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Bob Sanders - Focus on Chemistry



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Bob Sanders - Focus on Chemistry

  1. 1. INBOUND15 Focus on Chemistry How to Win New Business & Build Lasting Client Relationships Bob Sanders President, Sanders Consulting Group
  2. 2. @newbusinesshawk Why Chemistry?
  3. 3. @newbusinesshawk
  4. 4. @newbusinesshawk
  5. 5. @newbusinesshawk
  6. 6. @newbusinesshawk
  7. 7. @newbusinesshawk Headline IllustrationLogo BodyCopy Task/Control TellAsk People/Emote RESULTS OPTIONS NOW! PROCESS SCORECARD HOW? FLASH WOW! ME! RELATIONSHIPS CONSENSUS WE.
  8. 8. @newbusinesshawk Profiling takes two steps. Don’t guess. 1. Is the prospect more task- or people-oriented? 2. Is the prospect more ask or tell?
  9. 9. @newbusinesshawk Hollywood Understands
  10. 10. @newbusinesshawk Headline IllustrationLogo BodyCopy Task/Control TellAsk People/Emote
  11. 11. @newbusinesshawk Headline IllustrationLogo BodyCopy Task/Control Tell People/Emote Ask
  12. 12. @newbusinesshawk Headline IllustrationLogo BodyCopy Task/Control Tell People/Emote jon Ask
  13. 13. @newbusinesshawk Profiling takes two steps. Don’t guess. 1. Is the client more task- or people-oriented? 2. Is the client more ask or tell? Study their email Look at how they write Observe how they talk, act Watch their actions Listen to their voice mail Check out social media GOAL: DISCOVER THE PATTERNS!
  14. 14. @newbusinesshawk TELLS Firm, quick handshake. Tends to dominate - makes statements rather than asking questions. Aggressive facial and hand expressions. Leans forward to stress a point. Voice tone change indicates importance of the statement. TASK Bland, unresponsive facial expressions; few hand gestures. No use for small talk, wants just the facts. Acts in careful, cautious manner. Maintains serious expression. Seems preoccupied. ASKS Softer handshake. Slow, deliberate speech. Tends to lean back, away from you. Voice rarely used to make a point. Quiet, submissive gestures and facial expressions. Asks questions rather than making a statement. PEOPLE Attentive with animated responses – smiles, nods and frowns. Frequent eye contact. Open, eager attitude. Keeps hands free. Little interest in facts or figures, more interested in personal stories. Uses friendly gestures / facial expressions.
  15. 15. @newbusinesshawk
  16. 16. @newbusinesshawk How to Profile by Actions
  17. 17. @newbusinesshawk How to Profile Their Office
  18. 18. @newbusinesshawk How to Profile by Dress
  19. 19. @newbusinesshawk How to Profile by Job
  20. 20. @newbusinesshawk Profile by Type of Agency (theywant)
  21. 21. @newbusinesshawk How Profiles Fire an Agency
  22. 22. @newbusinesshawk BodyCopy Headline Logo Illustration Why Personality Is So Important
  23. 23. @newbusinesshawk “System Thinking”
  24. 24. @newbusinesshawk “Agency Hell” bold new ideas wants to filter wants to choose #%X#&!!! lazy agency just riding the fee sends “options” back can’t explain options “just keep working on it” makes changes repeat repeat
  25. 25. @newbusinesshawk BodyCopy Exercise 1. Agency tour:  Detailed, process, clean, organized 2. Agency account team:  Deliberate organizers 3. Agency case histories:  Stress process/experience “Yes, we would be interested in seeing your agency. I especially want to see your research department, your media operation, and how you manage the workflow.”
  26. 26. @newbusinesshawk BodyCopy Exercise 4. Agency research capabilities:  YES! 5. Media recommendations:  Detailed (money) 6. Lunch:  Worth trying, but don’t expect it “We’re pretty straight around here on the way we like to operate.”
  27. 27. @newbusinesshawk BodyCopy Exercise 7. Leave behind (written summary of presentation):  Detailed, tabs, organized, beautiful “First off we expect the agency to follow our procedures. Second, we don’t put a lot of stock in wild and crazy ideas. Third, we’re serious about the way we promote ourselves. We like to check to be sure things are right before we go to market.”
