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Ppt flash card



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Ppt flash card

  1. 1. FLASH CARD,CARTOON AND COMIC Presented by- Neha maurya msc nsg 1st yr
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES OF CLASS General objectives: At the end of the class the group will be able to understand and know the use of flash card, cartoons, and comics strip
  3. 3. • Specific objectives: 1. Define flash card, Enlist uses of flash card and advantages, disadvantages 2. Define cartoons, Enlist uses of cartoons and advantages, disadvantages 3. Define comic, Enlist features of comic and advantages, disadvantages
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION • Small compact cards, which flashed before the class to bring any idea. • Provide variety and activity by using simple drawing or photographs. • Card generally 25x30 cm size • They may be used for reviewing a lesson with students.
  5. 5. Preparation of Flash card Cut a chart paper into 4 equal parts Write content with stencils and sketch Height of writing on flash card approximately 5 cm Make a rough card on ordinary paper first Then transfer it on the chart paper
  6. 6. Uses of Flash card • Give brief introduction about lesson to students • Give instructions to students about their actions while you Flash the cards • Flash the cards in front of the class by holding it high with both hands • Let the students respond as per instructions already given • Test the learning by additional flash cards • Review the lesson by selectively using flash cards
  7. 7. Advantages of Flash card 1. Can be used for introduction and presentation 2. Apply information already gained by students 3. Help in review the topic 4. Develop cognitive and recalling abilities 5. Used for playing educational games for learning
  8. 8. • Not useful for large group • Time consuming to prepare the cards Disadvantages
  9. 9. CARTOONS “A Cartoon is humorous caricature which gives a subtle message. It has an instantaneous visual appeal and a tickling message”. OR “A Cartoon is a figurative and subtle graphic aid”.
  10. 10. Advantages of Cartoons • Effectively initiate certain lesson. • Used to motivate students to start a discussion. • Making lesson lively and interesting.
  11. 11. Disadvantages
  12. 12. COMICS “A Comic is a graphic depiction in a series of picture or sketches of some characters and events full of action”. This medium of communication is found very interesting and exciting by children: -for telling stories -historical events -life histories -scientific process etc.
  13. 13. Features of comics • The comic strips can be very effective for making long stories • Large no. of comic strips depicting long continuous episodes • A large no. of comic books and magazines are available in India; eg: -Amar chitra katha -Diamond comics -Indrajal comics etc.
  14. 14. Advantages of comics • Imagination • Courage and spirit • Communication • Reality and involvement
  15. 15. Disadvantages of comics • Misguiding children with characters of supernatural power • Hamper the development of language • Develop in children to ignore and bypass the original work • Gives obsession with young children and they avoid serious studies
  16. 16. Bibliography • BT Basvanthappa, “Nursing education”,2nd edition, published by jaypee brothers (p) LTD; page no. 587-604. • KP Neerja, “Textbook of nursing education” first edition, published by jaypee brothers, page no. 207-216. • Anurag bhai patidar, “Communication and nursing education” ,first edition, published by pearson, page no. 170-171. •
  17. 17. THANK YOU..