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Better blogging for accountants



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Blogging – you’ve been told it’s a good idea but why? And more importantly how?

In this webinar, you’ll learn why blogging should be central to your online marketing strategy. But we’ll keep the theory to a minimum and give you a practical guide to blogging success.

You’ll also get tips from top accounting bloggers and there’s free blog content for everyone who registers for the webinar. See you there!

What you’ll Learn
- Why blog?
- How to get ideas for blog posts
- Writing tips from our content team
- Recycling your blog content for a marketing boost
- Pro tips from top accounting bloggers

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Better blogging for accountants

  1. 1. Better blogging for accountants Presenter: Matt Wilkinson, CEO BizInk Email: Twitter: @mattwilkinsonnz
  2. 2. What we’ll cover Why blog? How to get ideas for blog posts Writing tips from our content team Marketing your blog
  3. 3. “For most firms, especially small ones, blogging shouldn’t be about SEO. Most of the time you have no hope of getting to the first page of Google search results, and your best clients come in as referrals, anyway.” Blake Oliver Pro tip!
  4. 4. Referrals do due diligence What impression does your site give? An active engaging blog looks great “Seal the deal” with referrals
  5. 5. Showing vs telling Rest of site should be simple – add depth through the blog Build up over time Demonstrate your expertise
  6. 6. “On our niche marketing site, we answer industry specific questions that we hear asked all the time. It gives us a lot of credibility that we know about their issues (sometimes even before they realize it is an issue).” Donna Bordeaux Pro tip!
  7. 7. What are your clients’ pain points? How to get ideas for blog posts
  8. 8. “Look at the questions clients ask and answer them comprehensively. Then blog about it. Then next time someone searches online or asks you about it – you can send them the link to the answer or copy and paste it for them.” Heather Smith Pro tip!
  9. 9. Answer a client question in detail Clients have the same issues as prospects Specific is good How to get ideas for blog posts
  10. 10. “We have used our blog to answer a lot of routine questions without having to type it out every time. For example, everyone always asked to about estimated payments. We use that blog post a ton and I just give them a short sentence and refer them back to our blog. It also lends a lot of credibility that we have already answered the questions and can anticipate their needs.” Donna Bordeaux Pro tip!
  11. 11. • How-to or tutorial • Cheat sheet or checklist • Review post • Interview • Deep dive • Quick posts • Guest post • Series • Reaction post 10 types of blog posts
  12. 12. What are you constantly repeating to clients? Video works well Example: how to do bank reconciliation in Xero How-to or tutorial
  13. 13. People love shortcuts Example: Want to get paid faster? Take our 7 step cashflow challenge Include a download Cheat-sheet or checklist
  14. 14. Good for when you’re stuck for ideas Review apps, books, services Be opinionated Review post
  15. 15. Who are “thought leaders” to your audience? Interview a client Networking benefit Interview
  16. 16. Least frequent What are you passionate about? Example: Complete guide to selling your restaurant business Re-purpose Deep dive
  17. 17. Opposite to deep dive Nuggets of useful information Example: Remember to file your personal tax return by this Friday Example: Did you know that Chargify know integrates with Xero? Quick posts
  18. 18. Another great time saver Make a wish-list and approach them What’s in it for them? Who could you write a guest post for? Guest post
  19. 19. Cover a broad topic Keep people coming back Example: How to build a profitable freelancing business and still have a life Series
  20. 20. “My book Learn Small Business Start Up in 7 Days started life as a collection of 350 word blog posts. Blog regularly and before you know it you will have a book!” Heather Smith Pro tip!
  21. 21. Can’t be planned Keep your eye out for opportunities Budget is obvious example but try and be more creative Reaction Post
  22. 22. Keep a note book Don’t procrastinate You only get better at writing by writing Style should be conversational Writing tips
  23. 23. “Write like you're having a breezy conversation in the pub (with a pint or two put down!). People enjoy reading about technical things or business services or any dry subject really, when they're explained in a not-so technical or stodgy manner.” Caleb Newquist Pro tip!
  24. 24. “Use simple sentences and simple words. Write in a conversational tone, as if you were writing a letter to a friend who doesn't know as much about the topic as you do.” Liz Farr Pro tip!
  25. 25. Calls to action Promote your content Re-purpose for maximum benefit The pay off
  26. 26. Thanks for coming! Connect with me: Email: Twitter: @mattwilkinsonnz | @bizinkonline LinkedIn: Find out more about Bizink: