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Business Idea to Tousitify a city_Round I entry



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Business Idea to Tousitify a city_Round I entry

  1. 1. TOURISTIFY Micanvas 2013 Sukhada Chaudhary | Unmesh Lamture | Rohit Rohan
  2. 2. • Rajasthan’s royal heritage and scenic beauty has always attracted tourists - we are adding another priceless reason to the list • India is known for its monuments, its spices - but not many know of India's deep connection with diamonds and jewels • Johari bazaar reflects just that - an explosion of color and jewelry THE STREET The Johari Bazaar street in Jaipur, Rajasthan • The Johari Bazaar Street is located in the heart of the Pink City, Jaipur • The street is known for its 'gemming' culture • One visit to Johari bazaar and you will know why its a 'gem' of a bazaar • From lapis lazuli to pearls and rubies, one can find all types of gems and precious stones Set around the iconic Hawa Mahal ofJaipur, the Johari bazaar is heaven for jewelry aficionados
  3. 3. THE PLAN Leverage the affordable jewelry trade of the Johari Bazaar Street in Jaipur… …which is famous for its diamond craftsmanship, besides being located in a city that attracts a lot of tourism on the basis of its history… …via online channels and campaigns – which are expected to be successful, given the internet penetration and rise of mobile- internet in these countries, particularly, Belgium …and attract people from countries like Belgium, which have diamond markets, but for high end markets – thus making them unaffordable for certain segments…
  4. 4. WHY BELGIUM? Antwerp's diamond district, also known as the Diamond Quarter (Diamantkwartier), and dubbed the Square Mile is an area within the city of Antwerp, Belgium About 84% of the world's rough diamonds passed through the district, making it the largest diamond center in the world with a turnover of 54 billion dollars Antwerp has been a focus of the diamond trade for several centuries; the industry was transformed when Lodewyk van Berken invented a new form of diamond polishing tool, the scaif, which enabled the creation of the stereotypical sparkling, multifaceted diamond; this attracted orders from European nobility - and attracted other craftsmen to Antwerp We could see a significant shift in luxury gift culture from 2012, with prestigious timepieces for women, for example, gaining share from fashion-driven luxury products such as handbags, apparel and leather accessories Globally, there will be a stronger focus on traditional luxury timepieces Source | EuropeanTravelCommission Belgium has been the diamond crafter for the world
  5. 5. SO? There are two big changes taking shape in the global luxury goods market at present The softening demand in China as the government clamps down on luxury gift giving The resurgent appetite for affordable luxury in North America,Western Europe and Japan • The brands most exposed are those which invested heavily in China over the past five years to beef up global sales Both have downside implications for some of Europe’s leading luxury brands. • Many did so while at the same time alienating middle-class consumers in developed markets due to increasingly inaccessible prices The brands now seizing a new initiative are those specialising in affordable products for cash-conscious consumers, and with investment plans biased towards North America, Europe and Japan. In 2012, designer labels will be up against a new set of challenges due to a new era of austerity in the developed markets We will see stronger investment in secondary (or diffusion) luxury collections as a means to drive demand in lacklustre consumption bases, specificallyWestern Europe, North America and Japan Where there are losers, there are also winners BUT!
