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Digital Storytelling Tips, Apps, & Resources



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Digital Storytelling Tips, Apps, & Resources

  1. Photo by h.koppdelaney, Digital Storytelling for Powerful Learning
  2. Photo by Lance Shields, Flickr It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story. - Patrick Rothfuss
  3. Image adapted, Algerien_5_0049 by Patrick Gruban, Flickr 10,000+ years ago this is how we shared stories…
  4. Of Schoolgirls and Vader by Karanj, What narratives did you share today?
  5. Facebook? Instagram? Blog?Text?
  6. Photo by Drew Coffman, … people said, “… Look at Jane Austen and all her lovely letters! Oh, the children these days: they don’t keep diaries any more …” But what do they do now? They write blogs, which are diaries ... In fact, they’re writing more than Jane Austen could ever have done. - David Crystal
  7. Photo by Lupuca, Comic Video Story Digital book Audio Story Multimedia Story
  8. Altered image by Luke Wroblewski, Audio record Video record Text Take photos Edit Draw Mobile story?
  9. Focus  on   the  story   iPad  car  mount  by  hammershaug,  Flickr  
  10. iPad  car  mount  by  hammershaug,  Flickr   “Pedagogy  is  the   driver,  technology   is  the  accelerator.”    -­‐  Michael  Fullan   Steve-­‐  
  11. Individual, group, or global story?
  12. Let’s brainstorm
  13. Story Title Characters Plot Theme Setting Type Materials
  14. Storyboard,
  15. Storyboard
  16. Google Drive for all devices
  20. Educreations screen/voice capturing web & iOS app
  22. Lipdub Meme Tutorial Animation Screencast Trailer Commercial News report Music video Documentary Movie preview Video diary Soap opera Claymation Stopmotion film Class movie Machinima Silent film Video Stories
  24. Las aventuras de Zepi_2 by Citoplasmas, Flickr Video Apps Animoto Instagram iMovie Vine QuoFX Lightt Magisto Explory TouchCast WeVideo Videolicious Educreations Youtube Capture Game Your Video Action Movie Creatures FX Foteo IOS CineBeat @Video Directr
  27. Photo by langalex: Digital Book Tools
  28. Character TextsLittleBirdTales.Com
  29. BookCreator iOS/Android App
  30. Storytelling with Images Pixlr PicCollage Aviary PicsArt Instagram BeFunky PhotoFunia ImageChef Muzy Buncee ThingLink
  32. Comic by Carmen Soto Fernández Created with IOS & Android App Visualize poetry, literature, or history
  33. Friendstrip IOS/Android
  34. & iOS app
  36. Audio Storytelling • Interviews • News sound bytes • Podcast • Radio commercials • Radio contests • Radio shows
  37. Audioboo IOS/Android
  38. Character Texts • Upload  your  own  images   • Add  s?ckers   • Add  mouths  to  characters   • More  than  one  slide   • Voice  distor?on     YakIt for Kids IOS App  
  39. Character  IOS  &  Android  App
  40. Character TextsBuddyPoke 3D Avatar Creator IOS & Android App  
  42. Incorporate authentic materials ♫♬♭♮♪
  43. Special FX/Props/Scenes
  44. Character
  45. Assessment?
  46. Get them to sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  47. vision-not-protection/
  48. Get a copy of Learning to Go-