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Every One is Equal
Every One is Equal
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retail traffic drivers,


  1. 1. Great Ideas
  2. 2. Derek Miller ProPrinters 1 877 614 7746
  3. 3.  Grocery  QSR  C Store  Mall  Car Dealer  Restaurant  Sports Team  News Paper  Casino  Museum  Zoo  Home Development  State Fair
  4. 4.  Objective Retain market share Strategy Counter attack incoming competition within a specific regional market. Traffic Tickets™ were mailed to 500,000 households surrounding the stores. Results 32% response from direct mail. In every store, over 1,000 people per day came up to the deli counters to play the game. The program was completely funded by vendor participation. And this promotion was credited for 100% market share retention.
  5. 5. Objective Drive consumers into the stores Strategy Traffic Tickets™ were mailed to households surrounding participating locations Results 14% response from mailings Sales increased 165% Display
  6. 6.  The Ontario Lottery owns 22 casinos, like our Indian casinos in the US. We have done 2 events for them since last June. The first one and second one operated exactly the same but the second event was larger. the piece we printed was 6" x 10". There were 5 prize levels, all were low level, in other words, nothing over 25 dollars. When people brought the piece into the casino they had to go to a designated area where staff assisted people in inserting their game ticket. They were then rewarded with their prize.  Some of the prize levels also included a "ballot" which was a fill out form that they dropped into a drum and at the end of the 30 day event they drew for the grand prize, which was a 25,000 dollar home makeover for the first event and a new Mercedes auto for the second event. They supported the event with additional advertising, telling the public to look for the game piece in their local newspaper on a certain day or week. They continued throughout the month to remind people to bring in their ticket via radio and print ads. Both events lasted 30 days.  It was reported to us that the first event received over 500% better results than anything they have ever done. The second event received over 700% better results than what they had done before TrafficTickets. They printed 2.2 million pieces for the first event and about 3 million pieces for the second event.  They also had a booth at the Toronto stop of the large Detroit Auto Show where they had showed a couple of the Mercedes and handed out tickets before the casino event started and told people to bring it in to any of their casinos when the event started. Each casinos' tickets were personalized with the address and hours and phone number for a casino.
  7. 7. Place your WebDecoder here! Place your WebDecoder here! Everyone is a winner! Contact information, feedback on their last experience with Alitalia
  8. 8. Hidden Image Technology printed into your Circular or FSI. Value offers, discounts and/or instant-win messaging can be included in the promotion. The LithoDecoderTM provides highly attractive and engaging device to bring consumers into retail location. The hidden image technology can be licensed and potentially printed by your existing print vendors. Circular LithoDecoder
  9. 9. Short Code Keyword Consumer clicks link, MobiDecoder™ message is delivered SMS Msg. MobiDecoder Game Piece
  10. 10. We provides counter-top, floor or attachable POP to allow customers to decode their LithoDecoderTM circulars or FSI in the retail location. Customers simply place the printed LithoDecoderTM circular of FSI behind the decoding display and the messages are instantly revealed. Creates a fun and interactive promotional element to your marketing campaign. LithoDecoder and Mobi Decoder POP
  11. 11. Website Traffic VirtualDecoder VirtualDecoderTM requires no printed pieces for the promotion. Promotion is communicated via clients home page, TV, Radio, direct mail, etc. Consumer completes registration detail and is forwarded to VirtualDecoderTM game play page.
  12. 12. Once the consumer has completed their registration detail, the VirtualDecoderTM Game piece is delivered on-screen. The participant positions the VirtualDecoderTM card over the hidden message to reveal their prize award or value offer. VirtualDecoder Application