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Quiz finals



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Quiz finals

  1. 1. the Mahabharat quiz Mahabharata :: is not just in th Politics | Entertainment | Heroes | Villains | Storytellers | Myths | Cultures MiQuest Auditorium, MICA 1st December 2013
  2. 2. the Mahabharat quiz | finals 5 rounds 1 – 6 | 6 - 1
  3. 3. Round I Heroes & Villains
  4. 4. Round I Heroes & Villains Arjuna Bheeshma Duryodhana Karna Krishna Drona Shikhandi Yudhishtira Nakula & Sahadeva Bheema Shalya Dhritarashtra
  6. 6. Movies II Movies I History (Audience ) Sports Games Culture Flora & Fauna Round II
  7. 7. Round III LEGENDS & MYTHS
  8. 8. Round III LEGENDS & MYTHS Ancestors GodsRishis Curses Boons
  9. 9. Round IV THE GREAT WAR
  10. 10. Round IV THE GREAT WAR Kaurava Army I Kaurava Army II Kaurava Army III Pandava Army I Pandava Army II Special Events Abhimanyu’s Death Karna’s Death Rules I Rules II
  11. 11. Round V THE WORLD AFTER
  12. 12. Round V THE WORLD AFTER Duryodhana’s Death Krishna’s Death Hastinapur After The War End of Kurus Dharma Successors of Kurus
  13. 13. End Slide
  14. 14. Round I | Yudhishtira • Throughout the epic, Yudhishtira – though later revered and transformed into an ideal figure worthy of respect and worship – is shown as an elder brother who drinks, has multiple wives, lusts, gambles and even breaks the code of Dharma more than once • Even after the war and his death, Yudhishitira was tested in heaven before being given final admission • One of the tests was to see his reaction on being questioned about his dog’s admission, the presence of Kauravas and even of Shakuni, in heaven • And later his discretion between hell and heaven was tested by showing him that his brothers and Draupadi are there in hell – which he passed successfully • However, Yudhishtira – or Dharm-raj grieves the absence of X,Y and Z in heaven and later explains according to Dharma, their absence. • X,Y,Z? Back to Round I Dashboard
  15. 15. Round I | Arjuna • Arjuna is said to have tasted defeat only twice during the epic – although he is matched by Karna on numerous occasions • One of the times was when he lost to X, the other being the game dice • Duel with Arjuna was one of the few instances when X is shown fighting in the Hindu mythology. • He is otherwise a lethal warrior God who remains calm and neutral who fights in disguise with Arjuna to teach him a lesson in humility • X? Back to Round I Dashboard
  16. 16. Round I | Shalya • When Shalya heard of the impending Kurukshetra War, he marched forth with his army to join the Pandavas. On the way, Shalya was tricked by Duryodhana, who arranged a huge feast for Shalya and his men. When Shalya was impressed by the hospitality of his host who he mistakenly thought to be Yudhisthira, he offered to be at his host's service. Unable to turn down Duryodhana's request to join the Kauravas, Shalya met Yudhisthira and apologized for his mistake. Nakula and Sahadeva became enraged, saying that Shalya had truly proven that the Nakula and Sahadeva weren't real brothers to the Pandavas, but only step-brothers • Shalya was related to the Pandavas via X. Back to Round I Dashboard
  17. 17. Round I | Drona • Drona’s birth is a separate section in a part called Adi Parva in the Mahabharata • Infact, he was named Drona because of the way he was born – his name meaning X in Sanskrit • This also gives evidence to higher forms of medicine and surgery practiced in India during the period by recorded surgeon called Sushruta • What is X? Back to Round I Dashboard
  18. 18. Round I | Bheeshma • Originally named A, he became known as Bhishma after he took the bhishana pratigya ('terrible oath') — the vow of lifelong celibacy and of service to whoever sat on the throne of his father • Bhishma had also abducted B,C,D for marriage to his father • B had however later been re-born to kill Bhishma as a revenge for her humiliation • A,B,C,D? Back to Round I Dashboard
  19. 19. Round I | Bheema • Kunti gave birth to Bhima by invoking A • Bheema was married to B who was once lusted by Keechaka, whom Bheema killed, disuised as B • Bheema was also married to C – who bore him a son called Ghatotkacha who died in the battle of Kurukshetra • During the battle, Bheema is specially chosen for a task to kill something in particular. A modified report of this task’s completion later becomes the cause of D’s death • A,B,C, D? Back to Round I Dashboard
  20. 20. Round I | Duryodhana • He was born X • He later changed his name to Duryodhana – almost opposite to X – which in one form mean ‘undefeated’ but otherwise is attached a negative connotion • Duryodhana’s plan to kill the Pandavas in the Lac-House is foiled by Y who reports the plan to the Pandavas • X,Y? Back to Round I Dashboard
  21. 21. Round I | Karna • Karna’s story has been a popular choice in media and filmmakers • Karna’s role was portrayed by Pankaj Dheer in B.R.Chopra’s adaptation • Dheer is also popular for playing A in another fantasy television series B • Karna has also been portrayed by ‘C’-Kapoor in a Shyam Benegal movie-adaptation called Kalyug • He was last portrayed in a Bollywood movies by D in 2010 • A,B,C,D? Back to Round I Dashboard
