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Birmingham Festival Square - What We Know So Far...



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Birmingham is looking forward to even the idea of Birmingham Festival Square.

Our Blog: Birmingham Festival Square - What We Know So Far...

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Birmingham Festival Square - What We Know So Far...

  2. 2. Smithfield is an inner-city area of Birmingham, planning a 500m development over the next 10 years named ‘Festival Square’. The development has been quoted to become an ‘exemplar for international cities’.
  3. 3. So, what's so great about this development? Here is everything we know so far…
  4. 4. •‘So large, you can fit the entire of the German Market in it’ – The Festival Square development will cover 14,000 sq meters of land making it one of the largest new developments Birmingham City Centre has ever had •Potential new museum •New indoor markets •New hotels •New leisure opportunities •Host of large-scale exhibitions
  5. 5. •A big wheel attraction competing against the grand capital’s London Eye •Estimated to cost over a billion British pounds by the time it’s finished •Estimated 10 years until completion •New parks •New residential area boasting over 2,000 homes •New restaurants
  6. 6. •New cafes •New nightlife •New schools •New shopping centre •Create over 3,000 new jobs
  7. 7. •£40m has already been committed to the funding and planning of the large scale development •Increase in green-spaces including walking and cycling routes •New rapid transport facilities to other major Birmingham train stations •Host of cultural events, activities, festivals, concerts etc.
  8. 8. The proposal has already generated an overwhelming level of excitement over Birmingham. The leader of Birmingham City Council, John Clancy, spoke out about the development…
  9. 9. “Over the next decade this will continue at a dramatic pace as new jobs, transport facilities and residential communities are delivered and I’m confident our plans for Birmingham Smithfield will create a place for people that stands the test of time and sets the standard for sustainable development.” •
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