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5 SEO Mistakes You Can Fix Today



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5 SEO Mistakes You Can Fix Today

These are five very common SEO mistakes that our SEO Team sees on a regular basis as we review websites.

Goal: To walk you through each of these five mistakes and show you step by step how you can IDENTIFY and CORRECT these issues to improve your organic search rankings.

We will cover...

1) Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is one of the most common mistakes we see on a website especially with Wordpress themed websites. Most webmasters and business owners don't have any idea that they have duplicate content or that it can negatively affect your search rankings.

2) Keyword Theming

Keyword theming will help you eliminate keyword stuffing (which Google hates - think negative SEO and penalties) and enable you to get more keyword phrases ranked for an individual page on your website. We will walk you through how it works and how to use the Google AdWords Keyword tool (for free) to start keyword theming.

3) Competitor Tracking

Knowing what keyword phrases your competitors are ranking for is great, but identifying the easy opportunities to move ahead of them because Google hasn't indexed specific content types or keyword themes is even better. Yup, we will teach how to do this too so you can start dominating your competitors. (Just don't share this with them)

4) User Experience Optimization

It's great to improve your SEO and drive more traffic to your website, but happens once someone lands on your homepage, landing page, or blog? UX is critical to converting traffic to leads and customers. We provide you with good and bad examples as well as best practices regarding One-Click methodology, calls to action, page load speed, and navigation.

5) Images

Yes, images play an integral role to your User Optimization, but also to your overall search engine optimization strategy. This isn't just about ALT Text, but you need to start by thinking about the filename of your images before you upload them to your website, how the image size will affect page load speed, and by all means please don't use stock images.

Our SEO Team will guide you through all of these and drop in a few more.

If you need more help, we are here for you and will provide with a free SEO Website Review.

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SEO Team
P: 615.600.4790

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5 SEO Mistakes You Can Fix Today

  1. 1. Today’s SEO Team Two ways to ask questions today… Type your question into the question pane in the right side bar. Twitter - #SEOMistakes 1. 2. Jeff Evans SEO Manager Katie Redmond SEO Specialist Bill Faeth Co-Founder, CEO
  2. 2. #SEOMistakes
  3. 3. Keywords & Links #SEOMistakes
  4. 4. Duplicate Content
  5. 5. What is duplicate content? Google’s definition: “Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin.” #SEOMistakes
  6. 6. How do I locate duplicate content? #SEOMistakes
  7. 7. The results. Drill down to see that this page has 66% duplicate content. #SEOMistakes
  8. 8. This is the actual duplicate content. #SEOMistakes
  9. 9. So, how is my website affected by this? Lose your original content to Omitted Results:1. #SEOMistakes
  10. 10. Multiple duplicate links means diluted link juice:2. #SEOMistakes
  11. 11. Traffic Loss3. #SEOMistakes
  12. 12. How do I fix it #SEOMistakes
  13. 13. Write 100% original content on every single page of your website! #SEOMistakes
  14. 14. #SEOMistakes
  15. 15. Keyword Theming #SEOMistakes
  16. 16. What are Keyword Themes? Keyword themes are groups of related keyword terms that are grouped together based off of one main keyword phrase. #SEOMistakes
  17. 17. Why are keyword themes valuable? #SEOMistakes Google now believes you are trying to "keyword stuff" a page when you use the same phrase over and over again. You must now find relevant keyword phrases that compliment your main phrase and use multiple variations on each and every page of content.
  18. 18. What if I don’t use keyword theming? This can lead to your site not ranking well, or worse yet, this guy can pull your site from the results all together! #SEOMistakes Matts Cutts Head of Google’s Web Spam Team
  19. 19. Now What? #SEOMistakes
  20. 20. In order to use the Google Keyword Planner, you’ll need to have a Google AdWords account. If you don’t have one already, you can set one up at First you need to access the Google Keyword Planner. #SEOMistakes
  21. 21. Just follow the prompts, enter some basic information about you and your business, and you’re ready to go. #SEOMistakes
  22. 22. Next, login to your Google Adwords account. #SEOMistakes
  23. 23. You’ll be presented with four different tools within the Google Keyword Planner (under “What would you like to do?”): #SEOMistakes
  24. 24. #SEOMistakes
  25. 25. #SEOMistakes Enter that keyword into the field labeled “your product or service”: And click “Get ideas”:
  26. 26. #SEOMistakes
  27. 27. #SEOMistakes
  28. 28. #SEOMistakes Competitor Tracking
  29. 29. #SEOMistakes Putting Your Competitors into the Google Keyword Planner
  30. 30. #SEOMistakes
  31. 31. #SEOMistakes
  32. 32. #SEOMistakes User Experience Optimization
  33. 33. SEO can help bring traffic to your site, but how do you convert traffic into leads & sales?
  34. 34. #SEOMistakes 1. Tell visitors exactly what you’re offering 1. Tell them why they need it 1. Make is easy for them to get it
  35. 35. #SEOMistakes Examples of a great user experience.
  36. 36. #SEOMistakes 1. Tell visitors exactly what you're offering. The world's #1 project management tool. 2. Tell them why they can't live without it. Easy to use, reliable and it just works. 3. Tell them what they need to do to get it. Give Basecamp a try - It's free for 60 days
  37. 37. #SEOMistakes Examples of a bad user experience.
  38. 38. #SEOMistakes • No I didn't cut out the navigational menu. There is none! • Modern designs of what? • I need to give you my email address to just access your website? I don't think so!
  39. 39. #SEOMistakes • Red font color, contrasting color scheme, and confusing navigation leads to a bad user experience. • Users find it difficult to read and navigate. • Besides, when you open the site you hear a man starting to speak. Pre loading audio is a big no no.
  40. 40. #SEOMistakes User Experience Summary • Always have a clear "call to action" on your homepage. • Think “what do I want a visitor to do next” and guide them to the next step? • Your design concept should be easy to navigate. The less work a visitor has to exert the better!
  41. 41. #SEOMistakes Image Optimization
  42. 42. Don’t
  43. 43. Do
  44. 44. #SEOMistakes Why Optimizing Your Images is Important
  45. 45. #SEOMistakes of web shoppers who have trouble with web site performance say they won’t return to the site to buy again 79%
  46. 46. #SEOMistakes 44% of them would tell a friend if they had a poor experience shopping online
  47. 47. #SEOMistakes Google "PageSpeed Insights"
  48. 48. #SEOMistakes Ouch, looks like a slow site!
  49. 49. #SEOMistakes An easy tool to optimize images by Yahoo
  50. 50. #SEOMistakes
  51. 51. #SEOMistakes Do image filenames and alt text still matter? YES
  52. 52. #SEOMistakes The filename - Search engines look at the image filename to see whether it provides any clues to the content of the image. So if the image is about organic coffee, name the file organic-coffee.jpg.
  53. 53. #SEOMistakes Image alt text - Again this is a place to enrich your images with targeted keywords. Here is an example for organic coffee: <img alt="organic coffee" src=""> Both help to reinforce the major keyword themes of the page.
  54. 54. #SEOMistakes Word of warning!
  55. 55. #SEOMistakes Make sure the filename and the alt text reflects the content of the picture, and not artificially emphasized keywords unrelated to the image! This can be pegged as keyword stuffing.
  56. 56. Leave the stuffing for Thanksgiving. Bad things have happen to good people.
  57. 57. More SEO Resources
  58. 58. Thanks.