  22. 22. Round I | Shikhandi • During the exile of the Pandavas, Shikhandi, a young lad whose gender has always been a reason of doubt and debate, had once defended his father’s kingdom against A in his absence • A had attacked the kingdom in a bid to kill B who was suspected of hiding there • However, such a feat was accomplished with the help of his chariot-driver, C, then a dancer in his father’s court • Shikhandi later killed D in the battle of Kurukshetra • A,B,C,D? Back to Round I Dashboard
  23. 23. Round I | Krishna • The A class of some north Indian states are historically the descendents of Krishna • Krishna grew up with his cousin Balarama who is worshipped in many parts as the God of B • Vasudeva is a name he derived from the religious believers of C • While in Buddhism, he appears in the famous D-Tales as a conqueror Back to Round I Dashboard
  24. 24. Round I | Dhritarashtra • After Vichitravirya's death, his mother Satyavati sent for her first born A • According to his mother's wishes, A visited both the wives of his father B and C to grant them a son with his yogic powers • When A visited B, she saw his dreadful and forbidding appearance with burning eyes In her frightened state, she closed her eyes and dared not open them • Hence her son, Dhritarashtra, was born blind while D was born with vision but with a pale skin of C Back to Round I Dashboard
  25. 25. Round I | Nakula and Sahadeva • They were sons of A and B, both of whom they lost as infants • They were borne by B using C’s boon – after invoking the Aswini Princes or Kumaras, warriors experts in a form of organic healing • Being a son of the physicians, Ashwini Kumaras, Nakula was also believed to be an expert in C while Sahadeva, a skilled horse keeper was an expert of D, a widely practiced profession today • A,B,C,D? Back to Round I Dashboard
  26. 26. Round II | History • The origins of the epic lie around 8th and 9th BCE • The texts were however discovered around 400 BCE • Which was the ruling dynasty at the time of the compliation of the epic? Back to Round II Dashboard
  27. 27. Round II | Movies I • A had originally planned to make the film when he was alive but the film never happened • As a tribute to A, B had decided to direct a film on Mahabharata titled Draupadi, starring many Bengali and Bollywood actors • A and B are both respected directors of mainly regional cinema, with a few Hindi movies as well • B, a world renowned filmmaker, died a few months ago • A,B? Back to Round II Dashboard
  28. 28. Round II | Movies II • What role is Naseeruddin Shah forced to play in the play in the movie Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron? Back to Round II Dashboard
  29. 29. Round II | Flora and Fauna • The Pandavas, on their way to the exile, hid A on Neem and Shami trees disguised as B • This was done as a move to avoid the Kauravas hunting them down during the exile Back to Round II Dashboard
  30. 30. Round II | Culture • There are only three Indian states that have temples dedicated to the Pandavas • Uttrakhand, A and B – which shows the extent of the epic’s legacy across geographies • A,B? Back to Round II Dashboard
  31. 31. Round II | Games • Chausar, the game of dice played between the Pandavas and the Kauravas is still played in many parts of the country in many variations • Shakuni had used special dice to fool the Pandavas in a bid to defeat them and plot the end of the Kuru clan • This was done in a bid to avenge his family killed by Kuru ancestors • What was so special about his dice? Back to Round II Dashboard
  32. 32. Round II |AUDIENCE | Sports • Two very specific events record the death of two traditional villains of Mahabharata • Both these events involve the use of a sport that led to the death of the villains • The sport is a celebrated one in the country today with India winning medals in international competitions • Name the sport Back to Round II Dashboard
  33. 33. Round III | Boons • In some versions of the story, this was the first time A meets B In any case, Khandavaprastha was where A and B's friendship is truly forged Once when roaming in the Khandava Vana, A and B met the god of fire, Agni. Agni was in great hunger and needed to burn down the entire Khandava Vana to quench his hunger But Takshaka, the serpent-king lived in the same forest and was a friend of Indra's So the latter brought down heavy rains to thwart Agni's plans to burn the woods Agni requested A and B to help him realize his goal • A uses C – the boon by Brahma A was also gifted by Agni, an incandescent chariot with four horses yoked, and bearing a flag that would one-day be occupied by Hanuman A also obtained his famous conch, Devdatta from Indra after this battle • With B using the D granted to him by Vyasa (or in some versions, Agni) Indra's anger was metered by his pride in his son, A A, B, C, D? Back to Round III Dashboard
  34. 34. Round III | Curses • Pandu (Father of Pandavas) wished his sons must eat his flesh post death so that all the knowledge may transfer to them which he had collected after so many years • Only A ate a piece; the moment he ate he was able to see future but stopped by God. • He was a blessed astrologer but cursed later that he would forget a prophecy after making it • A? Back to Round III Dashboard
