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Business Idea to Tousitify a city - Part II



Business Idea to Tousitify a city - Part II

  1. 1. TOURISTIFY Micanvas 2013 Sukhada Chaudhary | Unmesh Lamture | Rohit Rohan
  2. 2. • The Indian connection of magic • Mayong, Assam • Sorcar family, Kolkata • South Indian magicians • Pan-India, cross cultural Design a cross-cultural, pan-Indian festival that draws from cultural heritage across India and market it to a country of choice THE IDEA Come In India, magic has evolved THE CHALLENGE Mithya | A three-day magic-festival set in Delhi celebratetheMagicin India Parlour magic Contemporary Street magic Indian Magic Snake charmers? Elephants? New magicians? Also, international magicians invited to perform at the festival
  3. 3. Leverage the heritage of magic across Indian cultures and the essence of mysticism associated with India, Indian folklore and its far-spread cultures.. bring together magicians from all the cultures of India across geographies + new magicians and also international performers …via online campaigns and crowdsourcing – given the internet and mobile penetration of these countries, particularly, Canada …and attract people from countries like Canada which have a rich heritage of magic + already have a lot of people travelling to India.. THE COUNTRY Canada Rich heritage of magic Indian diaspora Most tourists from Canada travel in North India 5th largest number of tourists to India from Canada
  4. 4. HOW DO WE REACH THEM? Our target is the tourist – Canadian - who comes to India for leisure and escape He/She has been brought up around the folklore and magic-rich culture of Canada Also, other tourists in India who are there in other places but not at the festival We target our customers in two complimentary ways • Online – when they are away • On-ground – when they arrive AND WHO ARE WE TARGETING, AGAIN? AND NOW, BACK TO THE HOW On-line On-ground Online channels Promotionals on Youtube The ‘mobile’ way Entice with contests Exclusive campaigns Peek into the festival Call the tourist from abroad to the festival Call the tourist from other tourist places in India to the festival OOH displays Ads@Tourist hubs QR-code campaign Entice with contests
  5. 5. Pocket Magician | • A mobile app • Targeted at young people • Helps learn magic tricks on the move • Also, info on the festival • Appetizer for the visit HOW DO WE TALK TO THEM? | Mithya Magic League • Online game • Interactive • Social media integrated • Leaderboard etc. • Generate Buzz through social media sharing The Mithya Journey | A virtual tour of the festival with interactive features like trivia, things to do and a market place assessment of the event and areas around it The QR.code Campaign | • This campaign will enable tourists who are in India, to come to the festival • QR codes in other tourist destinations of India will be available to people • In places where tourists frequent – cafes, restaurants, lounges etc. • People can click the QR codes and find what they have won • Prizes / gifts will include offers in restaurants, hotel-stays, jewelry purchases etc Mobile, Internet Mobile, Internet Mobile, On-ground Internet
  6. 6. • The 'magic' street re-imagined • Dilli Haat will be transformed into a 'magic' street • Ideal platform for budding street magicians to showcase their art to a willing and curious audience AND WHAT HAPPENS AT THE FESTIVAL, AGAIN? Day I • Star magicians will set their acts to music by A.R.Rahman or other music composers • The biggest acts will be split between the first and last day Grand Inauguration | Magic | Music | Children • A session on parlour magic - the Indian tradition • Presented by families that have practised magic for generations - like the Sarkar family of Kolkata • Indian themed magic show - bringing to the fore the core elements of Indian mysticism. Parlour magic • Child artists/magicians • Magic lessons for children • Great draw for families to bring their kids along on a Friday night. Street magic Magic for children
  7. 7. • Challenge for all visitors • Visit, learn a trick in half an hour • Can you pass off for a magician? AND WHAT HAPPENS AT THE FESTIVAL, AGAIN? Day II • 3-4 hour magic learning session for adults • Ranging from card tricks to parlour tricks • Hosted by one of the key performers for the festival Never too late | Magic and the Mind • Magic has changed • Shift from parlour magic to magic of the mind • Mind tricks to hypnosis • Featuring more international artists than Indian Mind tricks • More magic stalls • Cultural events • Food • Games and performances Spot the phoney Plus…
  8. 8. • Death defying stunts • Best illusionists from India and around the world • This will feature Indo-international collaborations AND WHAT HAPPENS AT THE FESTIVAL, AGAIN? Day III The best of parlour magic from all around the world Best of the best | Grand magical splendour • To get the 'costume-party' culture going in India • ‘Magic' theme-based party where people can dress up as anything • Everything in the party will revolve around magic • Extending the scope of a magic, 'magical' bands, dishes - you name it, we have it • A comic-con simulation, but for magic Grand finale Magic bash
  9. 9. Come celebratethe Magicin IndiaMithya |