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3 Design Tips to Create More Conversions



How to make design and marketing work together.

Created by the team at Twenty20.

It often seems that design and marketing have different objectives (beauty vs conversions). But, your business will work best if you get design and marketing to work together. Check out these three simple design tips to create beautiful web pages that have high conversion rates.

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3 Design Tips to Create More Conversions

  1. 3 Design Tips to Create More Conversions. How to make design and marketing work together.
  2. Designers and marketers always argue about how to create pages for beauty vs. conversion rates.
  3. But, it’s better for everyone when design and marketing agree.
  4. Info inspired Jeremy Smith’s post at practices-web-designers-conversion-optimizer-can-agree-upon-132482 To design for more conversions: 1. Simplify everything 2. Focus on one action 3. Use great photos
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  6. Simplify everything. 1
  7. Here’s a great example. By using bold colors and a minimalistic approach, this web page gives a clear value proposition and a simple action to take next.
  8. Less is more. Simple design = more conversions.
  9. Focus on one action. 2
  10. Take the blurry test: With a page out of focus, can you still tell what action you should take?
  11. This is a great example. Your eye is directed to the blue button in the middle of the page. You know to click it without reading the text.
  12. Good design directs users to look right at the action you want them to take. (Download, Buy, Subscribe, Share, Follow, etc.)
  13. Use great photos. 3
  14. Photos are a quick and effective way to grab attention and tell a story simply.
  15. of information transmitted to the brain is visual. 60,000X Visuals are processed faster than text. (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco) 90%
  16. Use a large, beautiful photo to create simple and high- converting designs. Pro Tip:
  17. Product shots If you sell a product, try using a straightforward photo of what you want your customer to buy. Bold photos beautifully integrate marketing and design
  18. Lifestyle photos Use one, large photo that tells an authentic story. This instantly creates an elegant and high-converting design to drive your marketing objectives.
  19. To design more conversions: 1. Simplify everything 2. Focus on one action 3. Use great photos
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