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Search engine marketing for accountants and bookkeepers



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Search engines like Google are now used by business owners looking for accountants and bookkeepers. In this workshop, we’ll show you some simple ways to get more traffic to your site from search engines.

We will cover:

- How important is search engine marketing?
- Difference between Organic and Paid Search
- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) basics
- AdWords basics

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Search engine marketing for accountants and bookkeepers

  1. 1. Search Marketing for Accountants and Bookkeepers Presenter: Andre Weyher, Marketing Director – Practice Ignition Web: Twitter: @ignitionapp | @aweyher Host: Matt Wilkinson, Founder and CEO - Bizink Web: Twitter: @bizinkonline | @mattwilkinsonnz
  2. 2. About me... Andre Weyher, Marketing Director @ PracticeIgnition Over 10 years working in online business Large AdWords account manager and Organic Search Quality specialist at Google EMEA headquarters. Head of Marketing at Specialising in SEO/SEM for the professional services sektor.
  3. 3. What we’ll cover… • Google history, AdWords Vs. SEO. • Basics of AdWords • Fundamentals of SEO • Content • Action points • Q&A
  4. 4. Who is this for? Anyone who is running their own business, is considering to either outsource or do their own AdWords or SEO and wants to understand the difference in approach and learn the basics.
  5. 5. A bit of Google history Google was founded in 1998. Plenty of other search engines already existed…
  6. 6. But one thing made Google unique…
  7. 7. Backlinks as a sign of website quality Every link flowing into your website is seen as a vote of confidence by Google! • Based on your backlink profile, Google assigns a certain score called Pagerank. • The more links you get, the higher your Pagerank, followed by your rankings. • Note: quality has now overtaken quantity!
  8. 8. Anatomy of a SERP.
  9. 9. Much like a newspaper
  10. 10. Looks similar – completely different approach. Organic • Free. • Completely objective. • Focused on quality. • Requires a long term commitment. • Non-transparent system. AdWords • Paid. • Subjective (to a degree). • Focused on profit. • Shows up almost instantly. • Transparent system.
  11. 11. AdWords fundamentals. The basics; • You bid on keywords you set up yourself. • You ONLY pay when someone clicks on your ad. • The cost of a click varies heavily depending on the level of competition for the keyword. • You fully decide how much to spend. • The bid is NOT the only thing that determines the position of the ad. • It is not entirely commercial, it’s a commercial meritocracy.
  12. 12. How does Google decide which ad to show? Bidding • Each keyword has a suggested bid. • Your bid needs to be reasonable. Quality metrics and historical data • CTR (Click-Through-Rate) • Quality Score • Conversion rate on landing page
  13. 13. Building a good landing page • Very clear call to action • Use the keywords you are bidding on • Remember that peole are extremely lazy, if they don’t see what they’ve landed on in 20 seconds, they will leave. • Visual focus on the call to action, form, button or contact info.
  14. 14. Introducing SEO The success and difficulty of SEO depends on a few variables; • How large is your target audience? • How competitive are your keywords? • How much time and resources can you invest?
  15. 15. SEO myth busting • SEO is free. • I can have my homepage ranking for various keywords. • SEO is technical trickery. • Spending on AdWords helps SEO. • SEO is only content/linkbuilding.
  16. 16. 3 pillars of good SEO
  17. 17. Technical optimisation Most complicated part of SEO. Making sure your site is completely search engine frirndly. Contains things like; • Crawling and indexing. • Site speed. • Correct titles, descriptions, H1 headers and proper use of keywords on your site. Note: will give you info on how to find a complete guide on SEO site optimisation.
  18. 18. Content – requires a 2 tiered approach Long tail landing pages • Written around an industry related question. • Primary focus: inform your reader, sales will follow. • Juice the second type of pages. • Example: set-up-a-discretionary-trust-family-trust/ Short, commercial keyword landing pages • Written around a shorter keyword with purchase intent. • Primary focus: convert visitor into sale. • Much harder to rank. • Example: contract-lawyer/
  19. 19. Linkbuilding and social media Why do you need links? • To increase your online authority. • Get ahead of competition. • Increase organic rankings. Roughly 3 link tiers; 1. Directories 2. Blogs 3. High value links
  20. 20. Word of waring: Google penalties! Google gives penalties for going too far with SEO techniques; • Bad quality links – comign from pages which were created with SEO in mind. • Copied content – make sure your content is unoque and valuable. Peanlies range from a demotion to a complete removal from the Google index. completely search engine frirndly. Contains things like; • Crawling and indexing. • Site speed. • Correct titles, descriptions, H1 headers and proper use of keywords on your site.
  21. 21. How to measure AdWords and SEO success? AdWords • Cost per click. • Cost per conversion. • Plain ROI. Sources: - AdWords account - Google Analytics SEO • Organic traffic. • Conversion. • Domain authority. Sources: - - Google webmaster tools -
  22. 22. Action points! ü Perform a website audit – guide provided. ü Create a list of keywords you want to rank for. ü Divide them into long tail and commercial keywords. ü Create an article title bank, answering your prospects questions. ü Write and post at least 2 per week. ü Perform website audit – guide provided. ü Map your site and assign one keyword per page. ü Submit your site to a list of trusted directories. ü Be patient! – SEO is a marathon, not a sprint.
  23. 23. Thank you! Q&A Contact Andre via linkedin or write for SEO guides and more tips on best practice.
  24. 24. Final Marketing Quickstarter Event Turning traffic into visitors • Why most website visitors won’t get in touch and will never come back • Simple conversion tactics • Creating “lead magnets” • How to nurture leads automatically • Webinar series wrap up Date & Time Thursday 3rd November AEST: 1 pm | NZ: 3 pm
  25. 25. Any questions? Bizink is a Preferred Website Supplier to MYOB Partners • Special pricing • Exclusive content • We make it easy to have a winning website! Learn more: