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HubSpot Product Overview

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HubSpot Product Overview

  1. 1. HubSpotAll-in-one inbound marketing software
  3. 3. ALL-IN-ONE SEO 1 HubSpot simplifies your 1marketing by pulling together everything you need to grow your business. Text Marketing goes Automation here Social Text Marketing goesContent Media AnalyticsCreation here Email & Landing Lead Pages Nurturing
  4. 4. INTEGRATED The fact that HubSpot is all-in-one makes your marketing easier. The fact that it’s integrated, makes it more effective. Multi-channel analytics Closed loop reporting SEO driven content tools Mobile-friendlyImage source: Eric Skiff
  6. 6. WEBSITEMANAGEMENTSend your IT guys out to coffee.Website management made simpler.
  7. 7. Content Management SystemCreate website pages in moments (and without a computer science degree).See how effective your website is at driving visits & leads. Easily edit pages -- Easy Page no coding needed. Formatting Keep track of how your website is doing each month. Dynamic messages advise you on what to do next.
  8. 8. SEARCHENGINEOPTIMIZATIONOptimize your content so leads find you.
  9. 9. The Keyword AppNo need to hire an SEO expert. Get clear action steps to improve your rank. Questions it answers: What are our “sweet spot” keywords and how do we take action to increase our rank? What keywords brought us the greatest # of leads? What keywords are driving traffic but not conversions? How do I fix that? Where are my competitors out-ranking me? What keywords should I stop wasting time & money on?
  10. 10. Link GraderSee what websites are linking to you and how valuable those link arein improving your search engine optimization. See inbound links for competitors too.
  11. 11. PagesTrack the effectiveness of individual pages, get clear instructions on how to improve them.
  12. 12. BLOGGING &SOCIAL MEDIAAttract leads with useful and engaging content.
  13. 13. Blogging PlatformGet as-you-type advice on how to improve your blog posts and draw leads in. Easy blogging interface Dynamic advice on improving your posts Search engine optimization
  14. 14. Social Media PublishingSchedule out social media posts across multiple accountsand see how many clicks each generated.
  15. 15. Social Media MonitoringEasily monitor social media mentions across networks on your keywords,company name and competitors.
  16. 16. Social Media AnalyticsSee which channels are bringing in the most traffic and leads.
  17. 17. LEADINTELLIGENCEUnderstand the timing and motivations of your leads.
  18. 18. Prospect IntelligenceTrack what companies are visiting your website and see what contentbrought them in. Make more informed sales calls and marketing decisions. Dunder Mifflin Paper All visitors Individual company Identified person view view view
  19. 19. Lead IntelligenceSee the complete history of interactions for a lead or customer across channels.Understand their interest in your company and level of engagement.
  20. 20. LEADACQUISITIONAttract quality leads and increase conversions
  21. 21. Landing PagesEasily create landing pages and measure their effectiveness over time. Build landing Track conversion rates, pages in moments. new leads and customers.
  22. 22. A/B TestingCreate multiple variations of a landing page and test which version does better. HubSpot willautomatically tell you when the test becomes statistically significant. Then just disable theless effective pages.
  23. 23. LEADNURTURINGHelp your leads navigate the decision process.
  24. 24. Email MarketingUse one of HubSpot’s templates or customize your own.Segment leads and target your emails based on website events.
  25. 25. Integrated Email AnalyticsGet detailed analytics for each send. Create segments of subscribers based on their behavior.
  26. 26. Lead Nurturing & Marketing AutomationTrigger emails and other communications based on customer behavior on and off of your site.Let the lead activity dictate email timing and content, rather than an arbitrary marketing schedule.
  27. 27. ANALYTICSGet smarter about your marketing investments.
  28. 28. SourcesSee what originally brought your leads and customers into your site.
  29. 29. Landing Page AnalyticsCompare the effectiveness of different landing pages.
  30. 30. Conversion AssistsSee what pages were important to people who ended up converting and buying.
  31. 31. Return on InvestmentTie all of your analytics to what really matters: How many customers you earned.
  32. 32. Competitors and BenchmarksUse our Marketing Grader to keep an eye on your competitors’ performance.
  33. 33. Closed Loop MarketingSee how specific marketing efforts & channels are contributing to the bottom line. $ Marketing Marketing Investment Results by Channel Informed Customers Sales Team Brought in
  34. 34. One End-to-End SystemBecause it shouldn’t take 15 log-ins to execute on your marketing strategy. Sales Social Media Facebook. Twitter. Marketing Support Email software Support software Web Analysts Billing Payment software Google Analytics etc.
  35. 35. A Monthly Report Sent Directly To YouJust click save and you’re ready to present on your marketing progress.
  36. 36. INTEGRATIONSWe play nice with others.
  37. 37. Our Ever-Expanding List of Integrations CRM Systems Billing Systems Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Microsoft Recurly, Chargify Dynamics and more Help Desks eCommerce Zendesk, Assistly Magento, Shopify, and more Social Media Email Service Providers Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Silverpop Mobile SMS and Apps Webinar Providers Go To Webinar Citrix
  38. 38. The App MarketplaceCommunity-bred solutions that multiply like gremlins Search & install apps in the app marketplace. Read user reviews and submit your own.
  39. 39. The Service MarketplaceNo time? Have a service-provider do it for you. HubSpot Certified.
  40. 40. HubSpot APIThe HubSpot API makes it possible to integrate with anything (except maybe, a toaster). Blog API Keywords API Leads API Lead Nurturing API Marketing Events API Prospects API Settings API
  42. 42. Since using HubSpot, Inflexion-Point has experienced tremendous success in terms of traffic, leads,and customers, particularly in the past year. Most notably, the company has attributed more than50% of its new sales to inbound marketing practices.OTHER RESULTS• Experienced a 5-fold increase in monthly organic "If I look at the new customers traffic and organic leads since February 2010 weve won this year, more than half of them can be• Achieved a 31% overall conversion rate on all attributed to the inbound website landing pages marketing efforts that HubSpot has helped us put into place.” -- Bob Apollo, Managing Director
  43. 43. The primary metrics Lynden uses to track its success with inbound marketing and HubSpot isboth the number of qualified quote requests it generates plus its call center volume. Sinceimplementing HubSpot, Lynden has increased its total quote requests by 270%. "Were a smaller marketingOTHER RESULTS department, and so we really have to efficiently use our• Increased quote requests generated resources, and HubSpot has online by more than 412% really fulfilled that need for us.• Increased total inquiries to the Lynden Its definitely had a noticeable Call Center by 93% impact on the volume [of• Improved its small marketing teams quotes] that were getting in, efficiency in serving a large organization and an impact on the organization.” - Ryan Dixon Online Marketing Manager
  45. 45. Founded by MIT Sloan Graduates11 TEXT GOES HERE Text goes Funded Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures & Salesforce here 6,500 customers worldwide Average HubSpot customer lead growth: 32% HubSpot Textgrowth rate of 6015% goesOver three years here
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