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Customer-Driven Sales & Marketing



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Here's why (and how) we’re putting the customer back at the center of sales and marketing.

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Customer-Driven Sales & Marketing

  1. 1. Customer-Driven Sales & Marketing ELIAS TORRES Co-founder & CTO, Drift
  2. 2. Elias Torres Co-founder & CTO, Drift @DRIFT ● VP of Engineering, HubSpot NYSE: HUBS ● Co-Founder & CTO, Performable Acquired by HubSpot ● VP of Engineering, Lookery Acquired by Adknowledge ● Advanced Internet Technology Group, IBM #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  3. 3. The Marketing Software Landscape (2008) @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN +
  4. 4. ● How do I get a website going? ● How do I rank higher in search? ● How do I generate business online? Those are the types of questions marketers were asking back then. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  5. 5. Around this time, David Cancel and I started Performable. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  6. 6. First we built the CMS. We took everything we learned from Sean Ellis around growth hacking, A/B testing, calls-to-action, getting your stuff above the fold, etc. and began to productize it. 1. CMS @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  7. 7. Next we built reporting & analytics. 2. Analytics1. CMS @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  8. 8. Then we added email & automation. 3. Email1. CMS 2. Analytics @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  9. 9. AT THE TIME, THE BEST GROWTH HACKERS IN SF WERE SAYING: “When someone signs up for your product, you should send them a reminder email 3 days later if they haven’t activated.” @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  10. 10. So we were like, “OK, let’s build a drip campaign service.” @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  11. 11. Back then, you couldn’t do this stuff without the help of a developer. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  12. 12. And with these 3 products… 3. Email1. CMS 2. Analytics @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  13. 13. We got Hubspot’s attention @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN +
  14. 14. Hubspot said, “Come and build all this for us.” @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  15. 15. And they said, “By the way, this is inbound marketing.” @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN “This is our philosophy”
  16. 16. And we were like, “Cool. Let’s automate it.” @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  17. 17. So we built... ● Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons ● Landing pages ● Lead capture forms ● Thank you pages ● Conversion rate reporting ● A/B testing… @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  18. 18. Voilà! That was HubSpot. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  19. 19. And in 2014… @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN NYSE: HUBS
  20. 20. However, we made a big mistake. We became so focused on automating everything we saw in the marketplace… @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  21. 21. …that we stopped thinking about the customer. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  22. 22. We were so focused on being a personal developer for marketers, that we forgot about the end user. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  23. 23. As a result, this is the flow we’ve been forcing buyers to go through @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  24. 24. It’s like we’re spending all this time and energy getting people into our stores— only to hand them forms to fill out before we’ll talk to them or sell them anything. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  25. 25. And after we make people fill out forms, we follow up with them when it’s convenient for us. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  26. 26. ✉ ☎ But this isn’t even how people want to talk to businesses anymore. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  27. 27. The 3 Waves of 1:1 Messaging Software User Growth
  28. 28. 9 out of 10 consumers want to be able to talk to businesses via messaging. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN Source: Twilio
  29. 29. So why aren’t we using messaging to engage with leads while they’re live on our websites? @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  30. 30. That’s how Drift got its start. We’re reinventing modern marketing and sales software using messaging so we can capture and qualify leads in real-time. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  31. 31. We’re focused on making the buying process as simple as possible. Old Way New Way BEFORE DRIFT ❌ Spammy, Complex, Low conversion rate WITH DRIFT ✅ Personal, Simple, 2-3x conversion rate
  32. 32. With the old approach, all of your leads have to hurry up and wait (even the best ones). @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  33. 33. At Drift, we think the best leads should be taking the fast lane to your sales team. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  34. 34. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN The best part: Bots do most of the work for you. 1. Bots can qualify leads 24/7, even while your sales team is sleeping. 2. You can target only the people that you want.
  35. 35. This means you can control the volume and quality of leads you’re getting on your website. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  36. 36. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN Instead of forms and follow-ups, you can use bots to capture and qualify leads while they’re live on your website.
  37. 37. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN And you can use bots for scheduling demos and meetings.
  38. 38. We’re removing complexity from the buying process. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  39. 39. We’re putting the customer back at the center of sales and marketing. @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN
  40. 40. And it’s working! Drift Automation gave us a 50% sales pipeline increase in just 50 days, without having to hire new people or build out new playbooks.” ROB STEVENSON, MARKETING AT ZENEFITS, FORMERLY MARKETING AT KEAP “ @DRIFT #CUSTOMERDRIVEN