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Causal Loop Diagram
Causal Loop Diagram
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Singapore immigration causal loop diagram



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Presentation on Singapore Immigration with causal loop diagram

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Singapore immigration causal loop diagram

  1. 1. Causal Loop Diagramming (Singapore Immigration) K6202 – Term Paper Presentation SUPERMAN TEAM ARAVIND MUTHU KANNAN DIVYA NIRMALA
  2. 2. Agenda: 1.Objective 2.Overview of immigration policies 3.Identifying the underlying factors of immigration 4.Causal loop diagram basics 5.Development methodology 6.Singapore Immigration CLD 7.Conclusion
  3. 3. Objective : Describing Singapore Immigration and its influencing factors using Causal Loop Diagram. As per description from the course outline document “Study the immigration policies of Singapore, including the criteria of accepting PR applications, doing national service, how new comers should integrate, attitudes of Singaporeans, policies taken by the Government, etc. Using the principles of Causal Loop Analysis, draw a set of CLD consisting of at least 50 variables with the associated links and Balancing and Reinforcing loops.”
  4. 4. Singapore Immigration Today • Visit Pass - For Visitors • Student Pass - For Students • Work Permit Pass - Policy towards Unskilled • Special Pass - Policy towards Semiskilled • Employment Pass - Policy towards Skilled/High Skilled • Personalised Employment Pass • Entrepreneur Pass - Global Investor Policy • Dependent Pass – Policy towards Dependents
  5. 5. Singapore Permanent Residency Permanent Resident Schemes • Approval Factors • Obligations and Contribution Access to Citizenship • Benefits Variation between SPR and Citizen
  6. 6. Identifying the underlying Factors of Immigration • A number of factors influence the people migrating to a specific country. • These identified factors form the basis of immigration policies. • They are well planned to integrate the comfort of both locals and foreigners and thus the system has to represent a complex logical balance in the flow of people.
  7. 7. ems/2010/09/07/singapore-has- been-successful-due-to-political- stability-lee-kuan-yew-served-as- prime-minister-of-singapore-from- 1959-to-1990/ safest-countries-for-any-traveler- news2185
  8. 8. Safety & Political Stability • Singapore scores consistently favor higher quality life indices • Highly regarded for its strict law enforcement measures to combat crimes • Due to its fortuitous geographical position, it is protected from most natural disasters • It also has the least corruption in economy
  9. 9. NjInE&feature=related
  10. 10. Diverse Culture and Arts Scene • Dynamic city with a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts & architecture • A cosmopolitan multi-racial, multi-lingual society • Most prominent events and venues are government operated and normally with an international focus • A place where world meets
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Global Trade Hub Source: incorporation-advantages
  13. 13. Source: BBC NEWS-Aug 26-2010
  14. 14. Consistent work force demand and efficient talent pool mapping • Inviting Global & local Employers and Entrepreneurs • Maintaining a highly available diverse talent pool • Enforcing stability by regulating policies to sustain future demands A tough balancing act!!! Need for vibrant ecosystem ranging from unskilled to highly skilled work force persists !
  15. 15. s/singaporelocalnews/view/1157161/1/. html
  16. 16. Education, housing and health care Subsidies and Funding schemes •Universal healthcare system ensuring affordability, largely through compulsory savings and price controls •Attractive loans up to 95% of HDB flats for PRs and Citizens •High Quality Education at relatively low costs in globally recognized national universities
  17. 17. tories/singaporelocalnews/view/10 04/spore-has-robust-protection-for-ip- 27947/1/.html rights/ Source: The Straits Times 4 May 2011 ws?pid=newsarchive&sid=ayazKdY IeTR4&refer=asia
  18. 18. Strong IP rights protection and high degree of Social Cohesion • „IP landscape‟ strongly conducive for innovation and investment • Business friendly environment connecting with dynamic talent pool for realizing the organizational dream
  19. 19. _ektid1274.aspx h?v=Mt8so9LivSE /singapore-corporate-taxes/
  20. 20. Taxation benefits • Best place for Entrepreneurs and business start-ups • Highly convincing Corporate Tax rates • Zero tax for new Singapore companies on the first 100K annual profits for the first 3 years • All resident companies to enjoy approx. 9% corporate tax rate for profits up to 300K • Overall company tax rate is a flat 17%
  21. 21. n/singapore/article.aspx?c p-documentid=4696576 stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1 157220/1/.html
  22. 22. HigHly connected…. digitally & physically • Seamless National & International connectivity • Highly efficient MRT ,Bus and Flight services • „On the Go‟ access to the e-world • Continuous research on better standards and future demand s.html
  23. 23. Building a Strong nation togetHer…
  24. 24. Starting off with CLD - Information gathering • What is your first thought on Singapore before you came here? • The best thing which you observed here soon after acquainting with the new place? • Reason for visit or migration? How did the Government or Singapore Organizations support and welcome you? • Why do you consider a longer stay here?s • How do you feel working or studying in a highly competitive environment? How is it influencing you personally?
  25. 25. CAUSAL LOOP DIAGRAM (CLD) CLDs are Diagrams that have a visible structure of how interrelated variables affect one another. The balancing loop and the reinforcing loop are the two foundational structures of systems thinking. Causal loop Anatomy: A Node A line with arrow + or s Same Effect - or o Opposite Effect || Time Delay Symbol
  26. 26. Loops in CLD • Reinforcing Loop: A loop is one in which an action produces a result which influences more of the same action. It is also called the Positive causal link means that the two nodes change in the same direction • Balancing Loop: a loop in which feedback reduces the impact of change. It is also called Negative causal link means that the two nodes change in opposite directions
  27. 27. Design Methodology:  Understanding the problem statement  Collection of information about the problem domain from various sources  Identification of design method Two methods: 1.) From Loops to Variables 2.) From Variables to Loops  Identification of quantifiable variables related to the topic  Conceptualizing logical loops(re-enforcing and balancing loops) using the variables  Diagram sketch coupled with required changes
  29. 29. Insights and Implications Future sensed stronger with highly competent and vibrant Knowledge Environment !! Source: Prime minister‟s office, Singapore Department of statistics, ICA
  30. 30. KNOWLEDGE FREE FLOW with Globalization As of June 2011,192,300 Singaporeans were overseas for a cumulative period of six months or more in the previous 12 months Source: Prime minister‟s office, Singapore Department of statistics, ICA
  31. 31. BUSINESS Dynamism ACCELERATING K-TRANSFERS and UTILIZATION Source: Statistics Singapore Newsletter 2011