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How to Excel at Event Marketing with Social Media

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How to Excel at Event Marketing with Social Media

  1. How to Excel at Event Marketing
  2. Meet today’s speakers:Heidi Tobias Maggie GeorgievaSenior Manager of Distance Learning, Constant Contact Inbound Marketing Manager, HubSpot@htoby @mgieva
  3. Challenge Image credit: Digitalnative
  4. Top 3 challenges 1 Getting people to respond to invites 2 Getting people to pay attention to invites 3 Minimizing no showsChallenge
  5. Agenda: 1 What do you and your attendees want? 2 Break through the noise 3 What are your promo channels? 4 Social media + eventsChallenge 6 Post-event activities & follow-up
  7. What do you want to accomplish? Your why for having an event determines: 1 Type and content 2 Desired result 3 How to measure ROI
  8. What doattendeeswant?
  9. Learn what attendees desire: 1 What of our past events have you attended? 2 Why do you attend events? 3 What types of events interest you? 4 What social media tools do you use? Ask the uncomfortable question about a previous event: “What didn’t you like about our last event?”
  10. Top 3 things attendees want: 1 What is in it for me? 2 Why would I want to attend? 3 What topics/trends drive a response?
  11. Event success Event organizers wanted: • Increase attendees to events • Update perception of chapter • Fundraise for Sidney M. Oman Cancer Center Attendees wanted: • Something interesting to do while giving back • Attending an “It” event11
  12. Event successWhat organizers achieved:• 7,800 attendees• 250 volunteers• Profit of $150,000• Increased engagementWhat attendees received:• A good time and doing something good• New wines and a way to be involved• Motivation & resources for next event12
  14. Break through the noise 1 Create objectives for you and your attendees 2 Identify the right people and ways to promote 3 Monitor before, during & after 4 Use this info to make next event rock
  15. Break through the noise • People new and familiar with you? • What makes them the same/ different? • Influence in networks (local and social)? Ideal Attendee
  16. Where do theylook for info?
  17. Break through the noise 1 Create a steady stream of content 2 Stage timing to keep their interest 3 Make each post unique & compelling
  18. Promotional FoundationStart with those who know youand love you- Email Invites!• Branding is important • 79% of respondents said they hit the "report spam" button when they dont know who the sender is.-Email Sender and Provider Coalition• Show your personality• Use a subject line & headline that captures and keeps attention• Personalize the message to 79% hit the "report each recipient spam" button when• Provide event details they dont know who the sender is.-Email Sender and Provider Coalition
  19. Engage with Video in Today, 71% of the U.S. online audience watches video on theEmail Invites internet, and the number of streams consumed should more than double by 2013 – Forrester Research 2009 Video in email can increase click- through rates by as much as three-hundred percent – Forrester Research 2009 Do your invites do more than just ask people to come?
  20. Promotional Foundation How do you know if your invites did their job? Invitees share in Social Media
  21. 3 weeks: 5 weeks: Reminder, speaker info & discountsPersonal email invites 1 week: Don’t miss email with social media.
  22. Use shareworthycontent:-Showcase speakers andrelated content-Feature reviews from pastevents-Use the words thatattendees use, not internaljargon Design for sharing and search
  24. EggsFlour ButterSugar Chocolate Milk Image credit: sassyradish
  25. BlogEmail Social Media PromotionPaid Referrals Other Campaigns
  26. BuildRegistration Page
  27. What to Include on your Landing Page: 1 Compelling copy and images 2 Speaker info 3 Bullet points 4 Social media sharing links
