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Hani4You - Nov'17 (Creative Industry Summit)



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Insights from the Creative Industry Summit Event, talking mainly about Ramadan campaigns and what's new this year that could be used as a learning for your business.

Who Am I? My name is Mohamed Hani, a Brand Growth Synergist who is passionate about Marketing with all of its sub-roles.

This is my LinkedIn profile:
Drop me a message, feel free to contact me at anytime to share your thoughts/questions.

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Hani4You - Nov'17 (Creative Industry Summit)

  1. 1. Creative Industry Summit EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS FROM THE ADVERTISING EVENT 1 Hani for You - November'17
  2. 2. Who Am I? 2 Hi! I am Mohamed Hani, a Brand Growth Synergist who is passionate about Marketing with all of its sub-roles
  3. 3. Agenda  About the event  About the event and what’s new this year in Ramadan (Already covered in the video: Press Here)  Offline vs. Online?  Insights from the Digital World in Ramadan  Ramadan Campaigns from a Digital Perspective  Case Study: EGBank 3 Today I am going to take you through what happened in the Creative Industry Summit, highlighting on key insights that worth investigating
  4. 4. About the Event  The creative industry summit is an event that gathered many marketers and advertisers to talk about key insights they had from last Ramadan (which is considered as the hub of campaigns). 4
  5. 5. Remember last point discussed in the video? Link of the Video in case you haven’t watched it yet (Press Here) 5
  6. 6. Offline vs. Online 6
  7. 7. Offline vs. Online 7 Source: Group m (From MBC Group Marketing Director Presentation) 19 16 15 18 25 30 26 27 29 28 28 30 31 31 32 33 34 81 83 84 82 74 69 71 69 66 66 64 60 56 55 52 48 45 0 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 21 "2005" "2006" "2007" "2008" "2009" "2010" "2011" "2012" "2013" "2014" "2015" "2016" "2017" "2018" "2019" "2020" "2021" MENA net advertising revenue (% by medium) TV Other Online  Despite the decrease of other offline media channels, TV still dominates as the highest medium for advertising revenue. Yet, it is worth mentioning that Online is having an increasing trend after 2013
  8. 8. After noticing how the online medium is growing in the recent years, let’s have more understanding on the online world in Ramadan. 8
  9. 9. Insights from the Digital World in Ramadan 9
  10. 10. Insights from the Digital World 10 Facebook is a leading mobile platform in MENA & comes to life in Ramadan 233million 115minutes avg. time spent daily in Ramadan 300thumbs avg. touches daily in Ramadan Source: Naureen Mohamed (Head of Brand Advertising Facebook Presentation People on Facebook Mobile Every Month in the MENA 130million People on Facebook Mobile Everyday 86% People on Facebook Celebrate Ramadan
  11. 11. Insights from the Digital World 11 What’s new in Ramadan on facebook this year? Timeline 4 9weeks 4 Weeks in advance: Discovery & Inspiration 1  According to Naureen Mohamed (Head of Brand Advertising MENAP Facebook), facebook team consider that the month of Ramadan has 9 weeks based on engagement and behavior Ramadan is 3-4 Weeks in Ramadan: High Mobile Engagement Final Week Eid last-minute gifting (Highest at the hour of IFTAR) Source: Naureen Mohamed (Head of Brand Advertising Facebook MENAP) Presentation
  12. 12. Insights from the Digital World 12 What’s new in Ramadan on facebook this year? Online Shopping Time 2  Shopping behavior on facebook changes after midnight during Ramadan, having percentage of usage during that time peaking at 3 AM. After midnight Shopping behavior Source: Naureen Mohamed (Head of Brand Advertising Facebook MENAP) Presentation Mobile Shopping Share % Usage
  13. 13. Insights from the Digital World 13 What’s new in Ramadan on facebook this year? Cooking Content 3  In addition to traditions about Ramadan’s food, we see now the cooking fast technique (45 seconds instead of 45 minutes) which is very potential to be used in Ramadan. Ramadan is time for food (Cooking fast technique opportunity) 45minutes 45seconds Rachel Ray’s Show 1.2million views Tasty’s Videos 11million views Source: Naureen Mohamed (Head of Brand Advertising Facebook MENAP) Presentation
  14. 14. 14 What’s new in Ramadan on facebook this year? Communities Source: Naureen Mohamed (Head of Brand Advertising Facebook MENAP) Presentation 4  Based on results seen among communities who had high engagement in Ramadan, facebook has future plans to give more space to communities to share content and come together. Communities are the future Iftar, Sohour and Cooking Helping others and charity works. Conversations centres around Insights from the Digital World
  15. 15. 15To Conclude (Insights from the Digital World) Online medium is growing, and worth having attention. Facebook is leading in MENA especially in Ramadan through mobile platforms. Ramadan lasts 9 weeks on Facebook  Need to have further exploration and adjust digital media plan accordingly. Online Shopping behavior changes in Ramadan  Need to consider re-planning for Ramadan online retailing accordingly. Ramadan’s association with food is an opportunity  Creating cooking content with a possibility of high viewership if creative implemented using modern approaches (Tasty). Communities are very important during Ramadan  Worth taking part in.
  16. 16. After understanding the digital behavior in Ramadan, let’s see how the brands were present in Ramadan online 16
  17. 17. Ramadan Campaigns from a Digital Perspective 17
  18. 18. Ramdan Campaigns (Digital) 18 89 Brands advertised during Ramadan Source: Think Marketing Magazine
