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1. Information on Buying How-to-buy 12 Months of Content Marketing Ideas for SlideShare



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1. Information on Buying
How-to-buy information addresses the biggest obstacle that can keep prospects from buying: fear of
making a mistake. By showing prospects how to make an informed purchase decision, you’re building
their confidence and increasing the likelihood of making the sale.

Some sample topic ideas:
 10 Things to Look For when Shopping for Floor Covering
 Does Your Client Services Agreement Protect You From These 8 Potential Problems?

This is especially true when you simplify the buying process by breaking it into a series of steps;
for example:
 A 3-Step Guide to Buying a Business in Atlanta
 Introducing a 4-Step Program for Publishing a Book to Build Your Brand

This approach also offers an easy way to educate your market about the quality you offer and
differentiate your firm from the competition.

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