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Why you just gotta use PURLs in your digital fundraising campaigns



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PURLS are personalised URLs that you can create to personalise the landing page or donation page experience for your donors.
That means variable text, firstname personalisation, pre-filling forms and dollar amounts.

It's about making it EASY for your donor to give.

Why you just gotta use PURLs in your digital fundraising campaigns

  1. 1. You gotta use PURLs F&P Tech Thursday’s Webinar 16 September 2021 Shanelle Newton Clapham
  3. 3. WHY use a PURL? Organisation Generic Donation Pg PURL Donation Pg Anglicare 26% 41% MSRA 6% 16% Property Industry Foundation 6% 10% Wilderness Society 10.2% 19.5% Make it easy for your donors, and they will give MORE $.
  4. 4. WHO is a PURL for? YOUR DONOR(s)
  5. 5. What data do you have to personalise your donor’s donation page?  Firstname, past gift $ amount  Donor type (monthly, bequestor, emergency appeals)  Address, phone, gender, age ? Parent? Pet owner? ? Personal connection to cause? WHO is a PURL for? YOUR DONOR(s)
  6. 6. WHAT is a PURL? A personalised URL that:  Personalises landing pg content  Firstname  $ Gift ask amounts  Donor type/ segment  Variable text such as “in memory”  Pre-filled donation form  Fast + easy. ?fname=Shanelle&lname=NewtonClapham&email=shanelle@parachut,TAS,7018&mobile=0406691030
  7. 7. THIS is a Personalised URL (PURL)
  8. 8. Variable text based on segment and past giving WHAT personalise d messages
  9. 9. WHERE is a PURL used? Donation pages
  10. 10. WHERE can a PURL be used? Use PURLs in your WARM campaigns - Donation pages - Thank you pages - eDM (click links) - Direct Mail URLs - Action asks (petitions, surveys etc.) PURLs can be used on any donation page:
  11. 11. WHEN do you use PURLs? Use PURLs when talking to your WARM supporters - Appeals – eDM clicks or DM URLs - Upgrade Monthly gift ask - Survey landing page - Warm recruitment for p2p - Gala dinner invitations - Action asks (petitions, surveys etc.)
  12. 12. HOW to create a PURL?
  13. 13. HOW to create PURLs? Personalised URL… DONOR DETAILS d_fname=[firstname]&d_lname=[lastname]&d_email=[email]&d_addr ess_pcode=[Postcode]&d_phone_mobile=[Mobile]&don=Yes&d_amo unt_free=&seg=[Segment]&conID=[ConstituentID] CAMPAIGN INFO &appealID=[AppealID]&packID=[PackID]&testID=w1p VARIABLE TEXT &text1= DIGITAL TRACKING &utm_source=Donors&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CA19eD M1&utm_content=w1p&utm_term=&
  14. 14. HOW to PURLs add Variable Text
  15. 15. You just gotta use PURLs • Why? Because it gets better conversion rates, more donations and more income • What? PURLS are personalised URLs i.e. when a user types it or clicks on it, the donation page content and form populate with their details • Who? Your donors or supporters that you have data for • Where? For your donation pages – you get there from email click or QR code or personal URL • When? For your appeals or any campaign where you are asking a person to take an action (to convert) • How? There’s a few different ways – but you can do it on most donation platforms/ website etc.
  16. 16. Thank you  & Questions?

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