Editor's Notes

  • To win at SEO you stuffed keywords into your on-page content. Which used to work, but will actually get you penalized from Google today! If you used an SEO then their goal was to amass as many inbound links as possible regardless of relevancy or quality. Again this strategy used to work, but is no longer applicable and could lead to negative SEO or even a penalty from Google.
  • This old school SEO not only doesn’t work today, but can get your site in big trouble with the Google Web Spam Team.
  • Three ways your site can be affected by the way Google handles duplicate content.
  • If all the pages areconsolidated into one page, the link juice will also be consolidated which will increase search rankings of the web page.
  • If your content is not the version Google chooses to display in search results, you will lose valuable trafficto your site.
  • 1. Each page must have an original purpose.2. Do not us boilerplate language or text.
  • Click on “Tools” from the grey toolbar and choose “Keyword Planner”:
  • For the purpose of this exercise we&apos;ll only be looking at the first option &quot;Search for New Keyword and Ad Group Ideas&quot;.
  • Enter your main keyword phrase into the &quot;Your product or service&quot; area.
  • Enter your main keyword phrase into the &quot;Your product or service&quot; area.
  • Now let&apos;s find some awesome keyword themes that you can optimize your sites content around.For example, let’s say that you ran an ecommerce coffee bean shop that also sold organic coffee.If you wanted to write a page about organic coffee, you wouldn’t want to use the keyword “coffee” (too broad). A keyword like “organic coffee” would work well.
  • Most people will tell you to quickly click over to the “Keyword ideas” tab and ignore “Ad group ideas”. This is a HUGE mistake. You can find awesome keyword themes from the names of the Ad groups themselves.
  • Next, click on one of the Ad group names: And see what keywords make up this Ad group:You now have several different keyword phrases that Google deems relevant to your main phrase! Now when writing your page for &quot;organic coffee&quot; you can add in several of these phrases to show Google that you&apos;re NOT keyword stuffing and that your page is very relevant for the main phrase &quot;organic coffee&quot;.
  • Your competitors have already done a lot of the work right? They’ve possible researched keywords, designed pages and targeted them.You now have a great list of keywords phrases Google finds relevant for Godiva!
  • Use the filters on the left side to find those hidden gems.This turned up some good stuff like “fathers day desserts” and “pre filled easter baskets” – things that may have not turned up. We’ve also set AdWords competition to “low” and although this doesn’t automatically mean low SEO competition, it could.
  • Ask yourself. Do any of these other keywords offer opportunities? This is how you can find keyword phrases your competitors didn&apos;t even know Google associated with their site!
  • 1. Tell visitors exactly what you&apos;re offering. Browse 1000s of events. Or create your own events and sell tickets right here.2. Tell them why they can&apos;t live without it. It&apos;s free!3. Tell them what they need to do to get it. Create an Event/ Discover events in Carlisle
  • Be Strategic with Your Image SelectionNever use stock photos! They cheapen your site and people see right through them.
  • Not only are they smiling( which everyone should be doing! Your employees love working for you right?) but they actually look like people you would see if you were to walk into that office.
  • According to surveys done by Akamai and, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds.
  • The end result is twofold.Lots of potential sales down the drain because of a few seconds difference.Lower rankings in Google.
  • How to check your website page speed grade
  • Google and users both hate slow page load speeds.
  • is an online service from the Yahoo! Developer Network that optimizes your images. It uses lossless compression techniques, so the file size is reduced without changing the look or visual quality of the image.
  • The uploader supports JPEG, GIF and PNG files with maximum sizes of 1MB. The optimized results are available for download from a temporary URL, which is valid for up to 30 minutes afterwards. Plus its free!Just click browse to find the image. Then click SmushYou can download the smushed image from the results page
  • Incorporating images on web pages can substantively enrich the user experience. These two options give the search engines context for images.
  • ×