  28. 28. @newbusinesshawk Headline Exercise 1. Agency tour:  Try! Fast, focused, results 2. Agency account team:  Authority to make decisions 3. Agency case histories:  Don’t be boring. Flash a few fast turnaround results “I don’t have time for a tour. I want to get into this brief I brought with me. Maybe we can walk around later.”
  29. 29. @newbusinesshawk Headline Exercise 4. Agency research capabilities:  Don’t bother 5. Media recommendations:  Focus on measureable results 6. Lunch:  Working lunch, “club sandwiches for everyone” “My favorite agency would be quick and to the point. Show me the options.”
  30. 30. @newbusinesshawk Headline Exercise 7. Leave behind (written summary of presentation):  Detailed. They will hand it off… “We don’t have a lot of time to debate things, so I’ll make the decisions. I want to see some results soon. And I want an agency that can provide that.”
  31. 31. @newbusinesshawk Illustration Exercise 1. Agency tour:  Fun, exciting, teams 2. Agency account team:  Fast with the card 3. Agency case histories:  Boring. Don’t care. It’s about me… “Yes, I would love looking around your shop! I’ve heard your agency is an exciting place to work. I’m especially interested in your creative department.”
  32. 32. @newbusinesshawk Illustration Exercise 4. Agency research capabilities:  Only if it’s new and different 5. Media recommendations:  Boring, make it interesting 6. Lunch:  Latest hot-spot in town “We’re a pretty cool group. Any agency would love working with us because we are always challenging the current perceptions. I want to push the envelope!”
  33. 33. @newbusinesshawk Illustration Exercise 7. Leave behind (written summary of presentation):  Important! But will never look at it “Just want you to know, we work hard and play hard. An agency would have to be really special to keep up!”
  34. 34. @newbusinesshawk Logo Exercise 1. Agency tour:  Causal, relaxed, smile 2. Agency account team:  Warm, family, friendly 3. Agency case histories:  Stress client and agency teamwork “We would like to meet the people who might be working on our account if we decided on your agency.”
  35. 35. @newbusinesshawk Logo Exercise 4. Agency research capabilities:  Focus groups! Consumer voice 5. Media recommendations:  Safe, cost effective, easy to sell 6. Lunch:  Family style, buffet “We’re pretty relaxed around here. We want our agency to be part of our team.”
  36. 36. @newbusinesshawk Logo Exercise 7. Leave behind (written summary of presentation):  Very important. Will hand out “It’s important to us that everyone contributes and everyone gets along.”
  37. 37. @newbusinesshawk Next Steps: 1. Chemistry is very important in this business 2. Chemistry’s importance is growing every day 3. Control Chemistry with Profiling 4. Your agency team needs to learn how to Profile
  38. 38. @newbusinesshawk Options: DayOne One-day new business learning session. Learn 12 critical skills. New Business Chemistry Shows agencies how to win the chemistry battle. HighGear Shows agencies how to master client-chemistry and organic- growth. Sharking Sets up an outreach program aimed at the agency’s largest prospects. A few of our one-day training programs:
  39. 39. @newbusinesshawk Bonus: “What would you like for dinner tonight?” The Most Dangerous Personal Relationship Question:
  40. 40. @newbusinesshawk Headline Logo Task/Control TellAsk People/Emote No Results No Options “I really don’t care…” “Darling, what would you like for dinner tonight?” “I really, really don’t care…” * *ENRAGED Logo
  41. 41. @newbusinesshawk The Solution: Logo: ♦ Answer the question ♦ Offer options ♦ Provide some pros and cons ♦ Keep going with the flow Headline: ♦ Accept the non-answer ♦ Make a decision ♦ Respect the logo ♦ Just let the indecision go
  42. 42. @newbusinesshawk Illustration BodyCopy Task/Control TellAsk People/Emote “Darling, what would you like for dinner tonight?” (not the real question) Quickly calculates the time of year, what they’ve eaten the past two weeks, etc… “I think we should go to T.G.I. Friday’s… we have a gift card that’s about to expire.” Not new. Not exciting. And I’ve already made exciting plans…
  43. 43. @newbusinesshawk The Solution: BodyCody: ♦ Question the question ♦ Ask for more information ♦ Be open & flexible ♦ And it’s okay to let go once and awhile Illustration: ♦ No open-ended questions ♦ State the facts ♦ Don’t dance, don’t pout ♦ And it’s okay to let the BodyCopy stay home once and awhile
  44. 44. @newbusinesshawk INBOUND15 Questions? Go here to take the test and discover your profile: