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Strategic Fundraising
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Strategic Fundraising DevGarden

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Strategic Fundraising DevGarden

  1. 1. Strategic Fundraising The best entrepreneurs are not the best visionaries. The greatest entrepreneurs are incredible salespeople. They know how to tell an amazing story that will convince talent and investors to join in on the journey. Alejandro Cremades, The Art of Startup Fundraising
  2. 2. The best entrepreneurs made me feel like the train was leaving the station whether I got on board or not. - Jon Callaghan, True Ventures Building a business is hard. One of the hardest things about it is finding the right financial partner. Successful fundraising is not a one- time event, it is a long term strategy. We help companies understand the financing landscape so they can target the best financial partner and understand how and why they invest. We add value to your business by bringing focus to your development efforts and helping you to spend less time pitching. Investors look for specific metrics that can vary significantly depending on your market sector, investing trends, portfolio load, and fund status. Don’t give investors a reason to say “no”. Instead, use data from real deals in the market to intentionally craft your message to get them to “yes” by empowering your executive team to be strategic fundraisers. Elevate your conversation to speak the same common language with a distilled investor report and a clear understanding of the investing hypothesis that aligns investor-entrepreneur goals to improve your chances of success. “ DevGarden can help you build a sophisticated investment hypothesis that speaks to the decision-making, status, and goals of your targeted investors.
  3. 3. Sign up for Business Intelligence and Company Valuation training at CHALLENGES • Failing to understand the reason investors make decisions to invest their time and capital • Pitching anyone who will take a meeting, rather than investors who fit your strategic goals • Having limited access to investor data, networks, tools to help you understand your deal in the context of the investor you are pitching to WHAT WE OFFER • Data-driven intelligence, valuation analysis, and coaching for executive teams raising money • Focus on milestones that improve valuation, your chances of investment, or both • A curated list of target investors, their contact information, and their current fund profile • A list of the top previously funded companies and the metrics that drove their success STR AT EG IC BUSIN ESS INTELLIG ENCE REPO RTS At DevGarden, we help our partners tell the right story and become more investable. Together, we refine the investment hypothesis through triple-factor valuation estimates, industry-based value benchmarks, and deep dives into our partners’ competitive and investment ecosystem. Executives come away with a sophisticated sense of why their company is investable, a roadmap of how to continually add value to their company, and investment partners that align with their company. WHO IS THIS FOR? • Companies either raising money for the first time, or raising a new round of funding from more sophisticated investors (e.g., Angel to Seed or Seed to Series A) • Executives struggling to raise funding, gain market traction, or product validation • Teams seeking to increase their company’s valuation according to industry benchmarks
  4. 4. The DevGarden team helped us find the hidden value and even assemble the team we needed to get our company into the market. They brought real data, new partnerships and key contacts that will allow Vunder TV to raise money more effectively and enter the market where we have the best chance of success. Matt Wunderli, CEO Vunder TV Dave and Stuart helped us focus on the customer and drove us to get into the market and make deals. The interaction with customers helped bring clarity to our planning and development and will allow us to get into our target market with a clear understanding of customer priorities and pain that we can address. Greg Hunt, COO Linear Edge Technologies DevGarden helped us to craft and implement an entirely new investment hypothesis. We have gone from being a prefabricated modular building company to being a technology delivery platform for schools that also includes new financing and leasing options. The combination of new partners (DG helped us land globally branded partnerships in technology and finance), will propel our company value from <$10M to >$50M or more. Craig Severance, CEO Intermodal Structures “ About DevGarden Devgarden is a technology and innovation company focused on crafting fundraising, customer acquisition, and business model strategies. DevGarden enables companies to identify value propositions that engage customers and investors as well as sales and marketing strategies that catalyze growth.


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