  35. 35. Round III | Ancestors • Which character in the epic, elder to the Pandavas and Kauravas was also a son of Vyasa? • He never staked a claim to the throne and even lived away from the castle • However he served as a political advisor to the court and to the family Back to Round III Dashboard
  36. 36. Round III | Gods • Shiva – as also later de-mythified in recent literature, ex. Immortals of Meluha – is largely considered to be a glorified form of an aggressive tribesman of Northern India • However, he is largely a symbolic of a state of ‘detachment’ from the usual routine of life – which is also a connection of Shiva with marijuana etc. • X was considered to be a reincarnation of Shiva in the Mahabharata period – as a relative to a close ally of the Pandavas • However, X remained neutral and did not participate n the war, instead going to a piligrimage – also reinstating the theory of Shiva being neutral to most wars and also not killing many major demons or monsters • Identify X Back to Round III Dashboard
  37. 37. Round III | Rishis • Rishi Shamika had cursed the last remaining Kuru ruler to die of a snake bite • This curse was realized later and the great grandson of Pandavas was bitten by the King of Snakes – called in the many cultures by a specific name • This name is also shared by a movie starring Ajay Devgan Back to Round III Dashboard
  38. 38. Round IV | Pandava Army I Who was the leader of the Pandava armies in the great war? Back to Round IV Dashboard
  39. 39. Round IV | Pandava Army II • The Pandavas worshipped A before entering the war, even though women were not allowed in the battlefield Back to Round IV Dashboard
  40. 40. Round IV | Kaurava Army I • Who were the commanders of the Kaurava army? • A,B,C? Back to Round IV Dashboard
  41. 41. Round IV | Kaurava Army II • Which warrior from the Pandava army is credited with the single-handed slaying of all 98 Kauravas apart from Duryodhana and Dusshasana? Back to Round IV Dashboard
  42. 42. Round IV | Kaurava Army III Who was the last person to die in the war? Back to Round IV Dashboard
  43. 43. Round IV | Rules Of Battle I • Women were not allowed to enter camps and battlefield • Who was the only woman to have entered the Kaurava camp during the battle? Back to Round IV Dashboard
  44. 44. Round IV | Rules Of Battle II • Who (B) in the Pandava army did Drona go to validate the killing of a warrior of the Kaurava side? • Drona was falsely reported the news of the death of A by B and later died because of this violation of the Kshatriya code Back to Round IV Dashboard
  45. 45. Round IV | Special Events • Something strange has been reported to happen during the war that led to the end of the battle early on one day • Many versions of many stories surround this event • However, what is notable is that using the occurrence of this event around the estimated time, archaeologists have been able to substantiate the validity of the epic Back to Round IV Dashboard
  46. 46. Round IV | Karna’s Death • Karna had been cursed by A – of forgetting his skills as a warrior when he would most need it • This later lead to his death in the war • Who was A? Back to Round IV Dashboard
  47. 47. Round IV | Abhimanyu’s death Which member of the Kaurava army blocked Yudhistira’s way in his attempt to save Abhimanyu in the Chakravyuha? Back to Round IV Dashboard
  48. 48. • Karna had once broken the code of Dharma by holding the hand of another man’s woman while playing dice • She was supposedly cheating in the game and Karna had reacted in a hurry • However, A did not punish Karna for publicly touching his wife – something that surprised all the elders and reinforced his blind bias for Karna • A? Round V| Dharma
  49. 49. Round V | End of Kurus • The end of Kurus archaeologically marked the end of this period otherwise known as The X Age in Indian history • A? Back to Round V Dashboard
  50. 50. Round V | Duryodhana’s Death • After the war, who blessed Duryodhana with a divine sheath that would protect him from Bheema’s vow of killing him • Ironically though, this is what led to his death with Bheema striking Duryodhana on his thighs that had remained untouched by the divine sheath Back to Round V Dashboard
  51. 51. Round V | Krishna’s Death Krishna’s death by getting mistakenly shot by a unter while playing the flute in the forest is compared to the death of which hero of from another mythology – because of the manner of death? Back to Round V Dashboard
  52. 52. Round V | Hastinapur After The War Back to Round V Dashboard What was the name of the ceremony performed by Yudhishtira post the war to mark his victory as the ruler of Hastinapur and whole of India?
  53. 53. Round V | Successors • A married many wives in many worlds • Children of A include Stutakirti, B and Iravan • C, B’s son, was A’s recorded grandson to whose son, Janmeijaya, the Mahabharata was recited by Rishi Vaisampayan • Janmeijaya, stung by a snake ended up being the sole heir to Hastinapur and the last recorded ruler of the clan • A,B,C? Back to Round V Dashboard