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Full Moon in Greece 2013. (Nikos)



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Full Moon in Greece 2013. (Nikos)

  1. 1. 21 August 2013 - Full Moon in Greece Click to continue
  2. 2. For the past few years, the Greek government has thrown open a selection of the best archaeological sites in Greece during the night of the full moon in August. In 2013, the event will occur on the night of August 21st. The list of dozens of participating archaeological sites in the past included the Acropolis and Cape Sounion but the actual sites are off the list in 2013, victims of their own popularity and of too many visitors stumbling over slick night-damp marble stones. Authorities point out that a hillside adjacent to Sounion will be open and that in Athens, Filopappou Hill will be open, offering at least a dramatic view of the Acropolis and Parthenon as well as a free concert at 9:30pm. Both Sounion and the Parthenon will be open until 8pm that evening. Other regulars on the list include the Temple of Aphaia on Aegina and ancient Olympia. There may be last-minute additions to the list, or sudden removals, so check locally before trekking to a site. Usually, there are music and dance events scheduled at some of the sites. 21 August 2013 - Full Moon in Greece
  3. 3. Full Moon in Oia
  4. 4. Full Moon in Oia
  5. 5. Full moon in Oia
  6. 6. Full Moon in Attica
  7. 7. Athens
  8. 8. Athens
  9. 9. Full Moon in Thessaloniki
  10. 10. Full Moon in Mytilini
  11. 11. Full Moon in Mytilini Castle
  12. 12. Full Moon in Nafpaktos
  13. 13. Full Moon to Sounio
  14. 14. Full Moon in Kamena Vourla
  15. 15. Full Moon Kythera
  16. 16. Full Moon on Mount Athos
  17. 17. Full Moon in Naoussa Paros
  18. 18. Athens
  19. 19. Athens
  20. 20. Athens
  21. 21. Full Moon in Chania
  22. 22. Full Moon in Mandraki Rhodes
  23. 23. Athens
  24. 24. Athens
  25. 25. Full Moon to Sounio
  26. 26. Full Moon to Sounio
  27. 27. Full Moon to Sounio
  28. 28. Athens
  29. 29. Full Moon in Corfu
  30. 30. Neoi Poroi - Platamon
  31. 31. Neoi Poroi - Platamon
  32. 32. Full Moon in Kythnos
  33. 33. Monemvasia
  34. 34. Monemvasia
  35. 35. Ancient Corinth
  36. 36. Ancient Corinth
  37. 37. COPYRIGHTS TO ALL PHOTOS AND MUSIC BELONG TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHORS. Music: Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven Athens You Can Keep Listening To The Music Or Press ‘Esc’ To Exit