everyone in your hangout to watch.<br />Powered by:<br />
  39. Hangouts have great potential for businesses..<br /><ul><li> Conduct workshops and seminars.
  40. Communicate exclusive promotions to priority .</li></ul>customers<br /><ul><li> Reveal to industry bloggers & experts</li></ul>upcoming products or services.<br /><ul><li> Engage in product demonstrations and training with </li></ul> new and potential customers.<br /><ul><li> And so on..</li></ul>Powered by:<br />
  41. Looking for somewhere to “hangout” on Google +? <br />Go to find a directory of Public Google+ Hangouts.<br />Powered by:<br />
  42. You can also start your own hangout<br />You can use bookmarket to make sure your hangout automatically appears on by going to<br />Powered by:<br />
  43. Sparks<br />Receive content from around the internet on any topic so you can easily share this with the circles you choose.<br />Powered by:<br />
  44. Just click on ‘Sparks’ then enter the topic you’re interested in.<br />Then just click “share” on content you find interesting.<br />Powered by:<br />
  45. This allows for targeted marketing opportunities for businesses<br />You can suggest information you think is valuable to a certain circle rather than posting it to everyone. For example, I could have a circle for ‘SEO customers’, ‘Email marketing customers’ and so on. Then if I find something related to email marketing, I can post it only to my email marketing customers! <br />Powered by:<br />
  46. Photos<br />Powered by:<br />
  47. When you click on a photo, you will see this page.<br />A useful feature is the ability to see the photo while commenting or reviewing comments.<br />Powered by:<br />Powered by:<br />
  48. Add special effects<br />Click on ‘Actions’, then Edit’ and this screen will appear to the left .<br />
  49. You can instantly upload photos from your phone.<br />Add photos from company events and seminars as they happen to help customers feel more connected to your business.<br />Powered by:<br />
  50. SecuritySettings<br />Powered by:<br />
  51. You can specify which sections of your profile you want to be visible in any way you like, public to the web, specific circles, extended circles, or only you. Most of the time you should select ‘Anyone on the web’ so potential clients can find your profile.<br />Powered by:<br />
  52. Youcan also specify whether to include photos on your profile, photo tag approval settings and whether to display geo settings for newly uploaded photos and albums.<br />Powered by:<br />Powered by:<br />
  53. Google chat security settings <br />When you go to the streamsection on the left hand side, there is a Google chat area. Click the small arrow next to “Chat”. Then select Circles & you will be able to select the circles who can see you when you’re online and chat with you”.<br />Powered by:<br />
  54. The best part is you can test your profile by viewing as another user (Check what people in different circles see).<br />Just enter a users name here<br />Powered by:<br />
  55. Now I can see what ‘Siv Rauv’ can see when if visits my profile.<br />Powered by:<br />
  56. You can also change the visibility of your circles.<br />Just go to ‘Edit Profile’ and click on any of the people in your circles to the bottom left of the screen and this box will appear.<br />Powered by:<br />
  57. Notifications<br />Google+  creates notifications when events occur that involve you, such as when you're tagged in a photo or are added to a circle. <br />Powered by:<br />
  58. The notificationsare much more advanced than Facebook.<br />View your notifications here.<br />And if you click here..<br />Powered by:<br />Powered by:<br />
  59. You’llfind that..<br />You can scroll through notifications newer or older than the one you are viewing.<br />It let’s you comment on status updates right within the notifications dropdown. This is great if you don’t have much time to spend on Google + everyday.<br />You can ‘mute’ a post. This means you won’t get notifications for previous posts you commented on.<br />Powered by:<br />
  60. To make sure your circle will see your post (Each circles contains streams of many updates so the user may not see your post), you can also notify them of your post.<br />Just click on the circle and select to ‘Notify about this post’ box.<br />Notify circles of relevant sales and promotions, blog posts and anything else that will help with sales and relationship building.<br />Powered by:<br />
  61. Advanced Tips<br />Powered by:<br />
  62. Format the words in your posts<br />Powered by:<br />Powered by:<br />Powered by:<br />
  63. It will look like this.<br />
  64. Change your stream updates settings by clicking here. <br />
  65. Use the Google + shortcuts<br />You can posts quick status updates here. <br />Gives a dropdown with links to take you directly to your profile page, circles page, account settings and privacy.<br />Powered by:<br />
  66. Some greatChromeextensions<br />Powered by:<br />
  67. Add the Facebook Stream to your Google+ Profile<br />1. Go to<br />2. Then click here and follow the prompts.<br />Note: This extension works for Chrome, Explorer & Firefox.<br />Powered by:<br />Powered by:<br />
  68. After you install it, your Google + homepage will load.<br />Now click on the Facebook button<br />
  69. 1. Click on the “Connect with Facebook” button. 2. Enter your login details.3. Click “Allow” so the extension can access your Facebook.<br />Powered by:<br />
  70. And now you can see & post to your FacebookinGoogle!<br />Powered by:<br />
  71. Photozoom<br />To get the extension go here<br /> Enlarge pictures from your Google+ Stream by just hovering over them.<br />Powered by:<br />
  72. Once you install the extension, the page below will open<br />You can click on “Settings’ and change the settings to your preferences. Then click on ‘go to Google+’<br />Powered by:<br />
  73. Then just hover over an image to see a larger view of it.<br />Powered by:<br />
  74. Get Helper for Google+<br />By going to:<br />Powered by:<br />
  75. What does it do? See below:<br />Powered by:<br />
  76. To keep up-to-date with the latest news & tips on Google + & other social media sites, visit<br />Powered by:<br />
  77. And please connect with us on:<br />Powered by:<br />
  78. Now if youwant to Manage, Publish, Monitor, Engage and Measure all your social media channels from one platform..<br />Powered by:<br />
  79. Visit www.SocialMotus.comtoday to start maximizing your social media efforts<br />Powered by:<br />