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My 3 Biggest Discoveries of the Past 20 Years



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Drift co-founder and CEO David Cancel's presentation from HYPERGROWTH 2017. Learn about the 3 biggest discoveries of David's 20+ year career building companies and developing tools for marketing and sales teams.

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My 3 Biggest Discoveries of the Past 20 Years

  1. 1. HYPER GROWTHSeptember 25 | Boston #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel My 3 Biggest Discoveries of the Past 20 Years David Cancel Co-founder & CEO, Drift
  2. 2. HYPER GROWTHSeptember 25 | Boston #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel
  3. 3. #HYPERGROWTH17 1400 people registered. @dcancel
  4. 4. #HYPERGROWTH17 1400 people registered. @dcancel 500+ companies represented.
  5. 5. #HYPERGROWTH17 1400 people registered. @dcancel 500+ companies represented. 16 countries in attendance.
  6. 6. #HYPERGROWTH17 1400 people registered. @dcancel 500+ companies represented. 300 customers here today. 16 countries in attendance.
  7. 7. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Drift users around the world…
  8. 8. #HYPERGROWTH17 “Folks, this ain’t normal.” @dcancel
  9. 9. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel You are the pioneers.
  10. 10. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel You are the pioneers. Our sponsors
  11. 11. #HYPERGROWTH17 Before we get started, I want to share something with you. @dcancel
  12. 12. #HYPERGROWTH17 3 key things that I’ve discovered. @dcancel
  13. 13. #HYPERGROWTH17 Discovery #1: I don’t know. @dcancel
  14. 14. #HYPERGROWTH17 Nobody has ALL of the answers. @dcancel
  15. 15. #HYPERGROWTH17 “I don’t know.” @dcancel Say it with me:
  16. 16. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Congratulations. You just unlocked the first level to Hypergrowth.
  17. 17. #HYPERGROWTH17 Discovery #2 @dcancel
  18. 18. #HYPERGROWTH17 You have to surround yourself with the right people. @dcancel
  19. 19. #HYPERGROWTH17 You need to meet new people. @dcancel
  20. 20. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel • peer groups • role models • mentors You need to find…
  21. 21. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Discovery #2: Talking to people is the best way to learn. Discovery #1: Nobody has all the answers.
  22. 22. #HYPERGROWTH17 Discovery #3 @dcancel
  23. 23. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel No turning back now. Are you sure you want to hear this discovery?
  24. 24. #HYPERGROWTH17 Discovery #3: The way we’ve been taught to work is perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists. @dcancel
  25. 25. #HYPERGROWTH17 The way you’ve been taught to market @dcancel
  26. 26. #HYPERGROWTH17 The way you’ve been taught to sell @dcancel
  27. 27. #HYPERGROWTH17 The way you’ve been taught to build products @dcancel
  28. 28. #HYPERGROWTH17 All perfectly suited for a world that has vanished. @dcancel
  29. 29. #HYPERGROWTH17 But it’s not your fault. @dcancel We’ve all been following thought leaders and playbooks and best practices…
  30. 30. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel But it’s not your fault. And just doing whatever the Matrix wanted us to do.
  31. 31. #HYPERGROWTH17 Imagine. @dcancel
  32. 32. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Meet Lya and Annie This is Lya. She’s a new mom. She works in HR at a SaaS company.
  33. 33. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel She’s on Slack all day talking to coworkers.
  34. 34. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel And she’s on iMessage, or she’s FaceTiming DG. (Her husband, Drift’s dir. of marketing)
  35. 35. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel And she’s sharing photos on apps like Instagram and Snapchat.
  36. 36. #HYPERGROWTH17 But here’s the problem. @dcancel
  37. 37. #HYPERGROWTH17 The way we’ve been taught to market and sell to Lya doesn’t match. @dcancel
  38. 38. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Calls. Forms. Emails.
  39. 39. #HYPERGROWTH17 Lya doesn’t have time for that. @dcancel
  40. 40. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel The tools the marketing and sales teams rely on today were built for THIS WORLD. (a world that doesn’t exist anymore)