  28. Create a Call-to- Action
  29. EmailCommunity
  30. Create aBlog Post
  31. Don‘tForget!
  32. CreateVideo
  33. Write PressRelease
  34. Use Ads
  35. Post onSocialMedia
  37. Social Media + Events = Success A tool is not a strategy. Strategy is about communication and conversation  Clearly defined goals  Leveraged networks of participants (speakers & attendees)  Measurement of success Communication What will the event be Tools about? Social Networks Who will be there? YouTube Video Why is the event important? Location-based apps Conversation Email “Do not miss it!” “At this year’s event…” “Hear them speak…”Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc.37
  38. Social Media + Events = Success Use communications on social networks to create awareness and enthusiasm to attend
  39. Facebook + Events= Success 1 Register right from Facebook 2 Talk with and respond to questions 3 Encourage comments and likes
  40. Facebook+ Events = SuccessConsider a custom landing page to promote your event
  41. Photos and Video Share materials Share via Mobile During Event - LiveUpdates Facebook
  42. Twitter+ Events = Success Use Twitter to create a place online for conversations about the event• Create and use a #hashtag for the event• Thank each sponsor for the contribution they’ve provided.  Include their handles in the tweet• Raise awareness  Guess Speakers  Topic & Issues addressed
  43. Twitter + At Events= Success 1 Attendees tweet using #hashtag 2 Live feed of photos & videos 3 Add their handles to name tags Twitter has 165 Million Users – 50% of them use Twitter Mobile. –, “Mobile by the Numbers
  44. LinkedIn + Events = Success Join LinkedIn Groups  Join Groups where the people you want to attend participate.  Can’t find one? Start one and nurture the conversation.  Ask questions in the group – Follow up with those who posted – Answer questions asked of you Understand your connections through InMap:
  45. LinkedIn + Events = Success Promote your event in your profile and on your updates Invite your LinkedIn connections Live updates from event in status updates and groups
  46. YouTube + Events = Success Create a strong desire to attend with a video Promote your event on your website or email and include a YouTube video  Guest speakers  Activities  Success stories Increase attendance with videos.
  47. Mobile + Events = Success  Do you have a Foursquare venue? Create a location to check in  Co-marketing with local businesses? Drive traffic to each other  Leave a tip or review about your event  Leave a “To Do” about your event  Scavenger hunt around event – Hints in tips area – Understand interests of people checking in (profile info) Location-Based Services information
  48. • Watch how many and who has checked in • Review comments, tips and to do’s left by attendees • Watch for instant feedbackReal information in real time – Negative comments about the food – Problems with the facility How can you use mobile at the event?
  49. Mobile + Events = Success Consider using QR Codes to keep the interaction going  Direct to web-based event information  Get feedback via a poll or short survey  Access video content that is complementary to the event objectives  Access live Twitter stream focused on event #hashtag How do I build? - Add- .qr at end of shortened url  Direct access to Facebook event QR Code information
  51. Image credit: s.alt
  52. Post-Event Activities: 1 Archive Event Materials 2 Distribute Archives 3 Collect Feedback 4 Promote Next Event
  53. Post-Event Activities: 1 Archive Event Materials
  54. Archives Matter
  55. Archives
  56. Post-Event Activities: 2 Distribute Archives
  57. Distribution
  58. Post on Website
  59. “Get all the slides, Emailhandouts and even Folksthe Flickr stream.”
  60. Announceon Twitter
  61. Photos onFacebook
  62. SlideShare YouTube Other Sites Flickr
  63. Post-Event Activities: 3 Collect Feedback
  64. Photo Credit Dunbar Gardens : Collect Insights
  65. LaunchSurvey
  66. What to Ask in a Survey:1 Were you satisfied with the content?2 How likely are you to come again?3 Will you refer others?4 What did you like or not like about the event?
  67. Facebook Poll
  68. Review Twitter Hashtag
  69. Coverage
  70. Post-Event Activities: 4 Promote Next Event
  71. “Check out the list of Call-to-Actionexisting groups…”
  72. Calendar
  73. Save the URL
  74. Next Steps: 1 See how event marketing works in a live tour from Constant Contact: 2 Learn how to leverage inbound marketing to promote your events with HubSpot:
  76. Q&A
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