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Improving Customer Centricty with Retail Insights from Wifi



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Retail stores and Service locations offer a rich opportunity to add value to the customer relationship through Wifi access. Learn how to capture valuable data that can drive even better customer insights and service.

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Improving Customer Centricty with Retail Insights from Wifi

  1. 1. Improving Customer Centricity through Analytics Huw Hopkin
  2. 2. Continuous circle of data gathering and insight development to improve targeting But first what to gather from Customers in store or service locations?
  3. 3. Level 1 – Cookie place but unknown person. Collect interests and possible other media profile: female, age 30-39 US SME etc Level 2 – Registration matched to cookie Collect interests and attach name and company details including permission
  4. 4. Capture the data Data mining for Insights Campaign personalizati on 1. Define plan of data to capture 2. Define capture points 3. Set capture mechanics (cookies, forms) 1. Segment (Interest, Role, Company Size) 2. Target (large, profitable, reachable groups who we have messages for) 1. Load personalized file for media/email targeting with right message
  5. 5. 73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information to make their shopping experiences more relevant (Digital Trends) 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions (Infosys) For more personalization statistics
  6. 6. Personalized Emails improve Click through rates by 14% and conversion to registration by 10% (Aberdeen Group) Businesses personalising web pages are seeing on average a 19% increase in sales (E-consultancy) For more personalization statistics
  7. 7. What are the three most important sources of information you use to help make buying decisions? Source: Cisco IBSG Therefore you need wifi on site, quicker and costs less for customer
  8. 8. People will spend more time in locations that offer good/free and secure wifi
  9. 9. Aware Connect Capture Step by Step
  10. 10. • Contest/Lucky draw entry • Second screen for advice • Free wifi access • Amazing app download • Gifts of goodies • Find something – here or another store Aware Ask a friend if this suits you via Whatsapp
  11. 11. • Anonymous person with a mobile (mac address) • Who has a path of interest through your store • But that’s as far as it goes until… • You see a way to login and have a reason Some developments •Dynamic mac addresses from Apple •Ibeacon (optin) • Hotspots • Historical recognition • Congestion/Flow • Efficiency/staffing/display • But there has to be a reason…
  12. 12. Success We now have an identity, age, gender, name, details, mobile, email Issue the promo code for use during check out Promo Code 232425 But wait…one more challenge remains – connecting digital identity to the transaction at check out Or What’s your mobile so we can let you know about promotions Ask for mobile or email during check out to match to digital profile Customer logs in with mobile device and gets cookied
  13. 13. Personal profile Transaction History Shopping profile Value Frequency Recency Footpath Lifestage Products Digital Profile Frequency Recency Site visits Location/Geo Interests
  14. 14. 6. Call an assistant 7. Find stock availability on the spot – scan the barcode of related item 8. Reserve an item 9. Compare options 10. Create a wish list/shopping lists 1. Acquisition of new 'look-a-like' customers 2. Deliver profile appropriate offers – digital coupons/promo code 3. Personalized recommendations via email/whatsapp 4. Informercial - survey with comparative reward “Find your style…?” 5. Trigger digital signage to change with proximity
  15. 15. Lifestage Lifestyle Recency, Frequency and Value Determined by registration profile & basket Determined by basket of products Determined by time and spend
  16. 16. • Pet food is high margin • Targeted promotion of social pages to Pet food buying customers • Special offers to cross-sell - more uptake • Offers sponsored by manufacturers • Improved uptake
  17. 17. Give rewards/promotions Yes but… Real value is the insight from tracking Cost Value of Insight To be Successful Less than..
  18. 18. • Journey to hyper-relevance stats with data capture • View from the industry – many are getting uplift in results therefore impacting the bottom line • How’s it all done • Wifi is the beginning of the Customer Experience, insights lead to discovery and very specific goals to change customer behaviour

Editor's Notes

  • This is the 1st of 5 findings based on Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) retail research in 2011.
    1,000 U.S. and 1,000 U.K. customers were asked a series of questions.
    Finding 1: Online Sources Trump “Real People” for Making Buying Decisions.
    The survey asked the following question: What are the three most important sources of information that you use to help make buying decisions?
    As you can see from the results, the top source was “Customer reviews on retailer sites” at 68%. This moved from #2 in the 2010 survey to #1 in the 2011 survey. The second most important source of information was “Friends and Family” at 41% which moved down from the 2010 results
    Note to Speaker: Read other results as applicable for your audience.
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