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Improve your sales strategy with sales playbooks



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Did you know that 70% of bad sales interactions result in immediately lost revenue? Oftentimes, this happens because a sales rep struggles to find the most appropriate material during the sales meeting. Enter sales enablement, the ability to equip your sales team with the right material for the right meeting.

Integrate guided selling to further leverage your sales enablement strategy. With interactive playbooks, sales reps put the customer at the heart of the meeting and address the topics that really matter.

In this webinar, Julien Lescure from Hickup UK, moderated by Mario Haneca from Showpad explains how B2B companies outperform their industry by integrating interactive HTML5 playbooks in their existing sales enablement platform.

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Improve your sales strategy with sales playbooks

  1. 1. Improve your sales enablement strategy with sales playbooks! Playbooks take your meetings from presentations to dynamic conversations! Webinar – May 19th 2015 – Showpad with Julien Lescure – MD Hickup!
  2. 2. 29/04/15! Contact information! Julien Lescure! Managing Director!! Mario Haneca! Marketing Director Europe!! 2! Speaker Moderator
  3. 3. 29/04/15! Practical! ! •  We will send out the recording of the webinar shortly after the end of the session! •  Please use the Q&A window in the webinar panel to ask questions! •  Assume to have some notions of using Showpad/sales enablement solutions! 3!
  4. 4. 29/04/15! Webinar goals! •  Insights in sales enablement, interaction perspectives creating dynamic conversations! •  Where does Showpad and Hickup fit in the sales enablement space! •  Hickup use cases - aligning marketing content with the buyer journey! •  How to deploy Hickup web app via the Showpad platform! ! •  Q&A! ! 4!
  5. 5. 29/04/15! Sales Enablement ! General definition! Sales Enablement Management is a strategic, cross-functional discipline! ! designed to increase sales results and productivity! ! by providing integrated content, training and coaching services! ! for salespeople! ! along the entire buyer’s journey,! ! powered by technology.! 5! Definition (MHI Research)
  6. 6. 29/04/15! SALES ENABLEMENT! More than content distribution! 6!
  7. 7. 29/04/15! Showpad and sales enablement! 7! •  Give marketing control over content and messaging! •  Providing the sales team with up-to-date content to present and share with prospects! •  Capturing interaction with content both from sales and prospects! •  Providing actionable insights to ensure that every sales interaction counts!
  8. 8. 29/04/15! Driving Valuable Sales Conversations! Focus on business goals! 8! Source:Forrester NEW SELLING BEHAVIOUR CONTEXTUALLY EFFECTIVE MEETING CONTENT 1 2 3 4 5 6 WITH CUSTOMER NEEDS CREATE COMPELLING REASONS HIGH QUALITY PROPOSALS
  9. 9. 29/04/15! Hickup – Interactive sales content & Navigation layers •  Founded in London in 2013, Hickup is a mobile sales enablement digital workshop. •  We aim to drive revenue growth by increasing sales team's effectiveness. •  We concept, design and build interactive sales apps and navigation layers optimised for mobile devices. •  All our apps are in HTML5 and can work across all Showpad empowered devices. 9
  10. 10. 29/04/15! 10! Hickup Use Cases Navigation Tools Dynamic video Hotspot Mapper ROI calculators Product configuration Quote generation
  11. 11. 29/04/15! Examples of apps 11 Navigation Tool A custom way to browse your showpad sales and marketing materials without changing the existing structure of your channels/division.
  12. 12. 29/04/15! Examples of apps 12 Dynamic education Video An educational dynamic video player that customises video content on the fly depending on the prospect interests.
  13. 13. 29/04/15! Examples of apps 13 ROI demonstrator A specific ROI tool allowing live demonstration of the financial benefit of your products and services.
  14. 14. 29/04/15! How to deploy Hickup on Showpad 14 ZIP •  Easy to update •  Easy to duplicate •  Easy to localise •  Easy to publish on Showpad
  15. 15. 29/04/15! Hickup – Interactive navigation layer! Driving customer experience! •  Augmented level of contextual interaction! •  Within the integrated content framework of Showpad! •  Hickup helps shifting the fulcrum to better address sales enablement challenges! 15! SE Challenge
  16. 16. THANK YOU!!