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Profiles of the Gifted

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Follow-up to a literature review on the profoundly gifted. Creates composite sketches of adolescents with different ability levels and areas of strength.

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Profiles of the Gifted

  1. 1. Profiles of the Gifted BY COLLEEN M. FARRELLY
  2. 2. Overview of Top 1% of Intelligence Many studies have elucidated the phenotype of highly (IQ of 137+) and profoundly gifted individuals (IQ of 160+). Case studies from Silverman, Hollingworth, Terman, Gross, and Ruf. Longitudinal studies of population from talent search data, including Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, and Duke (Benbow, Makel, Lubinski…). Articles/essays from the Davidson Young Scholars repository. These children learn differently and require substantial modifications to their education. The highly gifted can assimilate 1 year of a high school course in 3 weeks of full-day courses, or half the average amount of time to learn that material. The profoundly gifted can assimilate 1 year of a high school course in 1-2 weeks, or 16-33% of the time required by a typical student. Verbal ability tied to moral development level (Kohlberg).
  3. 3. Talent Searches: SAT to IQ Talent searches administer out-of-level tests to identify ability level in talented adolescents. SAT in adolescents can be used to derive IQ scores.  Top 1% cut-off corresponds to 2.32 standard deviations.  800 total SAT score (s.d.=140)  137 IQ  Mean verbal and math scores with spread  Verbal: 370 (s.d.=75)  Math: 430 (s.d.=85)  Correlation~0.55 between verbal and math  Many adolescents have a strong tilt towards verbal or mathematics as a strength. Example:  Profoundly gifted  660 math, 620 verbal (1280 total); IQ=180 nonverbal, 193 verbal, 190 total  Highly gifted  500 math, 450 verbal (950 total); IQ=150 math, 154 verbal, 154 total Does not measure spatial ability, but this can be derived from Raven’s Progressive Matrices.
  4. 4. Composite Sketches Composites created for different ability levels/ability tilts for 12-year-olds using available research and case studies. Highly gifted level (top 1 in 100+) Profoundly gifted level (top 1 in 10000+) Ability groups within each level: 1. Verbal 2. Math 3. Spatial 4. Verbal and math 5. Verbal and spatial 6. Math and spatial 7. Verbal, math, and spatial
  5. 5. Profoundly Gifted
  6. 6. Verbal: Molly 710 verbal, 450 math Kohlberg college level Enjoys reading Kant’s work, Crime and Punishment, Common Sense, and East of Eden Speaks German (lessons outside school) and English, comparing their grammar for fun Enjoys social studies subjects best, as she can write nuanced essays on the topics Chooses a new list of spelling words each week, now focused on learning to spell world capitals Hates school and is teased for being “weird”
  7. 7. Math: Matt 400 verbal, 700 math Sneaks in calculus book during school and learns linear algebra with his older brother Does sudokus for fun, as well as math team and mock trial Likes classifying rocks, reading volcanology books, and doing internships in volcanology Has been accelerated 2 years in math but is still bored in class
  8. 8. Spatial: Jordan 300 verbal, 620 math Enjoys multilevel and 3-dimensional mazes, as well as Tetris and Pipe Dream Spends time learning sculpture (pieces on display) and participating in various sports Has spent summers at architecture camp Is always the one who puts away groceries at home Enjoys learning about Impressionists and did a recent room diorama as the interior of a volcano
  9. 9. Verbal and Math: Mickey 630 verbal, 680 math Kohlberg high school level Writes sports novels and adventure stories for friends, imaging how they would react to situations Loves biology and medicine Learning Spanish and German at school (only enrichment he can find) Still having some issues fitting in after 2 grade skips
  10. 10. Verbal and Spatial: Chip 650 verbal, 550 math Is an avid gamer and programs his own games Writes fantasy novels/short stories set in other galaxies Includes landscape illustrations and new alien languages Imagine chemical composition of planet and physics of galaxy Is very unhappy at school
  11. 11. Math and Spatial: Claire 380 verbal, 780 math Loves math again after taking a geometry course through a talent search program Enjoys chemistry and physics sets Reads books on quantum mechanics and string theory at night Draws 4-dimensional objects and math comics during class Enjoys ballet and classical composition
  12. 12. Verbal, Math, and Spatial: Sadako 700 verbal, 750 math Writes poetry exploring themes in psychology and sociology Enjoys discussions with college students and is at a post-conventional Kohlberg level Reads classical literature and philosophy Writes music, sculpts, and paints (pointillism) Enjoys learning sociology and social epigenetics Does marine biology research during summer Learns calculus at home, as well as genomics and string theory Prefers friends from the local college Learns Japanese with her grandparents
  13. 13. Highly Gifted
  14. 14. Verbal: Markus 540 verbal, 320 math Enjoys spoken word poetry Writes lyrics for his garage band and rap contests Is drawn to history and comic books (particularly X-Men and its relation to Malcolm X and MLK, Jr.) Has won multiple short story contests in his area
  15. 15. Math: Austin 390 verbal, 590 math Loves sudoku and number pattern brain teasers Is an avid math team member Enjoys reading about astrophysics/NASA Builds model rockets and enters soap box derbies Loves sports statistics and probability theory
  16. 16. Spatial: Alejandro 320 verbal, 500 math Enjoys art and painting (every elective) Is a very good athlete Builds model airplanes and ships Enjoys scuba diving and free diving Reads about geometry in free time
  17. 17. Verbal and Math: Calliey 500 verbal, 520 math Enjoys philosophy and psychology (Kohlberg high school level) Writes a lot of stories to explore morality Loves biology (especially trilobites) Enjoys learning algebra in school Reads Josh Grisham novels during some of her boring classes
  18. 18. Verbal and Spatial: Aubrey 580 verbal, 440 math Loves military history and battle re- enactments Is an avid athlete Sketches in his free time (particularly battle diagrams) Enjoys Stratego and Risk Reads war literature and The Art of War
  19. 19. Math and Spatial: Bethanne 410 verbal, 630 math Enjoys studying biomedical engineering and virology Attends science camp and local science competitions Has a keen interest in epidemic models after the 2014 Ebola outbreak Has immunology diagrams and drawings on the walls of her bedroom
  20. 20. Verbal, Math, and Spatial: Joe 510 verbal, 640 math Enjoys puzzles and logic games Has memorized every Simpsons episode Loves baseball history and statistics (since seeing Moneyball) Reads sci-fi novels (particularly Jules Verne) Enjoys creating electronic music Is popular with older friends and teammates
  21. 21. Conclusion
  22. 22. A Unique Population with Unique Needs Highly and profoundly gifted children have incredible talent and break many molds with respect to what students can learn. Their developmental trajectory is different from the bottom 99% of the intelligence distribution. They are as different from each other as they are different from other children.
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Follow-up to a literature review on the profoundly gifted. Creates composite sketches of adolescents with different ability levels and areas of strength.


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