  6. 6. SO? The idea will be that consumers can spend less but still feel good about the designer clothing and footwear they purchase • Luxury timepieces and jewellery are seen as 'hard' luxury goods because of their capacity to retain long-term value • They are, therefore, more attractive as investment purchases than fashion driven luxury goods Secondary segmentation in developed markets will align with a marketing strategy that focuses more visibly on face-saving down trade activity. Demand for 'hard' luxury goods will be boosted from 2012 as high net worth individuals in developed markets become more risk-averse, triggered by anxiety over their long-term purchasing power
  7. 7. AND HOW? Our target is the tourist – European, preferably a Belgian - who comes to India and buys gifts and collectibles He/She cannot buy expensive jewelry back at home and will be eager to buy beautiful yet affordable jewelry from Jaipur Also, the European, American or Japanese who is in India but not in Jaipur – at least, not yet We target our customers in two complimentary ways • Online – when they are away • On-ground – when they arrive AND WHO ARE WE TARGETING, AGAIN? AND NOW, BACK TO THE HOW On-line On-ground Online channels Promotionals on Youtube The ‘mobile’ way Entice with contests Exclusive campaigns Call the tourist from abroad to Jaipur Call the tourist from other tourist places in India to Jaipur OOH displays Ads@Tourist hubs QR-code campaign Entice with contests
  8. 8. Reverse Bid | • A reverse bidding for gems • The lowest and most unique bid from all over Belgium will win that specific jewel • Since we can plan our campaign to last over two months, we can have one gem every week - every week a different type of gem ranging from rubies to lapis lazuli and the sorts. HOW DO WE TALK TO THEM? | ForgeYour Crown • Crowd sourcing exercise, open to the public • They will be asked to design their own bejeweled crown, scepter, and scabbard • The winning designs will be used on posters for the Johari Gem App and print advertisements • The winners get to be "king for a day" and win an all expense paid trip to Jaipur, and also get to stay a night in the palace The Gem Journey | A virtual tour of the gem street with interactive features like trivia, things to do and a market place assessment of gems available and price comparisons Customize your design A design that can be customized by the visitors in collaboration with the experts sitting in Johari bazaar - if they are planning a trip, the design will be waiting for them when they reach Johari bazaar The QR.code Campaign | • This campaign will enable tourists who are in India, to come to Johair Bazaar, Jaipur • QR codes in other tourist destinations of India will be available to people • In places where tourists frequent – cafes, restaurants, lounges etc. • People can click the QR codes and find what they have won • Prizes / gifts will include offers in restaurants, hotel-stays, jewelry purchases etc Mobile, Internet Mobile, Internet Mobile, Internet Mobile, On-ground Internet
  9. 9. HOW DO WE TALK TO THEM? The KeyTo Johari Bazaar | • Full on ground promotion • A treasure hunt to be held in the diamond district of Antwerp spanning the whole city • Contestants will have to "find" Indian relics "hidden" around the city • At each point, they get the next clue, which will mix Jaipur history with Antwerp history to make a strong connect • The winner will find an actual gold key encrusted with Johari gems, and will get an all expense paid trip to Jaipur and a little extra cash to splurge on diamonds The JohariBazaar App | • The app is for Android phones, iPhones and Windows phones • It is interactive - users can find out more information about the gem, how it has been used historically, and which are the best user recommended shops to find the gems • The app also has a map of Johari Bazaar, and using GPS can help you find shops • Other miscellaneous information is the story and history of Johari Bazar and Jaipur in general • Also Johari-Bazaar-relevant info : “Johribazaar was the main shopping mall of the royal town and is still retains its primacy. It comprises more than four hundred stores and shops which offer a very reach variety of merchandise, from low-priced handcrafted items to gems and jewels worth millions.” • And user reviews : “The range of items available cannot be described in short space. Johribazaar is an international center of gem trade, gem cutting and setting and silver, gold and Kundan jewellery.” Mobile On-ground
  10. 10. BUT, WILL THE BELGIANS NOTICE US…ONLINE? 77% of people aged 16 to 75 in Belgium went online every day or almost every day in 2010 according to Statistics Belgium Users in Belgium spent an average of 19.9 hours online in the past month, consuming 2,116 pages online (comScore, October 2011) More than one out of five (27%) internet users aged 16 to 74 years old in Belgium made a purchase online in 2010 according to Statistics Belgium 49% of internet users aged 16 to 74 years old in Belgium (and who went online in the last three months) use the internet for travel-related purposes in 2010, according to Statistics Belgium; the percentage reached 50% among men and 48% among female Data on internet use for travel- related purposes in 2010 in Belgium among internet users aged 26-74 by age: 16-24: 35% 25-34: 51% 35-44: 52% 45-54: 52% 55-64: 50% 65-74: 57% 39% of internet users aged 16 to 74 years old in Belgium used social networks in 2010 according to Statistics Belgium