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What is ABM



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Updated and expanded. Learn the ins and outs of account based marketing, including examples from Terminus and Engagio.

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What is ABM

  1. 1. What is Account-Based Marketing?
  2. 2. For years, marketers have been obsessed with casting these wide nets. @DRIFT #ABM
  3. 3. THEIR PHILOSOPHY: Attract enough fish into the net… @DRIFT #ABM
  4. 4. …and you’re bound to end up with a keeper or two. @DRIFT #ABM
  5. 5. But then an alternative philosophy began to evolve. One that replaces the net with a spear. @DRIFT #ABM
  6. 6. ABM Identify target companies Engage them with personalized conversations Build lasting relationships that lead to new opportunities @DRIFT #ABM Identify target companies Nurture them with automated emails Attract people to your site & get them to fill out forms Traditional Marketing / Pioneered by ITSMA (the Information Technology Services Marketing Association), ABM flips the traditional marketing funnel on its head.
  7. 7. With ABM, you’re laser-focused on companies that you’ve already identified as being a good fit to buy. @DRIFT #ABM
  8. 8. Which means you don’t waste resources filling your funnel with bad leads. @DRIFT #ABM
  9. 9. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) According to ITSMA, the simplest definition of ABM is “treating individual accounts as markets in their own right.” ABM acknowledges all of the different people — and different viewpoints — that comprise each account and uses highly targeted, personalized campaigns in order to win over those accounts. @DRIFT #ABM
  10. 10. “ABM aspires to be ‘zero-waste’ marketing. It’s a model that targets only the companies and contacts that are likely to buy your product and that sales has pre-committed to try to close.” JOE CHERNOV, CMO InsightSquared @DRIFT #ABM
  11. 11. “With ABM, you’re creating this really strategic, orchestrated set of activities that makes you rise above the noise of what everyone else out there is doing and gets that account to say, ‘Hey, I want to talk to you.’” TRISH BERTUZZI, FOUNDER & CEO The Bridge Group @DRIFT #ABM
  12. 12. Account-Based Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing @DRIFT #ABM
  13. 13. @DRIFT #ABM You can also think of inbound marketing as feeding into your ABM funnel. Attract people to your site & get them to fill out forms Engage them with personalized conversations Build lasting relationships that lead to new opportunities Nurture them with automated emails Identify target companies Because if an inbound lead ends up being part of a target account, ABM can pick up right where inbound leaves off. INBOUND MARKETING ABM
  14. 14. Key Differences @DRIFT #ABM
  15. 15. ABM is highly targeted. ABM focuses on just those prospects that are most likely to buy and uses personalized campaigns to engage with them. In order to source these high-quality prospects, account-based marketers build ideal customer profiles (ICPs) using firmographic and technographic data (and sometimes predictive analytics). @DRIFT #ABM
  16. 16. ABM focuses on accounts, not markets or industries. Account-based marketers gain a deep understanding of their target accounts in order to create content and campaigns optimized for them. This is different from your typical approach to inbound marketing where you’re addressing a broader market or industry. @DRIFT #ABM
  17. 17. ABM targets both prospects and customers. ABM’s goal is to “land and expand” using optimized campaigns to bring in new customers and act on opportunities to grow current accounts (i.e. cross-sell, upsell). @DRIFT #ABM
  18. 18. @DRIFT #ABM ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETINGINBOUND MARKETING Market/Industries Accounts Quantity of Leads Quality of Target Accounts New Business Land & Expand Buyer Persona Ideal Customer Profile FOCUS MEASURE OF SUCCESS OBJECTIVE RESEARCH TOOL
  19. 19. Reasons Why ABM Works @DRIFT #ABM
  20. 20. Strong alignment between sales and marketing @DRIFT #ABM For years, marketers have been trained to write and create campaigns for people in particular markets and industries. Meanwhile, sales has been focused on engaging with just those accounts that are likely to buy. With ABM, sales and marketing are both focused on target accounts and are working toward a common goal.
