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The Art of Storytelling
The Art of Storytelling
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The Art of Storytelling



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This session was an introduction into the art and science behind storytelling, covering a range of simple story mechanics to tricks of the trade. Exemplified via a live action demonstration of different techniques to fabricate different emotions, in particular surprise and in contrast suspense, to help our audience become self-conscious storytellers.

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The Art of Storytelling

  1. The only global creative network for women. SheSays works to help women further their careers in creative industries through events, conferences, meetups & mentoring. > Singapore chapter <
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  3. Thanks to..
  4. Grace Clapham, Change Entrepreneur, Connector and Eco-System Builder. Connecting the dots. Lizi Hamer, Creative Entrepreneur in residence at Arcade. Meera Navaratnam, PR Human at Grayling Asia. Wonderful thinker, brilliant mind.
  5. Amy Lavalette The Art of Storytelling Q&A Hello SheSays Singapore Networking
  6. Amy Lavalette VP Asia, Evidently With 10 years industry experience, Amy has been lucky enough to have worked on some of the world’s biggest brands such as Dove, Nokia, Coca-Cola and Diageo. She made the switch into content storytelling based on the realisation that she was watching more YouTube videos than TV shows. Recognising the significance of ‘content is king’and the power switch to real-time consumer advocacy, Amy joined Evidently who put behaviour change and value exchange at the heart of all content creation. In between running the Evidently Singapore office, she helps clients (and audiences) unlock brand relevance via storytelling.
  7. The creative content agency Our strategy is storytelling We produce the engaging content your brand deserves* *deserves, in a good way
  8. The Art Of Storytelling
  9. ‘The cat sat on the mat’* *John le Carré
  10. ‘The cat sat on the dog’s mat’* *John le Carré again. He knows his stuff.
  11. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail* * Maslow’s Law
  12. * Storytelling If you tell me a fact, I’ll learn. If you tell me a truth, I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it’ll live in my heart forever.*
  13. Demystifying Stories 1. Classic Narrative Structure 2. Narration 3. Simple Tools
  14. 1. Basic Narrative Structure
  15. Thought 1: Familiarity breeds contentment* *Because who likes change, really?
  16. Think of your favourite story...
  17. 1994 2004 Friends
  18. 2. Narration
  19. Thought 2: Plot vs. Story* *Stories are jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw pieces are parts of the plot. Narration is the assemble.
  20. Think of a murder mystery
  21. Thought 3: Make your audience work* *Because it’s more fun for them when you do
  22. 3. Simple Tools* *To engage and retain our audiences’ attention
  23. Tool 1: Surprise & Suspense
  24. Tool 2: MacGuffin *A plot device to drive the story
  25. Dove Haiku
  26. Why is 30”, 30”?* *Hard economics not human behaviour
  27. Thought 4: How long is a piece of content?* *Longer, deeper, greater
  28. Dear 16 Year Old Me
  29. * One of over 7,000 YouTube comments The first time someone tried to show me this, I was thinking “Oh God! It’s 5 mins. long...I’m busy, don’t they know how busy I am?!” But then I realized how powerful the message was, and how well put together it was! And then, I did check my skin...and then I went to the doctor...and then I had the mole excised (removed) and biopsied, and then they diagnosed...and guess what, I have melanoma... so glad someone forced “busy me!” to stop for 5 minutes and save my life!!! leahsk2003*
  30. Dear 16-year-old Me Engagement 1m 2m 3m 4m 5m 0’00” 1’00” 2’00” 3’00” 4’00” 6m 7m Duration of film Numberofviewers Number of people watching Engagement Value 5.4 million watched beyond 30’ 2.3 million watched the entire message
  31. 4 Part Structure 0 Engage “Whisky? Tastes even worse on the way up” 0.24 Inform “This is where they took the cancer out” 3.32 Empower “It takes 10 minutes” 4:07 Advocate Tweet, share this on facebook
  32. In Summary...
  33. Key Storytelling Thoughts 1. Familiarity breeds contentment 2. Let your audience do the work 3. Trick & tease through tools 4. Deep emotional engagement
  34. Thank you!
  35. Your Q’s. Amy’s A’s. Join the conversation today: 
  36. 29 February SXSW 2015 Preview Updates Join the conversation today: 
  37. Networking tip #307 Think about the thing you really want to do. Or something you are proud of. And tonight tell people about it. We remember people by creating a memory of them, let the one about you be amazing. Join the conversation today: 
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