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10 Ways to Help Millennials Plan a Tour



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Millennial travelers are different from their predecessors in that they look for adventure, culture, enjoyment rather than the luxuries. In short, they are looking for experiences. To them planning a trip is much more complex than just getting from point A to point B. Here's how to plan a travel trip for millennials if you are working with them.

10 Ways to Help Millennials Plan a Tour

  2. 2. travelers are driven MILLENNIAL by Passion,
  3. 3. are Guided MILLENNIALS by Virtual backpack Of apps,
  4. 4. are Pleased MILLENNIALS by Experiences,
  5. 5. Have an Interest MILLENNIALS in Exploring Cultures &Cuisines,
  6. 6. Are True MILLENNIALS Activity Seekers. AND..
  7. 7. Are MILLENNIALS on Mobile. Plus.. Millennial shopping behavior on mobile Recall
  8. 8. Travel MILLENNIALS Online. book 90%
  9. 9. Digital MILLENNIALS tools Use 87% to compare options.
  10. 10. Were surveyed MILLENNIALS 31,000 people from 134 countries. Aging 18 to 3o plus
  11. 11. 1 & 3 times MILLENNIALS between Travelled overseas 88% A year.
  12. 12. 18 & 30 years MILLENNIALS between were between 94% Old.
  13. 13. Solo, MILLENNIALS travelled 30%
  14. 14. MILLENNIALS Travelled to And a majority of Europe North America Australia/NewZealand.
  15. 15. Is no longer seeking a Now this means… GENERATION Y Party animal atmosphere while traveling.
  16. 16. Wants to enjoy Instead… GENERATION Y New cultures And feast on Local cuisines.
  17. 17. a Aren’t… MILLENNIALS MYSTERY? Let’s help you with that! Rules to engage MILLENNIALS Recall
  18. 18. by guiding your Now if you are a travel agent Client. You can build credibility MILLENNIAL
  19. 19. to guide Check out.. Travelers 10 ways MILLENNIAL Here we go!
  20. 20. Create a Millennials trust apps when they are 1 Tour Guiding App On The GO!
  21. 21. Create a Preferably An app with GPS 1 Tour Guiding App Guiding system.
  22. 22. Create a An app that allows guidance 1 Tour Guiding App For multiple Destinations.
  23. 23. Share news about Travel. 2 Peak Travel Season Let them know the perfect Time for
  24. 24. Share news about Zones. 2 Peak Travel Season Share news about Conflict
  25. 25. Share news about Avoid. 2 Peak Travel Season Keep them updated about Places To
  26. 26. Share resources about Share a collection of 3 Picking Destination Travel & Tour Operators.
  27. 27. Share resources about It helps them reach a 3 Picking Destination decision
  28. 28. Share resources about Follow these 3 Picking Destination 20 twitter accounts To strengthen your niche.
  29. 29. Guide them on how to Casual and formal 4 Blend with the locals Inform about the suitable Attire according to destinations.
  30. 30. Guide them on how to Taboo signs 4 Blend with the locals Share info on & dinning etiquettes.
  31. 31. Guide them on how to Local language 4 Blend with the locals Words and expressions. Share with them the frequently used
  32. 32. Create videos to show Travelers. 5 Traveler’s Experiences Engage with previous
  33. 33. Create videos to show experiences 5 Traveler’s Experiences Motivate them to share their To your platforms.
  34. 34. Create videos to show Travel Videos 5 Traveler’s Experiences Remember Get Viral in summer.
  35. 35. Offer Travel destination 6 Customized itinerary For every There are some hot spots.
  36. 36. Offer Travel for leisure 6 Customized itinerary Propose a route for Tourists.
  37. 37. Offer Tourists on work 6 Customized itinerary And a customized one for Travel trips.
  38. 38. Provide a list of must-have Video tutorials 7 Backpack Items Use how-to To create awareness.
  39. 39. Provide a list of must-have Items for backpack 7 Backpack Items List customized According to the destination.
  40. 40. Provide a list of must-have feedback 7 Backpack Items Always request a To add more ideas.
  41. 41. Introduce Phasing out 8 Peer-to-peer dinning The idea of luxury hotels is For millennials.
  42. 42. Introduce Explore cultures 8 Peer-to-peer dinning Millennials connect with locals & enjoy home-cooked cuisine.
  43. 43. Introduce Less price. 8 Peer-to-peer dinning Peer-to-peer dinning offers all that In
  44. 44. Offer compact packages with Save 9 Deals and Discounts Tie in value added services to Their time.
  45. 45. Offer compact packages with 9 Deals and Discounts Remember Millennials are Time & price sensitive.
  46. 46. Offer compact packages with 9 Deals and Discounts It solves the hassles Separately Booking Flights, lodging & tour guides.
  47. 47. Offer Travel ideas. 10 Engagement platform Millennials like to plan ahead & discuss their
  48. 48. Offer Tour. 10 Engagement platform Millennials also like to share Experience & stories after the
  49. 49. Offer Engaged. 10 Engagement platform Create a network of like-minded travelers To keep them
  50. 50. Check out Hope you find the tips useful The blog
  51. 51. Bon voyage!