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Rapid Prototyping Nearsoft Workshop



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This method is great to get early feedback on your product before writing a single line of code, or coding a mock-up.

Learn to use Rapid Paper Prototyping to quickly co-create and validate products with users. Bring your ideas to life at extremely low cost. It takes the bare minimum amount of details to create a functional interface so potential users can test it. This method is great to get early feedback on your product before writing a single line of code, or coding a mock-up. Paper and ink is all you need.

Rapid Prototyping Nearsoft Workshop

  1. 1. Create and Validate Products Swiftly RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP March 2018
  2. 2. Misael Sandra
  3. 3. Power Up your Product through Research and Design March 2018 UX TEAM BY NEARSOFT
  4. 4. Hello! Who are you?
  5. 5. ● Intro: Why validation matters ● Rapid Prototyping B R E A K ● Usability Testing ● Planning Iteration B R E A K ● First Iteration ● Showcase & Wrap Up Our Time Together RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP
  6. 6. ● We want to build the right product ● Validate your assumptions ● Understand users’ behavior Why this workshop? RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP
  7. 7. We are not the users... Let's not forget... We act upon hunches based on our experience RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP
  8. 8. Rapid Prototyping is a methodology to obtain early and valuable feedback of your product at any stage. Rapid Prototyping RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP
  9. 9. * Three steps of Rapid Prototyping Rapid Prototyping RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP Build a low cost prototype Test the prototype with real users Collaboratively interpret feedback
  10. 10. * Validate your ideas before development Validation RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP
  11. 11. * Validate your ideas before development Validation RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP
  12. 12. Validation RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP * Validate your ideas before development
  13. 13. Validation RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP * Validate your ideas before development
  14. 14. Validation RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP * Validate your ideas before development
  15. 15. of users abandon an app after having just one or two bad experiences.24% March 2018
  16. 16. Most User Experience issues in an app are identified after its release. March 2018 44%
  17. 17. How can we translate User Feedback into functional Products?? ? ? March 2018
  18. 18. Detect and fix critical issues Usability Test RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP What people say and do Save time and money
  19. 19. How many users to test? RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP Usually 5 users are enough to spot the major issues at the interface level. Norman Nielsen Group: “This lets you find almost as many usability problems as you'd find using many more test participants.” Source Article
  20. 20. Time to work!
  21. 21. RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP Create and validate a proof of concept of an app
  22. 22. EXERCISE #1 A Read the Problem to Solve 5 MINS
  23. 23. EXERCISE # 1 B Define the Sections of your App → Individually read the problem definition worksheet → As a team think what kind of app would solve the problem → Together list the amount of sections you’ll prototype on this workshop 10 MINS
  24. 24. How would it work?
  25. 25. EXERCISE # 2 Draw Paper Prototypes of Your App 30 MINUTOS → As a team draw the sections of your app → At least 3 sections → Don’t forget the intro screen with a quick fictional logo → Plus a splash screen with any logo
  26. 26. Rapid Prototyping
  27. 27. Before the Test RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP 1. Make them feel comfortable 2. Explain why are we doing this test 3. We are evaluating the product, not the user 4. “Ask me any questions but I won’t respond just yet” 5. Ask them to think out loud
  28. 28. During the Test RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP 1. Let the user describe each screen you show. Let them talk. 2. Ask the user to describe what he expects to happen after a particular interaction. “What do you think will happen after you hit this button?” 3. Ask for explanations about their reasons. Ask why. 4. Don’t answer their questions… right away.
  29. 29. VIDEO [ Link ]
  30. 30. VIDEO [ Link ]Marvel Pop App [ Get it here]
  31. 31. EXERCISE # 3 Define Tasks to Test 5 MINUTES → Identify what goals you want users to achieve on each sections → Assign a moderator and note takers → Get familiar with the workflow
  32. 32. Rapid PrototypingTasks to Test
  33. 33. EXERCISE # 4 Run the Usability Test 25 MINUTES → Welcome your users → Introduce yourself and the team → Briefly explain the activity → Don’t sell the app → Tell them you can’t answer questions for now
  34. 34. Usability Testing
  35. 35. EXERCISE # 5 Interpret Results and Plan Iteration → As a team improve your app by correcting the issues found → You can add, remove, correct, pivote → Use a sticky note per improvement 5 MINUTES
  36. 36. Rapid PrototypingIteration
  37. 37. ● How does your app work? ● What issues did you find? ● What’s your Aha! Moment Show how good you did
  38. 38. ● Include other members of your team ● Iterate but don’t take all feedback literally ● Don’t attempt to fix all problems at once, focus on critical errors first ● Test again, again, and again! What would be next? RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP
  39. 39. ● Test before you design and code ● Test any idea you may have ● Watch users in action ● Look for patterns and common issues Key Takeaways RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP
  40. 40. Design is all about people! March 2018
  41. 41. UXPin To make digital wireframes Pop App To make paper “apps” InVision To create visual prototypes Moqups To create rapid wireframes Balsamiq To create rapid wireframes Unbounce To create landing pages To create rapid wireframes Comp CC To create rapid wireframes Sketch For hi-fi prototypes Fluid UI For mobile prototypes To create visual prototypes Macaw For responsive prototypes Comparison of tools Prototyping Tools RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP
  42. 42. Download Download Mobile Printable Layouts RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP
  43. 43. Useful Literature RAPID PROTOTYPING WORKSHOP 1. Usability Testing Script by Misael 2. UX Without User Research 3. Usability Testing 4. How to Conduct a Usability Testing 5. Paper Prototyping as a Usability Testing Technique 6. 10 Usability Heuristics 7. Universal Methods of Design Book 8. UX Week 2015 Conferences Videos 9. List of Cognitive Bias 10. 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design 11. The Era of Living Services by Fjord 12. Universal Methods of Design (Book) 13. The State of UX 2015/2016 14. UX Checklist Project 15. UX Service Design Tools & Techniques 16. My Best Advice for Conducting User Interviews 17. Guerrilla Research Tactics and Tools 18. The Psychologist’s View of UX Design 19. A collection of tools, links, events, methods and deliverables from the UX Design universe
  44. 44. “Design is all about people.” Misael Leon Product Designer misaello misaelleon Thanks!March 2018 Sandra Vazquez Business Developer sandra_daniela sandradanielav