  21. 21. “In traditional demand generation, marketing throws leads over the fence for sales to chase. In ABM, there is no fence. The collaboration is close, constant, and totally focused on defined, account-specific objectives.” @DRIFT #ABM
  22. 22. Efficient and optimized @DRIFT #ABM As Joe Chernov said, “ABM aspires to be ‘zero-waste’ marketing.” Remember, ABM is fishing with a spear, not a net. There’s considerably less “bycatch” as you’re only engaging with prospects that are likely to buy. Combine that narrow focus with an amazing customer experience (more on that next) and conversion rates start to climb.
  23. 23. Better customer experiences @DRIFT #ABM With ABM you research accounts and design campaigns specifically for them. Meaning every touchpoint along the buyer’s journey is personalized. Instead of doing what’s convenient for the company (re: automating everything and reusing the same content for all of your leads), with ABM the focus is on doing what’s most convenient for the contacts and decision- makers inside of your target accounts.
  24. 24. ROI @DRIFT #ABM One of marketing’s biggest challenges has always been justifying budget. If you’re looking to convince decision-makers that ABM is the path forward, good news, tons of brand have done it for you 🙏 To get started, you’ll need to identify your target accounts and start developing personalized campaigns. Here are a few real-world examples you can use for inspiration 👇
  25. 25. ABM Campaign Examples @DRIFT #ABM
  26. 26. Air Cover Campaign @DRIFT #ABM As BDRs work on target accounts, Terminus’ marketers target the contacts and decision-makers within those accounts with relevant online ads. The targeted ads help build awareness within accounts before and/or at the same time a BDR is reaching out.
  27. 27. While Terminus had campaign-specific goals for each of the examples we described, they also have key metrics they look at for every ABM campaign: ● Engagement (How many target companies are you engaging with?) ● Close rates (Are they improving?) ● Time to close (Is it decreasing?) ● Deal size (Is it increasing?) ● Upsell/cross-sell opportunities (Are they increasing?) ● More opportunities being influenced (Is it happening?) @DRIFT #ABM
  28. 28. Event Marketing Campaign @DRIFT #ABM Because events are a big part of their broader marketing strategy, Terminus has built an event marketing campaign playbook that covers activities that happen leading up to, during, and after events. Sales and marketing work together to identify the target accounts for these campaigns — they look at past event attendees, pre-registration lists, and also target accounts that are located near where the event is taking place. After an event, follow-up kicks into gear, which includes ads targeted at attendees, emails and social posts, and calls and emails from BDRs.
  29. 29. Pipeline Acceleration Campaign @DRIFT #ABM This campaign is technically three campaigns, but all three are focused on one thing: Closing deals. Sales and marketing work together to come up with targeted messages and ads that match the opportunity stage different accounts are in — early-stage opportunities, mid-stage opportunities, and late-stage opportunities.
  30. 30. The Future Of ABM @DRIFT #ABM
  31. 31. At Drift, we love the more personalized and targeted approach that ABM takes, but there’s one inconsistency that we keep noticing: @DRIFT #ABM
  32. 32. Lots of account-based marketers are still serving up the same old, forms- based experience to their ABM prospects. @DRIFT #ABM
  33. 33. You’re leaving too much value on the table if you’re not engaging with these high-value accounts NOW. @DRIFT #ABM Avoid a generic greeting to your VIP prospects
  34. 34. Imagine getting a push notification on your phone the instant a decision-maker from one of your target accounts lands on your website. @DRIFT #ABM DRIFT Applinks is currently on the homepage. 17m ago
  35. 35. Then jumping in a live chat to engage with those key contacts in real-time. @DRIFT #ABM Applinks
  36. 36. Then learning from these conversations and seeing how to improve cadence and repeat plays that work. @DRIFT #ABM
  37. 37. “One meaningful conversation with a decision- maker is more valuable than 20 leads from unqualified prospects.” @DRIFT #ABM
  38. 38. At Drift, we want to help you start meaningful conversations that create value 👇 @DRIFT #ABM
  39. 39. See how with Drift ABM. @DRIFT #ABM