  19. 19. Ramdan Campaigns (Digital) 19 What’s new in Ramadan Campaigns this year in the Digital World? Pepsi Digital Campaign (Only campaign to maintain Ramadan legacy) 13pt Ad recall lift 3pt favourability lift Source: Naureen Mohamed (Head of Brand Advertising Facebook MENAP) Presentation  It was an evolution to the world of digital campaigns in the Middle East with Pepsi’s campaign integrating the “Yalla Nekammel Lammetna” legacy of Ramadan in a digital context.
  20. 20. Ramdan Campaigns (Digital) 20 300million (total views) 73% 27% Led by: 1- Telecom 46.7% 2- Home Appliances 24% (Carrier, El Araby…etc.) 3- Others 13.4% (CSDs, Real Estate, NGOs, Men’s Wear & Steel) 4- Banking 10.5% (Mainly because of EGBank) 5- Rest of FMCG 5.4% Source: Think Marketing Magazine Led by: 1- Telecom 2- NGOs 3- Banking 4- Steel 5- Real Estate 6- CSDs 7- Others 8- Home Appliances 9- Rest of FMCG - Excluding CSDs, FMCGs are having the least share of viewership among all categories. Whereas Telecom is consistently having the highest viewership on both platform. - Home Appliances focus more on Facebook platform, while NGOs are having more presence on YouTube. - The Banking sector made it to the top categories this year.
  21. 21. Ramdan Campaigns (Digital) 21 1 Source: Think Marketing Magazine Top 10(Brands in terms of viewership) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 44m 39.4m Views 31m 27m 8.2m 7.5m 6.5m 5.4m 4.7m 4.7m 22.9m 22.2m Views 7.7m 6.5m 3.5m 2m 1.7m 1.5m 1.3m 1.2m - Only Nestle, and Mandolin (Mondelez) are the FMCGs that made it to top ten beside the CSDs (Pepsi and Coke). - Banking brands are present in top ten on both platforms. - As usual, all Telecom brands are having their strong presence in Ramadan which let them to the top ten. - MYF (NGOs) & Mountain View (Real Estate) made it to the top 10.
  22. 22.  We started to see categories having strong presence in the digital platforms (NGOs, Banking and Real Estate).  Companies like Pepsico started to focus only on the digital platform with new creatives using technology.  Telecom is consistently having strong presence online in addition to their offline spends.  Home appliances focused on having good presence not only offline, but also online.  Excluding CSDs, FMCG sector didn’t have a strong presence on digital this year (It is also noticed that there was absence of some big players both offline and online such as Juhayna). 22To Conclude (Ramadan Campaigns from a Digital Perspective)
  23. 23. Now we had an overall understanding from what happened in Ramadan this year, let’s have a look on a case study for our creative learning 23
  24. 24. EGBank Case Study 24
  25. 25. EGBank Case Study About the brief 25 Few no. of Egyptian population are banked Majority of the population under 30 YO Youth don’t like banks This is in addition to the challenge that campaigns in the banking sector usually don’t standout compared to other categories. 1 2 3 Banked 10% 60 25 12 3 Below 30 30-49 50-69 Above 70 **Figures presented by FP7 and Marketing Communications Manager of EGBank
  26. 26. EGBank Case Study  The objective was a single-minded objective (from creative/advertising perspective; It’s better to have one clear objective to focus on instead of several ones within same campaign) 26 “Growing no. of debit accounts of youth” Objective Source: Presentation of FP7 and Marketing Communications Manager of EGBank
  27. 27. EGBank Case Study  Throughout the past years, youth are being judged and compared, and this was even communicated through famous figures in shows that gained audience attention 27 Key Insight – Source of Inspiration for Campaign’s Idea “Raouf” Younis Shalaby in 3eyal Kebret Alaa Waly El Din in Abod 3al 7odod Ahmed Helmy in Zaki Chan Ahmed Rateb in Sok 3ala Banatak Raouf is Source: Presentation of FP7 and Marketing Communications Manager of EGBank
  28. 28. EGBank Case Study  It was a clever insight to work on, because the idea itself was unintendedly incepted in minds of target audience throughout the past 20 years in the media through movies, TV shows and theatre plays. i.e. Exposure to a consistent message for 20 years through figures that audience became fan of  Could driven both emotional and rational (mainly due to relevance) response to target segment. Hence, audience could be persuaded for conversion. 28 My opinion about that key insight  Another famous example of inception done: In USA, Hollywood was consistently prefacing the idea of having a black president like Obama through different movies and various scenarios. Morgan Freeman in “Deep Impact” (1998) Tommy Lister in “The Fifth Element” (1997) James Earl Jones in “The Man” (1972) Chris Rock in “Head of State” (2003)
  29. 29. EGBank Case Study 29 Campaign Results **Figures presented by FP7 and Marketing Communications Manager of EGBank 100% More than Increase in no. of accounts (In my view, figure could be overrated, but this might be due to having EGBank still new and growing in the market) 1 2 Lots of Earned Media (Offline: EGBank’s hero interviewed by popular TV Talk Shows) (Online: Publications and other companies used the icon in their campaigns as well)
  30. 30. My story in a nutshell 30(EVENTS ARE ORDERED IN CLOCKWISE) During university: Started my experience by joining international youth organizations As a marketing member: Implemented activations by organizations and sponsors, as well as doing PR activities During my military service period: Experienced advertising production cycle through several creative videos (Link: Press Here) then, I took leadership roles: - Product Manager in - ER Leader in (PR and Marketing) After graduation: Acquired CIM Certification in Professional Marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing in the U.K. After the army: 1.5+ years of experience mainly with FMCG and Telecom MNCs The Beginning Activation & PR Leadership & Product Management Certification Advertising Marketing Research Mohamed Hani:
  31. 31. 31 THANK YOU! Hope you enjoyed the presentation, and here you my contact info…feel free to contact me at anytime to share thoughts or questions