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Austin Food Trailer Alliance - Where Mobile Meets Social

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Austin Food Trailer Alliance - Where Mobile Meets Social

  1. 1. #ATXTrailerSocial!Austin Food Trailer Alliance‘Where Mobile Meets Social’ Presented by: Rebecca Otis LocalizeAustin, Founder
  2. 2. #ATXTrailerSocial!The Trailer Advantage- Smaller- More personal- Defined and solid menu- Clear angle/cuisine/genre- Simple (not easy) operations- Agile, think quick, flexible, room to try newthings More opportunity to connect and share with,listen to, and personally engage with customers online and offline. !
  3. 3. Everyone’s Tweeting, #ATXTrailerSocial!I should be too…- Set Goals- Define Audience(s)- Choose Mediums and Tactics to target youraudience 3 2 Mediums/ 1 Tactics! Audience! Set Audience! Goals! Audience!
  4. 4. #ATXTrailerSocial!Set GoalsBefore you jump in…- Set Goals (Common)- Tie to value - Get followers (not a goal without a value) - Share menu (why?) - Share location (why?) - Promote specials (why?) - Increase traffic - Increase sales
  5. 5. #ATXTrailerSocial!Set GoalsBefore you jump in…- Set Goals (Under-recognized, high value) - Gather feedback (use it!) - Listen to trends, food conversation - Research competitors (or friends) - Find opportunities (team up, events) - Connect with industry leaders - Showcase work, expertise, how you do what you do
  6. 6. #ATXTrailerSocial!Identify Audience(s)Before you jump in…- Identify ideal audience(s)/customer(s) -Who do you want to reach? Local residents,students, families, professionals, young professionals,event planners, bloggers (may rotate)- Where are they? (Online, walkers by)
  7. 7. #ATXTrailerSocial! How do we reach them? - Choose mediums/strategies to target your audience based on your goals.!"#$% &()*+,-./#.01%23#+4$5%!#.6/%7(8#9:%;*5%).<=% !"#$%&()*+%,--.(>)5.?%."%./?(5@%7""(%9"?A/5#B"?% !"#$%&()*+%,--.(&%*/012,1+&#,%(3-(,4-51( 36%7(16*&%((C5#/96%9"+4B."/5%;"/%7/)?(5=% !"#$%&()*+%,--.(,4-51(8-2!2,%(D)?(%"44"/.*?)B5%;.#+%*4@%A?.5=% !"#$%&()*+%,--.(,4-51(E"??9.%F).6%)?(*5./1%$#(/5% !"#$%&()*+%,--.(-6"F9#5%F"/:@%34/B5@%6"F%1"*%("% !"#$%&()*+%,--.(,4-51()4#+.&(8-2!2,%(F6#.%1"*%("%
  8. 8. #ATXTrailerSocial!Social Strategies for Success 1. Promote through and integrate your socialwith all communications - Phone - Website - Other social media channels -If you write a blog post, share it - Are you following us on FB? - Trailer - Menus
  9. 9. #ATXTrailerSocial!Social Strategies for Success 2. Engage - Share interesting, useful, entertaining content - *Re-tweet/mention customer compliments - Respond to customer questions - Follow customers, industry leaders - Involve employees if interested
  10. 10. #ATXTrailerSocial!Social Strategies for Success 3. Listen/watch - Use tools like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, or Google Alerts to monitor convos - Check Twitter, Facebook a few times a day - Take good and bad feedback and use it/ address it
  11. 11. #ATXTrailerSocial!Social Strategies for Success 4. Measure - Notice increase in followers after news, events, changes - Ask for and use feedback to measure your success - Use conversation, versus just # of followers to evaluate how you’re doing
  12. 12. #ATXTrailerSocial!What’s the outcome?By actively engaging on social media: - More people know about you - You are taking steps to achieve your promotional goals - You have a pulse on how the community perceives you/your food/your business - You can measure the impact of new products/ services/promotion tactics - You’re more accessible - You can communicate directly with your customers……
  13. 13. #ATXTrailerSocial!What’s the outcome?People easily find & help spread the word about you.
  14. 14. #ATXTrailerSocial!Connect with MeWebsite: www.localizeaustin.comEmail: Rebecca@localizeaustin.comTwitter: @LocalizeAustin @Rbcammendations


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