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Simple Guide to Connect With Your Following



Created by the team at Twenty20.

Your following can never be too large. Leverage your current following to expand your reach.
Everyday people are sharing their favorite posts to their peers.

By learning how to connect with your current following, you can expand your message to a larger audience. The method is to develop your brand into a friend to your followers. Creating a persona for your brand, and a relevant one at that. We put together a Slideshare for you with the information needed to create a relevant brand personality. Enjoy! [SlideShare]

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Simple Guide to Connect With Your Following

  2. You’ve gathered a substantial following,
  3. But the more the merrier.
  4. Leverage your current following to round up more.
  5. Leverage your current following to round up more. Pieces of content are 
 shared each year.27M Of users listen to recommendations 
 shared from friends.90%
  6. Become that friend that your followers can’t stop talking about.
  7. WAIT! Want to read this as a high-quality PDF? DOWNLOAD
  8. The Simple Guide to Connecting with Your Followers 2. Push relevant content 1. Develop a brand personality 3. Post real-world photos
  9. Develop a Brand Personality Make your brand personable. 1
  10. People love people. It’s as simple as that.
  11. People have unique personalities.
  12. Develop a personality for your brand.
  13. Your brand could be Rugged Cheerful Daring Intelligent
  14. These traits allow the follower to relate to
 your brand.
  15. Your brand can establish these traits through a blog.
  16. Blog articles are engaging and personable.
  17. They are also well received…
  18. of consumers get to know a company via articles over ads.70% Content+ of people want to build a good 
 relationship with companies
 that offer custom content.78%
  19. Push Relevant Content Be aware of the times. 2
  20. Make sure that you know your audience.
  21. Content with relevant images get 94%more views.
  22. You need to market accurately based upon time, place, and manner.
  23. A great example is the holiday season.
  24. The Christmas season market is worth $3.19 T
  25. It is important to know when to post, where to post, and what to post.
  26. is providing a webinar on For the Christmas example: CHRISTMAS MARKETING REGISTER HERE
  27. Post Real-World Photos Exemplify authenticity. 3
  28. Your followers’ feeds are full of real-world images of their friends.
  29. You want to ensure that your content follows this authenticity.
  30. It is proven that consumers connect with authentic content.
  31. Of the top brand posts on Facebook, 87%of total interactions 
 were on posts with photos.
  32. It is hard for your followers to relate to cheesy staged 
 stock photos.
  33. Post engaging real-world photos instead.
  34. Twenty20 has 45+million real world photos.
  35. And 120+ curated collections to help you find photos relevant to your audience.
  36. Recap •Establish a persona for your brand •Know when, where, and what to post •Provide authentic photos from Twenty20
  37. CHRISTMAS MARKETING The Ultimate Guide to Webinar: Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 10am PDT (1pm EDT) Presented by: Micah C. Growth Director Jess M. Customer Success Manager SAVE A SPOT
  38. All photos sourced from Twenty20.