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SlideShare is joining Scribd

Like SlideShare, Scribd offers an endless supply of content gems to feed your curiosity and advance your career. We look forward to SlideShare and Scribd coming together as the destination for some of the world’s favorite content.

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SlideShare is joining Scribd

  1. SlideShare is joining Scribd! Based in San Francisco with employees across 20 countries, Scribd is committed to helping its one million readers and authors flourish. August 2020
  2. SlideShare, a world favorite for discovering and sharing documents, is being acquired by Scribd As SlideShare users, your experience will not change. Your content and activity will remain on SlideShare.com.
  3. As part of LinkedIn, SlideShare has enabled millions of users around the world to share content with broad audiences and discover valuable information
  4. SlideShare’s journey with LinkedIn: It began with wanting to change how professionals shared knowledge LinkedIn acquired SlideShare in May 2012, when it became clear that professionals were coming to LinkedIn to share experiences and knowledge with each other. 2012 2012–2020 The LinkedIn team learned from the SlideShare team, product, and community. SlideShare helped shape LinkedIn’s content experience into what it is today. Even after enabling a social document sharing experience on LinkedIn, it was clear there was still unique value in SlideShare and its communities. 2019 SlideShare and Scribd are coming together to be the destination for some of the world’s favorite content. TODAY
  5. Thank you to the SlideShare community for making it what it is today. Thanks to the SlideShare team and community, people have an endless supply of content gems to feed their curiosity and advance their careers. A buzzing community Global community across different countries and industries enabling each other to learn Content on any topic Pitch decks, culture codes, tutorials, even decks on how to make a good deck Broad reach Many visitors find SlideShare content via search and embedded SlideShares live on many sites across the web High value People clip valuable content to reference later and spend time going deep on engaging topics
  6. Digital library leader One community Over 1M ebooks, audiobooks, magazine titles plus 100M user-uploaded documents Scribd offers engagement, reach, and community, and is the perfect new home for SlideShare Engaged Readers Broad Reach 1M+ subscribers in over 190 countries ● 190M+ hours of reading ● 100M+ monthly unique visitors Creation tools Presentation upload and hosting tools for creators Destination for readers and authors to create & share
  7. Welcome to the Scribd family! Trip Adler We’re proud to be welcoming SlideShare to the Scribd family. Scribd and SlideShare began at similar times, and the companies shared a common goal: to make it easy for anyone to share their ideas with the world. Over the years, we’ve both remained steadfast in our commitments to our creator communities, and we look forward to continuing to build on the SlideShare legacy. Cofounder / CEO at Scribd
  8. SlideShare SCRIBD After eight years and millions of memorable presentations, we’re grateful for the journey and excited for this next chapter for SlideShare.
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