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Introducing the Drift Platform



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When we launched Drift back in 2016, we were a messaging tool, plain and simple. But as we talked to the marketers and salespeople using our product day after day, week after week, month after month, and incorporated their feedback into the product, Drift began to evolve.

Today, what started out as a messaging tool has become the world’s first conversational marketing and sales platform.

And we’re pumped to announce that with the launch of our developer platform, now everyone can build on top of Drift.

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Introducing the Drift Platform

  1. 1. Hypothetical for you: A lead drops by your site and asks a question in a language no one at your company is fluent in. What do you do? Chelsea Ward 9:20 AM hola, ¿me puede ayudar a elegir un plan para comprar?
  2. 2. The traditional approach: Scramble!
  3. 3. Yes, please translate Babel Bot 9:20 AM Only visible to your team It looks like this user is speaking Spanish. Here's a translation: Hi, can you help me choose a plan to buy? Want me to help translate the rest of the conversation? No Thanks But now, with the launch of the Drift Platform, there’s a bot for that.
  4. 4. We call it Babel Bot, and our developers built it on top of Drift (using the Google Cloud Translation API).
  5. 5. And now your developers — as well as the 5,000+ companies in the marketing tech space — can build on top of Drift too.
  6. 6. As of today, Drift is officially an open platform. We strongly believe that opening up our doors for developers to build amazing apps on top of Drift will give our customers even more opportunities to succeed.
  7. 7. What can you build with Drift? bots integrations analytics & reporting
  8. 8. bots integrations analytics & reporting What can you build with Drift? Beep. Bop. Boop. Now anyone can build their own conversational bot.
  9. 9. bots integrations analytics & reporting What can you build with Drift? We’ve always played well with others, but now anyone can integrate with us.
  10. 10. bots integrations analytics & reporting What can you build with Drift? We don’t hold your data hostage. You’re free to use it to build custom reporting.
  11. 11. For customers, the Drift Platform makes it easy to add additional functionality to Drift, and to integrate with your favorite apps.
  12. 12. For potential partners, the Drift Platform offers the opportunity to get your app in front of 50,000+ businesses via our new App Directory.
  13. 13. So, to all you salespeople and marketers: Tell your friends on the engineering team that the Drift Platform is officially OPEN. We can’t wait to see what they’ll build.
  14. 14. And here’s something to help motivate people: For the first 10 partners to build on the Drift Developer Platform, our marketing team will be your marketing team. We’ll help you promote your new app, throwing the full power of the Drift marketing team behind it. ⚡⚡⚡
  15. 15. Ready to start building with Drift? Click here to learn more about the Drift Platform.
  16. 16. Learn why thousands of businesses are using Drift to generate leads and close deals faster.