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Stop sending PDFs, transform them into tracking landing pages instead



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Who views your presentation, when, and which parts of it?

Combine your presentation with our beautiful landing pages for a professional effect, and find out which slides your leads are actually interested in.

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Stop sending PDFs, transform them into tracking landing pages instead

  1. 1. Say goodbye to PDFs Start pitching today.
  2. 2. Startup Founders, Marketing Teams, Sales Teams and Fundraisers should know… Who sees my presentation? When do they look at it? What are they looking at? ( best time to call them ) ( with background check ) ( are they concerned about the pricing or the business plan slide? )
  3. 3. We could send a PDF... “Did he open it?” “Is he looking at it right now?” “Did he send it to somebody?” “Which slides was he interested in?” “How often did he look at it?” “When should I call him?” “Did my team already pitch him?”
  4. 4. Or make it a professional landing page instead
  5. 5. Instead of sending large single PDF files, you send out a link to your secure landing page, which you can call your... ... “investor portal” ... “customer area” ... “business portal” Bonus : What is scarier? - a link to which has your company logo and details, or - An obvious tracking link to a 3rd party such as ?
  6. 6. * During tests with more than 1000 leads we have not seen any lead dropoff after they have been approved. They ALWAYS came back to see the material. Your lead will log in with Facebook, LinkedIn or AngelList, and will wait for you to give him access*
  7. 7. Meanwhile, in your inbox... A quick background check on Gordon In your inbox tells you if you should spend time to approve him right now, or deny him later when you get to it. Usually we see about 75% / 25% ratios of accepted vs denied leads. ( Denying a lead sends them an email to reach out to you directly instead. )
  8. 8. Gordon is taking a look After we approved him, Gordon is checking out your material. Showtime for us : a) You know that he logged in - it’s the best time to ping him or call him up b) You know which slides he looks at, address those issues in the call c) And he’s already in your CRM, as we send the lead data to your CRM system of choice
  9. 9. Behind the scenes In the pitchXO dashboard we can easily get all information on Gordon which helps us in the process. Gordon is interested the most in our competitors slides. Let’s talk with him about that, and close the sale.
  10. 10. Goodies In essence, you’ve just seen what pitchXO was created for, and what it is about. It makes it super-easy to get to know what your leads are interested in, and when to call them. Now let’s take a look at what goodies we can add to that.
  11. 11. Remind your leads about your product on other websites The next time your lead visits Youtube, TechCrunch or their other favorite website they could see your Advertisement. That keeps your company on their mind. How does it work? When a Lead visits your landing page you can tag them with our Google Tag Manager integration. This allows you to show them targeted ads through DoubleClick, Google Adwords and other GTM supported networks.
  12. 12. Have your leads where you need them Changing habits is hard. We know that. Simply send out the link to your landing page, approve or deny leads, and then work in the tools you are familiar with already: Google Spreadsheets CRM Mailing Lists Add new leads automatically to a Spreadsheet you manage. Can it get simpler than that? Send your leads to SalesForce, Sugar CRM, Streak and many more! No more manual filling out of data sheets on leads from the past week / month. If you use Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber or any other mailing list tools, you most likely want your leads automatically added there as well.
  13. 13. Show off your company KPI Turn this simple spreadsheet* Into this beautiful overview * yes, you don’t have to use our system, just use that Google Spreadsheet right there Possibly the simplest way of showing and updating your business data
  14. 14. Show off your company updates Turn this simple spreadsheet* Into this beautiful timeline * here as well, you don’t have to use our system, just update that Google Sheet right there. Simple as that! We didn’t want you to learn a new system. Instead use an already powerful tool that everybody knows.
  15. 15. Showcase your press mentions and videos &
  16. 16. Offer your leads direct support Gather feedback from your leads through the UserVoice integration. That’s what they are good at.
  17. 17. Thank you for inspecting us! One day, a Skype seed investor knocked on our door with an interesting problem. His mailbox was overflowing, and he didn’t know how to keep track of the many pitches and presentations he was sending out on a daily basis. And there was nothing on the market that offered professional landing pages + social login + slide tracking + CRM connectors out of the box. He needed pitchXO. We tested assumptions, such as ‘high quality leads would not want to use their social login’, and friction points of ‘approving and denying’ leads, by testing those with our initial customers. And we love them for going with us all the way and showing that it’s effective! We have by now handled over 1000 high quality leads, and helped our customers raise amounts in the 8 numbers by making their sales and fund raising processes much simpler. Feel free to reach out to us - we are known for our in-depth support. And try us out for free; it will take you 10 minutes to get started! Markus, Chief Pitcher