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Webinar - Aligning People to Perform Better with EliteSEM



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Elite SEM is one of the fastest growing Search Engine Marketing agencies in their field. They join us in the webinar to illustrate how using helps them provide strategic plans to generate qualified leads at cost-effective rates.

Align people around shared goals
Onboard new employees quickly
Recognize outstanding performance with real rewards from
Help managers coach and manage efficiently with 1:1 feedback

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Webinar - Aligning People to Perform Better with EliteSEM

  1. 1. Improve People Performance with Salesforce Zach Morrison Vice President Elite SEM @eliteSEM
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Milt Mednick Specialist Salesforce @workdotcom Zach Morrison Vice President Elite SEM @eliteSEM Today’s Speakers
  3. 3. Safe Harbor Safe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of product or service availability, subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services. The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and delivering new functionality for our service, new products and services, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, the outcome of any litigation, risks associated with completed and any possible mergers and acquisitions, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K for the most recent fiscal year and in our quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the most recent fiscal quarter. These documents and others containing important disclosures are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other presentations, press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
  4. 4. Our Agenda Today Salesforce Overview Elite SEM Social Performance Case Study Salesforce Demo Q & A
  5. 5. Boost Performance with Salesforce Milt Mednick Specialist,
  6. 6. The World of Work Has Changed People want more recognition at work. Cornerstone OnDemand study 66% People hate traditional performance reviews. Bersin Associate Research 75% 60% 70% People want to hear from their managers daily. Robert Half International & Yahoo Hotjobs Survey People want to feel more aligned at work Roffey Park
  7. 7. The Management Challenge People leave due to poor relationship with their manager. Objective Management Group Inc. 70% 15% Of managers spend enough time coaching Objective Management Group Inc. 10% Of managers spend enough time motivating Objective Management Group Inc. 5% Of managers spend enough time driving accountability Objective Management Group Inc.
  8. 8. + World’s First Social Performance Management Solution The Solution Social Goals Coaching Rewards CalibrationThanks Performanc e Summaries
  9. 9. Boosting Employee Performance +34% Increase in Employee Skill Development +39% Decrease in Time to Complete Performance ReviewsIncrease in Coaching +38% Decrease in New Employee On- Boarding TIme +35% +45% Increase in Goal Setting +45% Increase in Recognizing Achievements & Sharing Key Wins +46% Increase in Real-Time Feedback Given +46% Increase in Ability to Identify Top Talent Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Customers Source: Customer Relationship Survey conducted March 2013, by an independent third-party, Confirmit Inc., on 5,200+ customers randomly selected. Response sizes per question vary.
  10. 10. Improve People Performance with Salesforce Zach Morrison Vice President, Elite SEM
  11. 11. Elite SEM Accelerates Performance with One of the Fastest Growing Search Engine Marketing Agencies in the Country Employee and Client Base Grew 300% from 2012 to 2013 No Employee Turnover Since Inception in 2004 Manages Over $100 Million in Google Adwords Challenge: Preserve and promote unique culture as company continues to grow
  12. 12. “No Micromanagement Policy” at Elite SEM
  13. 13. Create clear milestones allow employees to set goals for: 1. External Facing Client Goals 2. Internal Facing Project Goals 3. Collaborative Goals 4. Personal Development Goals 5. Onboarding and Training Goals Unconventional Management Hierarchy Social Goals Enable Better Alignment and Visibility 30% Reduction in Meetings
  14. 14. Synchronized coaching notes drives better workplace efficiency Employees are empowered to request feedback when they need it Comprehensive feedback from managers, peers, and customers Shared coaching notes streamlines 1:1’s and drives better results Millennial Performance Management Philosophy Continuous Coaching Delivers Outstanding Results Eliminated Post Meeting Follow-Up Actions
  15. 15. Meaningful Peer to Peer Recognition Rainmaker Reward Program Recognizes Winning Behaviors Motivate teams and reinforce company culture and values Better visibility and exposure across multiple offices Creates democratic recognition process #recognize badge promotes peer to peer recognition with tangible rewards from Amazon 100+ #recognize badges distributed within first 30 days 10
  16. 16. Demonstration

Editor's Notes

  • Before I begin, I want to mention that SFDC is a publicly traded software company listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol of CRM.  This is our safe harbor statement which you can find on our website.  
  • Hello, my name is Tom Vepraskas, from salesforce you for the opportunity to share with you what can do to help you boost your sales performance with and the Sales Cloud
  • Hello, my name is Tom Vepraskas, from salesforce you for the opportunity to share with you what can do to help you boost your sales performance with and the Sales Cloud
  • Amplify winning sales behaviorsEmpower reps to request feedback when they need itComprehensive feedback from managers, peers, and customers
  • Amplify winner behaviors
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