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Inbound Publishers Summit 2015 Recap

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The world of publishing has changed. We gathered some of the countries top media-minded experts to share their hard-won best practices for growing digital audiences, targeting content and advertiser offers to audience segments, acquiring advertisers, and ultimately growing revenue and margins using inbound.

The presentations from the day have been combined here for your convenience. To learn more, join the ongoing conversation at

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Inbound Publishers Summit 2015 Recap

  2. 2. OVERVIEW •  The Inbound Opportunity for Publishers – Patrick Shea & Pete Caputa •  Why Publishers Need to Think Like Marketers - Seth Nichols •  Increasing Digital Revenue Through Lead Generation Campaigns for Your Advertisers - Rick Kranz •  Using Audience Data to Deliver Better Results and Drive Revenue in B2B Publishing - John Yedinak •  The Line Between Media and Brands is Blurring Fast - Chad Pollitt 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  3. 3. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit THE INBOUND OPPORTUNITY FOR PUBLISHERS Patrick Shea & Pete Caputa
  4. 4. Direct mail may have worked in 1965. But it’s 2015 and marketers are the ones tasked with driving growth. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  5. 5. Most important lead sources over the last 6 months. Source: 2014 State of Inbound Marketing Report 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit Notice a common theme? They’re inbound channels.
  6. 6. 20% of publishers’ current digital ad revenue comes from content. Two years from now, publishers project this will jump to 50%. - Association of Business Information & Media Companies 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  7. 7. Once a upon a time, marketing agencies needed help growing. 1. Difficulty proving ROI of services 2. Difficulty renewing clients 3. Difficulty acquiring new clients 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  8. 8. 1. Difficulty proving ROI of services 2. Difficulty renewing clients 3. Difficulty acquiring new clients Marketing agencies need help growing. advertisers advertisers advertising Publishers Now it’s publishers’ turn. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  9. 9. Unlike agencies, publishers are poised to succeed with inbound marketing from square one. > Existing assets help with speed to value > Decades of credibility in niche industries > Massive followings & distribution channels > World-beating content creation machines > Lacked scalable delivery approach > Lacked any vertical specialization > Lacked brand awareness in market > Marketing themselves was a challenge Publishers have massive leverage online. Agencies Publishers 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  10. 10. $3 Billion Spent in 2015 Native advertising is the fastest growing form of digital advertising. 2017 Projection $5 Billion Source: emarketer 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  11. 11. Competition for the world’s digital dimes will remain FIERCE. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  12. 12. Over 800 magazines were launched in the last year. - (American Public Media) 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  13. 13. Every publisher is in the same business: IMPRESSIONS 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  14. 14. Need to know more about the people in our database. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  15. 15. > Drive high quality traffic & leads like no else can > Package & sell intelligence. > Build smarter targeting. > Promote events better. > Sell additional products. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit Need to know more about the people in our database.
  16. 16. Our differentiator will be actionable intelligence & ROI. Hold, something tactical Mary Miller 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  17. 17. WHY PUBLISHERS NEED TO THINK LIKE MARKETERS Seth Nichols 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  18. 18. There’s a fundamental disconnect in how publishers and marketers think. Publishers value old business models •  Brand strength •  Reach •  Audience Demos Marketers value campaigns’ ability to increase the sales pipeline •  CMOs are measured/goaled on this 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  19. 19. This limited scope may solve for now, but will quickly be outdated and extinct. It’s more important to sell end results, instead of our means of getting there. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  20. 20. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit Publishers are thinking about railroads. Marketers are thinking about transportation.
  21. 21. Display campaigns are diminishing in value in terms of the customers they produce. All leads are not created equal. To generate measurable ROI for their advertisers, publishers and sales teams must align their efforts to look beyond reach and demographics. This means focusing on quality, rather than quantity. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  22. 22. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit 1.  Know marketing metrics, funnel metrics, and marketing language—such as market intelligence, buyers journey, and campaign best practices. 2.  Produce quality, independent editorial by understanding context: attract, identify, nurture and convert high quality prospects. 3.  Focus on quality over reach when planning circulation and audience development. 4.  Measure ROI and constantly adjust! Align your sales team with your customers and organization as a whole. Together your whole team must be able to:
  23. 23. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit To be a marketing partner, you have to be a marketer. Publishers have better visibility to pick up purchase signals and publishers’ content is more highly valued by prospects. •  Map content to the buyer’s journey. •  Use content to pick up explicit and behavioral purchase intent. •  Use HubSpot workflows, event triggers, CTAs, lead scoring etc. to paint the bigger picture for advertisers.
  24. 24. To sum it up: Be marketers, not publishers. 1.  Align organization with customer goals. •  Publishers/sales teams of consultative marketers •  Content teams understand the buyer’s journey 2.  Use tools and processes your customers use. 3.  Prove your value for each campaign: Return on Marketing Investment . 4.  Build products for business predictability and inevitable downturns. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  26. 26. Case Study: Dental Products Report Using Inbound to Drive •  68% reduced Customer Acquisition Cost •  545% ROI •  98% Reduction in Cost-Per-Lead 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  27. 27. Planning: Questions to Consider •  What resonates with your subscribers? •  In terms of the advertiser’s product/ service: o  Are your subscribers aware of it? o  Do they think they need it? o  Do they understand it? o  Do they want it? •  What is the advertiser’s goal? 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit ?
