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Display Advertising Basics



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Display Advertising Basics (Programmatic Ad, Real-Time Bidding, Demand Supply Platforms, Ad Network, Ad Exchanges)

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Display Advertising Basics

  1. 1. Display Advertising Basics
  2. 2. Advertiser/ Agency Demand Side Platform (DSP) Ad Exchange Sell Side Platform (SSP) Ad Network Publisher Advertiser spends on marketing to grow revenue. Agencies help them to manage ad buying/creativ e process and budget allocation Platform that enables media and audience buying in real time on ad exchange Ad MarketPlace for buying and selling of ads. Publisher inventory is sold in auction to advertisers/ag encies Platform for publishers to manage yield of ad inventory, and enables routing to ad exchanges. Aggregator of publisher ad inventory, packaged to sell, by contextual channels, audiences or buying options (CPM, CPC, CPA) Runs online business website or create website content that generates user traffic. Ad inventory sold based on traffic volume, contextual relevancy and audiences Ad Servers Cross publisher ad serving with centralized creative management, campaign management and reporting Data Management Platforms Audience management consolidates audience data from different sources to help advertisers to target right audience and manage marketing campaign more effectively 3rd Party Data Providers Providers of compiled data for display audience targeting and analysis, may specialize in consumer, business or offline-online data Programmatic Ad Eco-system Source: Pete Kluge
  3. 3. 3 ways to buy and sell display impressions Advertiser/ Agency Demand Side Platform (DSP) Ad Exchange Sell Side Platform (SSP) Ad Network Publisher Publisher Publisher Advertiser/ Agency Advertiser/ Agency Advertiser/Agency buys inventory directly from Publisher Advertiser/Agency buys inventory from Ad Network Advertiser/Agency buys inventory from Ad Exchange via a DSP Source: Pete Kluge
  4. 4. Real-time Bidding 2 Efficient audience buying in real time. Optimized to advertiser’s objective Across the web 3 Across Top Ad Exchanges DSP and Audience targeting Audience Targeting 1 Prospecting:  Look-alike models  3rd Party Data  Category, Site Drive conversions by reaching high intent audiences in real time at scale across the web Source: Pete Kluge
  5. 5. Real Time Bidding (RTB) • Allows display inventory to be purchased at the individual impression level • Bids happen in milliseconds before ad and webpage is viewed by an user Ad Exchange • Marketplace where ad inventory is bought and sold in an auction environment • Publisher inventory is auctioned to advertisers via Real Time Bidding (RTB) • Publishers maximize the price for their inventory and advertiser’s purchase individual impressions at a fair value Demand Side Platform (DSP) • DSPs enables an advertiser to access ad exchanges • Evaluates and bids on each individual impression via RTB based on what is known about the user Data Management Platform (DMP) • Compiles audience data from various sources and makes it actionable for cross channel marketing • It can ingest disparate data sources including 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, and it is where data is normalized and standardized and audience segments are created for syndication to external ad targeting and content delivery platforms. Source: Pete Kluge
  6. 6. Awareness Consideration Conversion Loyalty Prospecting Meet upper-funnel objectives • Category targeting • 3rd party behavioral data • Look-alike targeting Retargeting Meet lower-funnel objectives • Retarget high intent audiences Meet Your Performance Marketing Objectives Use a DSP to meet your display objectives across the marketing funnel Source: Pete Kluge
  7. 7. 1st Party Audience Data Ingestion • Online & offline data • Site visitors and / Web Analytics • CRM, POS 2nd Party • Partner data 3rd Party • Data partner integration Identify & Segment • Identify & Segment High value Audience Multi-Channel Delivery • Syndicate to Targeting platforms • Look-alike modeling • One view of Marketing Effectiveness Ad Display Website Search Mobile Social Video The Power of Audience Targeting Source: Pete Kluge
  8. 8. Advertiser/Agency Ad Server Demand Side Platform (DSP) Ad Exchange Ad Network Publisher Advertiser/ Agency Ad Server • Cross-publisher creative ad serving • Creative management • Centralized Reporting for all Display Campaigns • Conversion and attribution reporting, tagging Source: Pete Kluge
  9. 9. User views a page on the website and makes an ad call 1 Ad Exchange holds an auction for each impression 2 A bid request is sent to each DSP 3 DSP evaluates each impression and return a bid amount within 100ms 4 Winning bid is chosen by Ad Exchange 5 Ad is shown on the publisher website 7 3rd Party Ad Server Ad creative is hosted by 3rd Party Ad Server or DSP 6 DSP DSP DSP Ad Exchange Publishers/Websites Ad Exchanges, Real-time Bidding & Demand Site Platforms Source: Pete Kluge
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