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  1. 1. Hamburg is located north of Germany being the second most beautiful city of Berlin followed Many people tend to refer NORTH VENICE
  2. 2. Actually Hamburg as a port where several districts are decorated with ancient beauty and keeping the average age
  3. 3. Although districts of the city seems a small town in particular there are parts of fishermen and even very exclusive residential parts
  5. 5. Sankt Pauli It is the entertainment district for excellence in Hamburg is Clubs, Bars including popular and famous musical theaters. One of the most famous red light districts of Europe
  6. 6. Teatro Operettenhaus. Calle principal, la Reeperbahn.
  7. 7. Lago Alster It is the perfect place for canoeing, rowing and sailing around the many parks and natural areas with restaurants and cafes around the lake
  8. 8. Lago Alster/Rio Alster
  9. 9. BERGEDORF It is the seventh city of Hamburg, the district more friendly where is adorned with a castle located in a beautiful park.
  10. 10. Escudo de Bergedorf Puerto de Bergedorf
  11. 11. Castle Hamburg
  12. 12. Shopping Streets
  13. 13. Schanzen Street
  14. 14. Karoviertel Street
  15. 15. Hamburg Parks
  16. 16. Amusement Park Hamburg
  17. 17. Hamburg one of the most beautiful cities around Germany without excluding its wealth of architecture from the Middle Ages despite the fact that many years have elapsed