  28. 28. Planning: Segment your subscribers •  Interest •  Demographics •  Depth of knowledge •  Intent to purchase •  What offers they converted on •  Level of engagement with your content 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  29. 29. Planning: Map subscribers to client’s goal Goal Generate sales ready leads Subscriber segment Dentists interested in marketing and practice management Relevant offer Postcard marketing 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  30. 30. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit Initial Campaign Steps 1. Reads article on postcard marketing send user to webinar 2. Watch webinar send user to consult page 3. Fill out form for consultation
  31. 31. Why is understanding your audience so important? Upon seeing a low number of webinar viewers, DPR swapped the webinar offer for an eBook, applicable earlier on in the buyer’s journey. This ultimately helped them generate more qualified leads. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  32. 32. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit 1. Read article on postcard marketing send them to ebook 2. Launch email campaign send them to ebook 3. Download ebook enroll in lead nurturing campaign 4. Five step lead nurturing emails offer a coupon for free design 5. Fill out form for consultation Revised Campaign Steps
  33. 33. Achievements: Final Results Webinar 45 visits 20% conversion 9 Contacts Overall 68% Reduced CAC 545% ROI 98% Reduction in CPL 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit Ebook 419 visits 45% conversion 181 Contacts
  35. 35. H HHH A little about Senior Housing News 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit •  Largest B2B website focusing on the $300 billion senior housing industry •  Over 10,000 daily email subscribers •  5 full time reporters
  36. 36. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit While they were selling out email/website ads by the first month, it wasn’t enough. They needed to make a change and find a new source of revenue.
  37. 37. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit The problem? They had very little data on their subscribers aside from email address and company name.
  38. 38. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit •  Wanted to be inbound driven •  Centralized database and integration tools •  Needed better insight into users to deliver the right content at the right time •  Wanted to develop real lead gen program for clients that delivered qualified leads and grow their business beyond ads. Why they chose HubSpot
  39. 39. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit 1.  Integrate data from different services. 2.  Create downloadable content to obtain detailed information about our readers. 3.  Develop a new progressive profiling strategy. 4.  Ask — what do we want to know about our audience? First things first, they had to develop a data strategy.
  40. 40. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit Their top of the funnel campaign was composed of: M One dedicated email N One article W Smart CTAs R Exit intent CTA To get this data they know it would be all about the content offer.
  41. 41. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit They asked users probing questions about: •  Interests •  Pain points •  Product/service needs And guess what? Their readers told them. Great content resulted in great data.
  42. 42. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit Results: Over 2 months, the campaign drove almost $8,000 in revenue through 119 submissions, and 26 highly qualified high- value leads. Using this rich data, they created niche highly- segmented campaigns targeting people by location, company type, and job title – using Smart CTAs to drive the right people to a landing page.
  43. 43. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit •  Inbound is a marathon, not a sprint. •  Set individual campaign goals one at a time to avoid being overwhelmed. •  Start with a trusted client and cut them a great deal, then continue to learn from each campaign. •  Use Custom Event Tracking to dynamically create segments of your audience to what they read and which topics convert best. •  Inbound hasn’t detracted from traditional ad spend, only enhanced it. •  They had to change the sales process. •  The biggest challenge was determining the right CPL to charge. Takeaways from implementing inbound:
  44. 44. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit •  Sell more than one product (ex: webinar & white paper). •  Ask better questions: are you planning on buying soon? •  Use Smart CTAs to target operators for recurring revenue each month. •  Increase the amount of custom content created for clients to increase that segment of revenue. What’s next for Senior Housing News?
  45. 45. THE LINE BETWEEN MEDIA AND BRANDS IS BLURRING FAST Chad Pollitt 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
  46. 46. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit Every minute of every day: •  571 websites are launched •  350,000 tweets are tweeted •  48 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded Most verticals are already oversaturated with content, causing great content to go unread daily. We’re in the middle of a content explosion.
  47. 47. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit Despite smart phone proliferation, increased media accessibility, demand and consumption… many traditional media outlets are cutting back. Blogs, social media, new media, brand, search engines, and agencies are attempting to fill this media gap. But, this isn’t a bad thing…
  48. 48. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit •  The media are building marketing agencies. •  Brands are becoming the media. •  Agencies are becoming publishers. •  And search engines are buying media too. And so the lines are blurring.
  49. 49. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit Exposure is harder to come by than ever with social reach diminishing and search getting more crowded. So what’s filling the content distribution void?
  50. 50. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit Native.
  51. 51. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit The native landscape is beginning to take shape, and the race for supremacy has begun.
  52. 52. 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit Publishers are in the driver’s seat, poised perfectly to leverage their publications and their content with: •  Influencer marketing •  Bylines •  Native advertising •  Email marketing •  Networking/speaking
  53. 53. HELP US KEEP THE INBOUND PUBLISHING CONVERSATION GOING To access exclusive resources, share industry news, and join other media-minded people in discussion: Join the Inbound Publishing group on 2015 Inbound Publishers Summit
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The world of publishing has changed. We gathered some of the countries top media-minded experts to share their hard-won best practices for growing digital audiences, targeting content and advertiser offers to audience segments, acquiring advertisers, and ultimately growing revenue and margins using inbound. The presentations from the day have been combined here for your convenience. To learn more, join the ongoing conversation at


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