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Top 25 Greatest Quotes of All Time



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The top 25 greatest quotes from the groundbreaking book Extreme Honesty by Dan McDaniel

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Top 25 Greatest Quotes of All Time

  1. 1. “If you dedicate today to being better than you were on yesterday, then you will wake up tomorrow with more than you could have ever dreamed of.”
  2. 2. “Talking won’t make you any wiser; listening can make you the wisest person in the world.”
  3. 3. “Accumulated things are a waste of life. How? Because it takes money to buy things, and it takes time to make money. Life is but an allotted amount of time. Don’t spend it frivolously.”
  4. 4. “Life is big and simple. We make it small and complicated.”
  5. 5. “You must divorce fear in order to marry courage. In the face of adversity, polygamy is nonexistent.”
  6. 6. “The intelligent thing to do would be to face your fears. Unfortunately, most people have their backs turned.”
  7. 7. “Parents are life’s arranged marriagewe don’t choose them, but we learn to love them.”
  8. 8. “When one is forced to do a deed, he rebels; when one is given the freedom to explore, he evolves.”
  9. 9. “Conformity is the silent killer of posterity. If a person comes alive when he does something he loves, then he begins to die when he does something he does not.”
  10. 10. “The goal of adulthood is to evolve into an autonomous human being, confident in one’s own abilities and unshakable in the face of adversity. Unwavering belief in oneself is the mark of true maturity.”
  11. 11. “During the winter of life, wear the sweater of faith.”
  12. 12. “Truth is as pure and undiluted as water. For it purifies the soul, fighting against the contamination of falsehood.”
  13. 13. “Fulfillment is when you are living in the present, happy about the past, and excited for the future.”
  14. 14. “Live for progress! Thrive on personal growth! Fall in love with learning! Stagnation should be your biggest fear.”
  15. 15. “Develop likability! Cultivate charm! Exude enthusiasm! Smile. Make eye contact. Master your body language. Learn to sell yourself and, like an overnight pop sensation, the masses will marvel at you, desiring to know: who are you who seemingly came out of nowhere? What they may fail to notice is that you have been here all along, gleaming in obscurity, waiting to be awakened.”
  16. 16. “In a world predominately populated and perpetually proliferated with common, customary, average, and ordinary, there is always room for abnormal, rare, remarkable, and extraordinary! Failures are the majority; successes are the minority.”
  17. 17. “For if you do not think, you cannot grow. And lack of personal growth is death. Therefore, one who does not think shall perish. You must know your value; and, truth is, you are priceless. You are your own corporation; add value wherever you go. Think like a corporation. Make others eager to invest in your stock.”
  18. 18. “Every person has a story. Every story has a lesson. Learn to be a student of life. The greatest teachers are all around you.”
  19. 19. “When celebrities get caught up in the big machine of phenomenon, they often do not realize what they have created around them until they slow down, take a step back, and gain a new perspective. Life is the same way. When you get still and pay attention to your life, you finally realize where you stand. This fact is why people often ask, ‘How did I get here?’”
  20. 20. “True confidence is knowing that you alone are enough, without the need for anyone else’s validation.”
  21. 21. “The three enemies of achievement: comfort, conformity, and cowardice. It is the pursuit of comfort, the custom of conformity, and the coercion of cowardice that write the story of your enslavement.”
  22. 22. “Death is the greatest gift you never want to receive. It is the great equalizer of mankind. For death knows no name, no race, no social class or status. It is the only way for man to enjoy a meaningful existence. For if there were no death, there would be no meaning.”
  23. 23. “Every action, every event, every person… matters. Treat a person with hate, he could become a mass murderer; treat a person with love, he could become a philanthropist. It can be argued that no one interaction could give birth to such results, that the recipient had his own predetermined intentions, whether good or evil, to begin with. But this is a lie. We are who we are because of every encounter we have ever experienced, whether it was from a single moment or from a lifetime of conditioning. What you do matters. Let it be done out of love.”
  24. 24. “I have always marveled at the vast percentage of humanity who claims to fear death. For I have come to realize that most people do not truly fear death, but they fear life. They are afraid of dying without the experience of having truly lived. This fact is why one of the most common questions asked is, “What do you want to do before you die? The innate desire to fully experience life is the driving force behind bucket lists, lifelong dreams, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. For the common desire of all of mankind is to experience life at its fullest.”
  25. 25. “The best way to honor the death of a loved one is by living. Living boldly, courageously, honestly, and passionately, the years that he will never get to experience. In living, cherish the moments; in death, mourn the loss; in memory, live! The quality of the rest of your life is their tribute.”