  41. 41. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel So we realized this in the early days of Drift and started building for it.
  42. 42. #HYPERGROWTH17 The question we asked: How do we prefer to buy? How do we want to be treated? @dcancel
  43. 43. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel And we set out to rewrite the playbook.
  44. 44. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel We don’t fill these out…why would our customers?
  45. 45. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel So we made the decision to get rid of forms over a year ago.
  46. 46. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel That sparked a movement.
  47. 47. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel #NoForms
  48. 48. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel #NoForms
  49. 49. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel #NoForms
  50. 50. #HYPERGROWTH17 Conversations @dcancel And what we realized was that all people really want to do is have…
  51. 51. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel With the traditional playbook, you IGNORE the people that come into your store…
  52. 52. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel But Drift makes it easy to give everyone who visits your store that amazing, personalized experience they expect today.
  53. 53. #HYPERGROWTH17 But conversations don’t just start and stop on your website. @dcancel
  54. 54. #HYPERGROWTH17 Lya doesn’t have time for that either. @dcancel
  55. 55. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Reply to Nancy… We’re by Drift 10:30AM Hello??? Anyone home? Online Now Bill Higgins Hey there! About to run out but had a quick question first And the point is this: as a business, you can’t just expect Lya to be sitting on your website all day.
  56. 56. #HYPERGROWTH17 So how can you continue the conversation? @dcancel
  57. 57. #HYPERGROWTH17 What’s the best tool when things aren’t happening in real-time? @dcancel
  58. 58. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Email.
  59. 59. #HYPERGROWTH17 Marketing and sales people have always loved email. @dcancel Marketing Email Sales Email
  60. 60. #HYPERGROWTH17 But everyone else has grown to hate email. @dcancel
  61. 61. #HYPERGROWTH17 And here’s why we’ve grown to hate email as consumers… @dcancel
  62. 62. #HYPERGROWTH17 Reason #1 Email Isn’t Real-Time @dcancel
  63. 63. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel
  64. 64. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Reason #2 Email Gets Abused
  65. 65. #HYPERGROWTH17 People don’t answer cold calls. So salespeople have started sending more emails. @dcancel
  66. 66. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel
  67. 67. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Reason #3 Email Is Not Smart
  68. 68. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Marketing Sales Product
  69. 69. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Bad experience for Lya. Bad results for the business.
  70. 70. #HYPERGROWTH17 Imagine. @dcancel
  71. 71. #HYPERGROWTH17 #1 Imagine email that’s real-time. @dcancel
  72. 72. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Imagine email that’s real-time. Bot Online Now We’re by Drift Reply to Bot… Hey there! You can grab a time on Danielle Tocci’s calendar here! Bot Monday January 3, 2017 Tuesday January 4, 2017 Wednesday January 5, 2017 Thursday January 6, 2017 SELECT A DAY Danielle Tocci 30 MinutesSchedule a Meeting
  73. 73. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel #2 Imagine email that didn’t get abused.
  74. 74. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Imagine email that didn’t get abused. We’re by Drift Type your message… Nice to see you again! ! Any questions that I can answer for you? Danielle Tocci
  75. 75. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel #3 Imagine email that’s smart.
  76. 76. #HYPERGROWTH17@dcancel Imagine email that’s smart.
  77. 77. #HYPERGROWTH17 Fewer emails, but better results. @dcancel 6/19 6/196/20 6/206/21 6/216/18 6/186/17 6/176/16 6/166/15 3k 2k 1k This Week Last Week 22% 1.3k Clicks 22% 2.6k Sends 22% 2.3k Opens 22% 345 Engagements 22% 200 Conversations
  78. 78. #HYPERGROWTH17 Starting today, you no longer have to imagine… @dcancel
  79. 79. #HYPERGROWTH17 Drift is reinventing email. @dcancel
  80. 80. #HYPERGROWTH17 And you’ll be the first to get access. @dcancel
  81. 81. #HYPERGROWTH17 Click here to learn more about Drift Email @dcancel